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  • ili
    very good quality. worth the price
    -very responsive with wacom stylus it works perfect in onenote with palmdetection and palm detection -detects my 64gb micro sd in windows and android(after changing sd setting in bios) -dual boot. its nice to use android from time to time -nice display with good colors and resolution -im impressed that it can play overwatch with 25fps and cs:go with 40fps -battery life is 6 hours when using only onenote, 4 hours with surfing, but only 1 hour with graphic heavy windows games (android battery life is 7 hours) -usb 3.0
    -windows home 10 build 1501 preinstalled. you need to install 20gb updates for windows 10 1701 (to get all the nicest tablet stylus features. pretty much windows will take up 30-40 gb harddrive after that) -it comes with a screenprotector. but the screenprotector is not scratchresistant. the stylus will leave lots and lots of scratches. after one week usage its full of scratches. you will need to buy a tempered glass scratch resistant screen protector -eu plug wasnt included even though it said so

    Apr 28,2017

  • byns
    my iwork11 review
    support wacom 1024 pressure sensitiviy.(it is more usefull to take a note or drawing than other tablets and you can use every capasitive or active sytlus pens such as samsung spen,dell,yoga tab,wacom bamboo,another wacom models.) Full hd ips screen. Metal body. reasonable price. good performance. support usb 3.0 and it provides more speed. Windows 10
    Fixed angle on the keyboard. it doesnt have full size usb ports. by the way there is a problem with OS's bits.Windows is 32 bit.And processor supports 64 bit.May Cube give us a new update to upgrade our OS to 64 bit.

    Mar 15,2016

  • Fernando Lourenco
    Great product, recommended
    Feels good on the hands. Quick Windows and Android. Great offer for the cost, cannot get much better. Windows 10 with several languages, android also, of course. Just received it today, if in EU ask for adapter, seller sent me the adapter, thank you very much. Nice battery stamina, even at 50% with constant use, last at least 2:30 hours.
    I knew it didn't came with the keyboard and pen, but the main picture of the product shouldn't announce it. The switch from android to windows and back is a bit archaic, it works well but it isn't very "pretty". Nothing else to consider con, great product, really

    Oct 25,2016

  • francesco de luca
    The best cheap tablet ever (155€)
    wacom digitalizer, 1080p displaybattery is very big (7-8 hours of intense use )dual OS (possibility to switch operating system windows <->android 5.1)4gb RAMpricetemperaturegood performances even if it has an atom chipwindows 10 original
    only 1 micro-usb port (I have prefered a full size USB port)speakers (very bad)slow charge (but the battery is very big)no accessories in the box, such as pen or keyboard!not laminate display (but is not a problem for me!)old drivers for windows (but you can solve downloading "driver booster" for windows)

    Apr 21,2017

  • MuslimGamer
    review by MuslimGamer
    Asalamu Aleykum Please check full review on my youtube channel: Cube iwork11 dual os Review by MuslimGamer. -Price -dual os -64GB storage -Quality and material -Screen -BATTERY ABOVE 8000MAH -4gb ram
    sound speakers are not that loud position of sound speakers are not good

    May 05,2016

  • Kasper
    Cube iWork 11
    Habe das Cube iwork 11 jetzt eine Woche getestet und es ist ein Super Gerät. PRo Sehr gutes und helles Display Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit ist sehr gut unter Windows und auch unter Android. Sehr wertiges Gehäuse HDMI/USB3,0 alles funktioniert sehr gut und schnell. keine Bugs im Android Alles in allen für den Preis von 149€ mit Versand eine Top Empfehlung!! Ich kann nur sagen ein Top Gerät und kann es nur weitermpfehlen.
    eigentlich nichts außer des Gewichtes das schon ganz schön groß ist.

    Jul 09,2016

  • WolfAyron
    A really good and valuable dual boot tablet
    – Nice quality – Great hardware – Quiet fast and smooth in Android – Supports 128 GB microsdxc card (after changing a setting in BIOS) – Big IPS screen – Stylus support
    Mostly in Android system This device needs a serious Android Lollipop update, cause – Device won't always go to Deep Sleep, so it eats the battery fast even when the screen is turned off. – (very) Slow screen wake up. After pressing the power button, the screen wakes after 5-6 seconds (while in deep sleep) / 2-3 seconds (while not in deep sleep). This is really frustrating. – Some applications, cannot see the inserted SD card to put media files on it. In this case the 8 GB internal storage is not much – Applications cannot be moved to SD card. Even those that has this option, because in the Apps settings there is not even the 'Move to SD card' option. Really frustrating too. – PC or laptop cannot recognize it as a connected device, because no USB drivers are given for this tablet. Neither I can download it from their website. In Windows 10 – Sometimes (I don't know the reason yet) the device starts vibrating and won't stop it, until I turn the device off and on again. :/

    Jun 05,2016

  • Marjan
    Cube iWork11
    Good build quality. Nice bright screen with good sensitivity. Good WiFi reception. Quite fast in Android and Windows, although after system update a bit slower in Windows. More than enough for web surfing and office work.
    Considering the price, none.

    Jul 23,2016

  • Alexandr
    Cube iWork11
    Отличнейшая машина для работы и отдыха. Очень быстро приехал Новой Почтой

    Oct 06,2016

  • Alex
    good tablet
    - dual os: win 10 and android 5.1. - beautiful screen. - wacom pen support. - good metal material.
    - slightly longer boot. - normal camera.

    Oct 21,2016