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  • Joe
    Yes (5) Color: Deep Blue
    Great device
    I really like this tablet a ton. I bought it as a replacement for a Surface Pro 2, and while it's a little slower (as expected based on the Core M), overall it's great. The Wacom digitizer works well. Battery life is decent. There's a ton of things in BIOS options to tweak pretty much everything you want. (Want Connected Standby? Enable it. Want the Intel Audio DSP options? turn them on. There's even a Thunderbolt 3 entry but I have no idea if it's functional or not). USB-C PD charging works great. Video, audio, data out through USB-C are great. Seriously love the device overall, especially for the price.
    Keep in mind you absolutely need a PD (Power delivery) capable charger though. It doesn't even trickle charge with a standard USB-C 5V/3A charger. microUSB is stupid. If you're going to need an adapter to make use of the port literally for anything, there's no reason it shouldn't be a second USB-C. Palm rejection on the screen is terrible. If you plan on using the pen, be sure to update to W10 Anniversary Update and disable simultaneous pen & touch. The device gets really warm. And finally, the accompanying keyboard is total garbage, as I mention in my review specific to it.

    Aug 08,2016

  • GC
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    Cube i7 Book
    Very good build Quality. All fits well. Screen has a good resolution and is bright enough. it responds good to touch and Stylus. Speed is really good for a tablet. even some bigger games or photoshop and Illustrator will work (remember its a tablet so it is more a alternative for look after some things mobile - its not a replacement for a real Desktop pc) and yes its far faster than any Atom CPU - additional the real M.2 SSD makes it more faster than other cheap tablets
    micro sd Card Slot supports only a few brands it seems and its more usb 2.0 Speed cap. no usb type-c charging possible it seems (but it has a dedicated charging port for that). Stylus recognition is at the borders (around a few mm) not acurate (but not such a big Problem). while charging and for example playing games which use a lot CPU power it will get pretty warm on the back left. (you dont want to hold it with your Hands to Long then) but thats normal for such a device and doesnt happen when you just do regular tablet like tasks.

    Feb 14,2017

  • geo
    Yes (2) Color: Deep Blue
    Greatest tablet on a 300€ budget.
    After some days, here's what i find nice about cube i7 book Best tablet under 300 you can buy. Even for a higher price point, not many tablets can content with it. Good quality build Core m3 6y30 Allows some light gaming. Upgradable SSD disk. Type-C port Dedicated charging port, allowing you to plug in your peripherals while charging. Tablet is fast and responsive. Button placement feels just right.
    Poor cooling, heats up considerably. SSD is m.2 2242, which isn't comonly used and as thus may be hard to find. SD card reader seems to be randomly not working. Seems to be a driver problem. Gets full of fingerprints easily. Scratches easily. A screen protecor isn't optional.

    Feb 01,2017

  • Pannatat Sirirug
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    Best quality in price
    Buy it on 11.11 promotion day Good quality,Good material, CPU, GPU, Full palm-rejection when use stylus I had used Surface pro 2,I think Cube I7 book is much more better performance Happy with it :):
    Few touch screen errors appear when charging

    Dec 18,2016

  • Patrick Fritzsche
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    Preis / Leistung einfach genial
    Benutze das Tablet hauptsächlich für die Arbeit. Das Ding ist einfach ein Allround-Talent. Ob Bearbeitung von Bildern, PDFs oder Arbeiten mit Office, alles läuft super. Sehr gut finde ich die Stiftung in Verbindung mit OneNote. Es ist als ob man auf einem Blatt schreibt, jedoch hat man alles gleich digital. Ich würde mir das Tablet jeder Zeit wieder kaufen.
    Der Akku könnte länger halten.Das Gerät wird teilweise sehr heiß.

    Sep 20,2017

  • Simon Luke
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    cube i7
    Very quick processor. Solidly built. Sadly it\'s only 64gb ssd but I will replace it with an M. 2 2242 256gb ssd. The nearest comparison of the computer would be double the price easily!

    Oct 10,2016

  • Дарья
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    Cube i7 Stylus Windows 10 Ultrabook Tablet PC
    Great tablet which supports classroom technology Waco drawing pen. Very smart modern processor. All recommend !!
    Cons No !! Best I've seen in the price / quality ratio.

    Dec 09,2016

  • Adrian
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    Great for students
    LightweightSmall sizePerformanceTouchSpeakersDisplayUSB cCheap

    Feb 03,2018

  • Peabutt
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    better than i expected
    this is very very good. way better than i expected. its fast, responsive, portable... just great. Im using it to replace my 17" gaming laptop. I now play on my ps4 only so... this does the job
    gets very hot on the left sometimes...

    Oct 29,2016

  • Tomcat
    Yes (0) Color: Deep Blue
    Cube i7 Book
    Very good tablet. Performance is great. Has a Wacom Digitizer. Built in SSD.
    The speakers are not good at all. The micro SD slot is only connected over USB 2.0 speeds and has abysmal performance.

    Sep 21,2017