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  • Jaco93
    Yes (3) Color: Red Size: KingKong MINI
    Great Little Wonder in your pocket . Unique product at good price .
    I introduced it in France with this review :

    This unbeatable 4G smartphone can do everything and it really "rocks" :) You want immediately make with it what you do with an "urban" type ---> and he does it . But the battery will be down in 5 hours .

    It has so much "pros" that I will be shorter only mentionning "cons" :
    1) Neither Gorilla Glass (strange for a Kong gorilla) ... nor included 9H tempered glass for screen .
    2) Need of an OTA Update for very small bugs (the soft is excellent)
    2) Lack of LTE Band 28/700 Mhz more and more useful in Europe.

    But listen to the amazing quality of calls , check the whole performances , in fact this MINI is a kind of "World Champion" ! Highly recommendable from my point of view . Voilà mes amis .

    Feb 14,2020

  • abhi
    Yes (1) Color: Orange Size: KingKong MINI
    simple small phone
    any pre-historic folk looking for a decent sized phone like the good old times when 3.5 - 4.75 inches were the norm ; phone that fits well in your hand and pockets, dont go any further. i use the phone exclusively for calling, messages and whatsapp. it works very well. I occssionaly use other functions, which also runs smoothly. i dont have any fancy apps or use it for other day-to-day activities, the sound quality is very loud, surprisingly.
    One con I must admit though is that the battery seems to drain off rather quickly. Sometimes it also heats up while charging.

    Feb 06,2020

  • sx
    Yes (1) Color: Orange Size: KingKong MINI
    Type-C csatlakozóval, 3/32GB, 2 SIM+SD, 2,4-5GHz wifi, GPS. Mindent tud amit manapság illik. Egyetlen gyenge pontja talán a 2000mAh-ás akku. Jól elfér a zsebben és bírja is.
    Kis kijelző ide vagy oda, napi töltés kell neki ha nem csupán szöveges/GSM kapcsolattartásra használod.
    A kis képernyőn javítható egy idősebbeknek, rosszullátóknak ajánlott launcherrel. Amúgy sem ezen szokás egész estés videókat nézni. Viszont wifit megosztani a tabletra, okostévére, vagy a type-c-vel (adapterrel) rákötni a TV-re.. stb.
    A reklámvideóban látott személyek részére ajánlott elsősorban. Akiknek inkább csak kapcsolattartásra (modern) használva, mint órákig nyomogatni.

    Jan 09,2020

  • Gioia
    Yes (1) Color: Red Size: KingKong MINI
    Great little phone.
    For the price it's amazing to have all the accessories come with the phone. This is a great little phone... Love this little phone it does everything I did on the larger phones. I’m actually doing this review from the phone. I have used phones from different price point and out of the box the function and experience is pretty good. Can't believe it's only 10% of what I paid for my pixel. Great buy. I don't know if it will heat up. Will update the review if anything changes.

    Nov 27,2019

  • George
    Yes (1) Color: Orange Size: KingKong MINI
    Great Value Great Phone for the Price
    It hilarious how many complains I see its an inexpensive phone it does the job its designed to do people want this to out perform a flagship phone not happening this is more of an everyday phone not a work phone not a gaming phone but a phone that reflects the price you are paying a great value I bought this as a travel phone and its doing its job. Over all for the price this so worth it for a very good budget phone.

    Nov 28,2019

  • James
    Yes (0) Color: Red Size: KingKong MINI
    Great phone!
    Received the phone very quickly. Easy to set up. Tons of storage. Easy to transition to this new phone. Great designs. Charges quickly. Battery life lasts me a long time. I am so impressed with this phone. I had a Samsung prior to this. I wouldnt have bought my children their iphones. Just my opinion. Thrilled with the phone, the way it works, and the price was all the more brilliant. Very happy with this phone

    Nov 28,2019

  • Robert M.
    Yes (0) Color: Orange Size: KingKong MINI
    More than expected!
    Maybe I'm just happy to have a new phone, but I'm about a week in and live this phone so far, especially for the money, I paid less than $100. Like it so much I bought same one for my husband and teenager. Only problem is it's not very popular so very difficult to find a different case. If bought new it does come with a clear case.
    Btw -- I switched from an iPhone and am much happier so far with this one

    Nov 28,2019

  • Steager T.
    Yes (0) Color: Orange Size: KingKong MINI
    Small, full featured Android phone
    This is the first unlocked phone I have purchased and the only one I purchased under $150.00. This phone I purchased is to replace a LG Stylo Plus 2 I had for three years it was fine. This phone is tiny. Compared to any Plus phone, it’s a baby phone. Fully featured, full Android power, stick-it-anywhere baby phone. Battery life is really good for it’s size. It is working fine so far.

    Nov 27,2019

  • Kif
    Yes (0) Color: Orange Size: KingKong MINI
    Neniu problemo
    Ordered April 26th received June 5th but I was expecting it as the product wasn't in stock in a Europe. The item is the one I ordered for. Very carefully packed. The phone itself is good, works like a charm, good quality and performance price wise. Quite pleased with my first experience with the site. Will recommend.

    Jun 06,2020

  • KJ
    Yes (0) Color: Orange Size: KingKong MINI
    輸送において、4PXからSingPostへの受渡し時に13日間の停滞が発生した。このため、発注から22日後にようやく受取ることができた。梱包にはクッション材が使われ、製品に問題はなかった。日本向けの電源プラグ変換アダプターを同梱してあり、親切な対応だった。製品は私の理想的なサイズで気に入っている。Rakuten miniと比べると外形は一回り大きくなるが、画面が4インチあり、SDカードも使えることがメリットである。これに指紋認証が追加されれば、言うことないのだが。。。

    Feb 05,2020