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  • Ravi Mishra (from India)
    Yes (9) Color: Black
    Review for Cubot Power - 6GB + 128GB
    I want to give my feedback for Cubot Power Cell phone, (6GB+128GB)
    1) This cell phone has very strong battery storage there were no need for carry any power bank. This is major plus point for customers.
    2) Its camera quality is excellent with high resolution.
    3) Cell phone body is slim but little bit heavy.
    4) In built memory space is enough for next 3 years.
    5) Screen size and resolution quality is excellent for movie and games.
    6) External loud speaker sound is excellent but when we attach earphone/headphone their sound quality is very low so I suggest to update your system and send new version of music.
    7) Processor is very fast for update and download and any app. , song, movies etc.
    8) Finger print lock is very fast.
    9) Cell body is easily fit in hand.
    10) Cost of cell phone is very cheaper than other cell.
    11) Ring tone and Vibration is very powerful.
    12) Touch screens movement is very fast with best resolution.
    13) Shipping services is very fast.

    Sep 12,2018

  • Pedro
    Yes (10) Color: Black
    Very good smartphone, very fast and responsive
    I would like to share with everyone my impressions on the Cubot Power 4G phablet. After order chekout, it arrived after 2,5 weeks, one corner of the package, inside the carrier's envelope, was a little bir touched but nothing worrying. After unboxing all the items, I verified that it's a very good smartphone, despite some amount of plastic but very good nonetheless. The Android OS 8.1 is very fast and responsive, it has a lot of memory and storage to play around with, the screen is big and very bright. I liked the inclosed case a lot, it really protects the smartphone of some potential falls and scratches. It is a little thick and heavy but that's because of the 6000mAh battery, which lasts for a big time. Overall, a very nice and good smartphone

    Sep 28,2018

  • Alex
    Yes (6) Color: Black
    CUBOT POWER 4G Phablet
    Overall 3-star rating as it is a value-for-money mobile product with Android 8.1 OS, large display screen-to-body ratio and big battery capacity compared to other phones from gearbest. Likes: Large 5.99 inch 18:9 ratio screen display, coupled with 6GB RAM, provided above average graphics. Phone came with casing and screen protector installed, therefore there’s no immediate need to get additional casing protection. Large 128GB ROM storage allowed installation of many apps and files without worry of insufficient space, so don’t have to spend extra cash to buy an external memory card. Fingerprint sensor, although slightly slow (screen gets unlocked with minor delay after finger lifts off sensor), functions reliably with fingerprints registered from both hands. Phone does not get noticeably hot after intense usage and battery able to last 2 days on a full-charge with ‘battery saver’ mode enabled. Phone is slightly on the thick and heavy side as it houses a big battery. Stock Android 8.1 OS without much bloatware. Able to access most file formats. Has built-in FM radio function. Type-C usb allows quite charging and file transfer. 3.5mm audio in-jack is convenient if you want to use your own wired earphones. Screen menu scrolling is smooth. Has built-in ‘Cubot Battery Master’ to regulate which apps allowed to run in background to minimize overall battery consumption. Phone line reception is good with acceptable 4G coverage in Singapore’s available mobile network. Dislikes: Camera lens focusing sometimes take a few tries before able to get clear focus, especially taking macro shots. Screen contrast is poor under direct light and user need to turn on ‘adaptive brightness’ feature to ensure some visibility even with brightness at 100%. Mono-Speaker needs to enable ‘BesLoudness’ feature to boost volume output under noisy environment, however this distorts the sound. Need to manually turn on/off certain features of some apps to enable full utilization of the apps (eg. Need to grant permission for Watsapp to use your Phone, Microphone before able to receive Watsapp calls or send voice messages). Interface performance with some apps are sometimes poor (email push notifications sometimes come in slower or not at all until you manually check email). Not able to get the ‘Wireless PC File Transfer’ feature to work on my desktop, unable to connect to access phone internal storage. Sometimes have difficulty trying to organize apps into folders on screen, certain areas on the phone screen need a few trys before able to get app shortcut into desired folder. In-house music app sound performance mediocre and unable to sync album art. Only single color white LED notification light option(called ‘breathing light’ in the OS and operating manual) that turns on during charging, incoming messages, push notifications and missed calls. No choice of customization with different notification tones. Recommended if you want to get a budget phone wi

    Sep 10,2018

  • Simon
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    above satisfactory
    sent to the uk and took longer then expected to arrive however everything arrived intact and there, unfortunately though it contained the wrong wall charger which wasn't too big of an issue but might be for others.

    the phone delivered on all the specs that was advertised but the bezels were a little larger then expected, what i mean is that i didn't expect any side bezels but they are thin and nearly unnoticeable. the viewing angles and over-all quality of the display is above satisfactory for an lcd display.

    buttons felt plasticy* and cheap and so did the back of the phone, additionally the back was also very glossy which in my opinion looked cheap. the fact that the back attracted fingerprints very easily didn't help the phone at all. this is all my own opinion as i prefer the matte look and feel but i didn't buy this so much for the look but for the specifications. fortunately the phone protector included overcame most of the phones lacking looks.

    one of the other pieces of hardware that was a disappointment in a way was the fingerprint sensor as it was smaller then other phones. although the phone is advertised to have a 0.1 second unlock speed, which is true when waking up then unlocking but it is misleading because while asleep and unlocked through this method it takes about a second to unlock.

    the rear camera was at most okay with it needing optimal environmental settings for a decent picture and the camera to be constantly cleaned. the camera software is lacking in features and has lots of noise when in low light and in less then optimal circumstances. front camera is less then satisfactory with the picture having plenty of noise and always dark.

    when it came to battery it certainly held its ground and was able to survive the day with regular use but i felt that mine was not preforming as well as advertised, this could just be my one as it isnt too much of a difference. i have had times when charging the phone stops charging, but this had only happened once or twice. i wished the phone was not so heavy but its a trade-off of having such a large battery.

    the phone has plenty of ram, never going below 40% available and the overall specifications are excellent. the only con is that the phone cant handle high graphic gaming as there will be lagging.

    4/5 stars

    Jan 06,2019

  • Pawel
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue
    Cubot Power Blue - opinia po 5 miesiącach użytkowania
    Używam telefon intensywnie 5 miesiąc. Głównie używam telefon do rozmów, przeglądania internetu, poczty, często korzystam z nawigacji. Gram sporadycznie. Dużo oglądam filmików na YT i filmów na KODI.

    szybki - nie laguje, aplikacje działają płynnie. Jeśli podzielimy ekran, telefon bezproblemowo obsługuje 2 aplikacje. Spokojnie można jednocześnie np. oglądać YT i przeglądać dokumenty, internet itp.
    Nie grzeje się.
    Bateria - po 5 miesiącach nadal trzyma co najmniej dwa dni (intensywne używanie przy jasności ekranu ok. 20%).
    Wyświetlacz - bardzo jasny, ładne kolory, ostry obraz, dobre kąty widzenia. Dotyk działa szybko i precyzyjnie.
    Czysty Android pozbawiony śmieci.
    Czytnik linii papilarnych - szybki, należy pamiętać żeby zeskanować możliwie dużą powierzchnię palca - nie będzie problemu z trafieniem odpowiednią częścią palca w czytnik.
    Wygląd - kolor niebieski bardzo ładny, tworzywo lakierowane, obudowa dobrze spasowana, przyciski działają płynnie.
    Dźwięk przez słuchawki dobrej jakości, choć odrobinę mógłby być głośniejszy.
    Jakość rozmów telefonicznych bardzo dobra.
    Szybkość wyszukiwania sieci, GPS, WiFi, BT bardzo dobra.
    Dostarczone silikonowe etui bardzo dobrze dopasowane, spełnia swoją funkcję. Po 5 miesiącach brak rys, przetarć.
    Aparat - w dobrych warunkach oświetleniowych zdjęcia i filmy bardzo dobre. Przy słabym oświetleniu zdjęcia kiepskie i autofokus ma problem z ustawieniem ostrości. W trybie Night, jeśli się nie poruszymy zdjęcia wychodzą przyzwoicie.

    Wady (drobne a może i nieistotne):
    Ciężki - to trzeba mu przyznać. Chwilę zajęło mi przyzwyczajenie się do wagi i grubości słuchawki. Byłem jednak tego świadomy w momencie zakupu (bateria swoje musi ważyć).
    Dźwięk przez głośnik głośny ale kiepski. Do oglądania filmów i prowadzenia rozmów może być, ale muzyki nie da się słuchać.
    Folia ochronna przyklejona przez producenta trzyma się dobrze, niestety szybko się porysowała. Po 5 miesiącach ma naprawdę dużo rys, a staram się dbać o telefon i nie noszę go w kieszeni z kluczami czy monetami. Na szczęście wymiana szybki ochronnej to tylko kilka złotych

    Podsumowując Cubot Power to bardzo dobry telefon w niskiej cenie o ponad przeciętnych parametrach. Szczerze polecam.

    Mar 07,2019

  • Br1
    Yes (6) Color: Earth Blue
    Sorprendente meraviglia!! Unico problema... la Dogana!!
    Mi sono lanciato in questo acquisto fidandomi di alcune buone recensioni ma senza aver mai sentito parlare di questa marca (Cubot) ed ho fatto benissimo. Smartphone stupendo, proprio quello che cercavo. Qualche pecca ce l'ha, ma per l'uso che ne faccio io (Internet, Filmati, Telefono, Navigatore...) è superiore a molti di fascia alta e prezzo altissimo.
    Lo schermo è favoloso, immagini nitide e fluide senza alcun intoppo, anche con giochi notevoli come real racing 3 e filmati ad alta risoluzione (Youtube, Infinity, ecc.).
    Il touch sensibile e preciso.
    Processore e gpu senza alcuna incertezza anche con diverse app aperte (merito anche dei 6GB di RAM).
    Doppia SIM entrambe con il 4G.
    La batteria è straordinaria (6000mha), dimentico di ricaricarlo e anche quando segnala il 5% ancora permette di fare tante cose!!
    Esteticamente bello e moderno con rapporto 19:9, solido e robusto al tatto!
    Arrivato con custodia in silicone trasparente e pellicola protettiva del vetro già montati!
    Il prezzo davvero incredibile... come si possono spendere mille Euro per altri smartphone quando esistono altri come questo!

    Non li chiamerei tali perché a questo prezzo non possono pregiudicare un telefono eccezionale, comunque...
    L'unico vero difetto per me, che lo uso anche per ascoltare musica HiRes, è l'audio metallico dall'altoparlante e purtroppo un po' anche con le cuffie.
    Ho riscontrato qualche problemino con la luminosità automatica dello schermo.
    L'impianto fotografico non è dei migliori, a cominciare dall'app Camera, ma per me va bene. Quando voglio belle foto uso la macchina fotografica. Devo ancora provare i filmati.


    Sep 19,2018

  • Zagor
    Yes (1) Color: Earth Blue
    Eccezionale rapporto qualità/prezzo
    Ottima autonomia. Con un uso normale la batteria ha una durata media di 3 giorni ed il peso è assolutamente ininfluente;
    La memoria ROM di 128 GB garantisce una grande capacità di archiviazione;
    La memoria RAM di 6 GB garantisce una buona fluidità ed un’ottima velocità nel passare da un’app. ad un’altra;
    Il display restituisce un’immagine nitida con colori vivaci ed un buon contrasto.

    Fotocamera con buone prestazioni in presenza di luce e sufficiente in presenza di poca luminosità. La qualità della fotocamera, che garantisce bei colori e dettagli, può essere valutata dalle foto e dal video che ho allegato;
    Compatibilità con ANDROID AUTO;
    Buona ricezione sia per quanto riguarda la fonia che per quanto riguarda i dati.

    Speaker dal suono metallico insufficiente per ascoltare musica. Criticità, comunque, superabile, collegando le cuffie;
    Non sempre preciso nell’impostazione della luminosità adattiva.

    In sintesi si tratta di uno smartphone dall’eccezionale rapporto qualità prezzo che può ospitare 2 Nano SIM contemporaneamente oppure una Nano SIM ed una Micro SD. E’ caratterizzato da ottime prestazioni e da un sistema operativo, Android 8.1 Oreo, molto versatile. In dotazione ha una custodia protettiva, un caricatore, un cavo USB Type-C, un ago per rimuovere la SIM e una pellicola, già applicata sullo smartphone. Acquisto consigliato senza riserve.

    Nov 20,2018

  • Tomasz
    Yes (2) Color: Earth Blue
    Niesamowice dobry telefon z takim sobie aparatem
    Po polsku - To zaskakująco dobry telefon. Za tę cene wręcz idealny. Szybki, z mnóstwem pamięci i niezwykle dużą baterią. Trzyma kilka dni, a używany naprawdę intensywnie - co najmniej dwa. Bardzo dobry wyświetlacz, doskonały, czysty Android 8.0. Nic się nie wiesza, nic nie psuje. Bardoz szybki czytnik linii papilarnych. Duży i ciężki - to trzeba mu przyznać. Zwłaszcza do wagi trzeba się przyzwyczaić, ale za to bateria... to bajka.
    Aparat fotograficzny to jego najsłabsza strona, zaraz obok głośniczka - zdjęcia mają jakość wyraźnie gorszą od s6, a głośnk gra jak z garnka. Ale te wady nie dyskwalifikują sprzętu.
    W komplecie z szybką ładowarką i silikonowym etui. Ładne, efektowne pudełko.

    Google transaltor - This is a surprisingly good phone. For this price, perfect. Fast, with a lot of memory and an extremely large battery. He keeps a few days, and used really intensely - at least two. Very good display, perfect, clean Android 8.0. Nothing is hanging, nothing breaks. Bardoz fast fingerprint reader. Big and heavy - you have to admit it. Especially for the weight you have to get used to, but the battery ... it's a fairy tale.
    The camera is his weakest side, right next to the loudspeaker - the pictures have a quality clearly worse than s6, and the loudspeaker sounds like a pot. But these defects do not disqualify the equipment.
    Comes complete with a quick charger and a silicone case. Nice, eye-catching box.

    Nov 15,2018

  • Hassan
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    إجمالي تقييم 5 نجوم للجهاز وصل بعد 28 يوم بعد شحن ، داخل غلاف الناقل ، تحققت من أنه هاتف ذكي جيد جدًا.
    المحمول مع نظام التشغيل أندرويد 8.1 سريع وسريع الاستجابة و اللعب ، ونسبة الشاشة الكبيرة إلى الجسم وسعة البطارية الكبيرة مقارنة بالهواتف الأخرى من الترس. إبداءات الإعجاب: شاشة عرض كبيرة مقاس 5.99 إنش (18.9 بوصة) ، إلى جانب ذاكرة وصول عشوائي سعتها 6 غيغابايت ، مقدمة أعلى من الرسوم العادية. جاء الهاتف مع غلاف حامي الشاشة ، لذلك ليس هناك حاجة فورية للحصول على حماية غلاف إضافية. ذاكرة تخزين ROM كبيرة سعة 128 جيجابايت تسمح بتثبيت العديد من التطبيقات والملفات دون القلق بشأن المساحة ، لذلك لا تضطر إلى إنفاق نقود إضافية لشراء بطاقة ذاكرة خارجية. مستشعر بصمات الأصابع ، مستشعر الحركة البطيئة ، وظائف موثوق بها مع بصمات الأصابع المسجلة من كلتا اليدين. لا يصبح الهاتف ساخنًا بشكل ملحوظ بعد الاستخدام المكثف وحزم البطارية لتكون مشحونة بالكامل باستخدام وضع "توفير شحن البطارية". الهاتف هو بطارية كبيرة. الأسهم نظام التشغيل 8.1 OS دون الكثير من bloatware. قادرة على الوصول إلى معظم تنسيقات الملفات. لديه المدمج في وظيفة راديو FM. يسمح لك جهاز Type-C USB بالشحن ونقل الملفات. فمكبر الصوت 3.5 ملم مناسب للاستخدام إذا كنت تريد استخدام سماعات الأذن السلكية الخاصة بك. التمرير قائمة الشاشة على نحو سلس. وقد بنيت في "بطارية ماستر كوبوت" لتنظيم التطبيقات التي سمحت لتشغيل منخفضة التكلفة. خط الهاتف جيد مع تغطية 4G مقبولة في شبكة الهاتف المحمول في المغرب.
    عموما ، الهاتف الذكي لطيف جدا وجيد

    Dec 29,2018

  • Giovanni
    Yes (0) Color: Earth Blue
    Cubot Power eccezionale
    Ho acquistato questo telefono per le sue caratteristiche tecniche, vi confermo che è davvero uno smartphone eccezionale, molto fluido e veloce su tutto quello che si fa, ha una batterie che dura almeno due giorni usandolo frequente, schermo brillante e visuale ottima anche sotto il sole, ricezione Wi-Fi, dati e telefonica Superiore, confrontandola ad altri smartphone che ho avuto anche di produttori blasonati, comparto fotografico che si avvicina molto agli smartphone di fascia alta solo un professionista si accorge delle differenze, audio in capsula e viva voce molto forte , solo se si sente musica attraverso gli speaker il suono risulta tipo radiolina meglio usare le cuffie o diffusore Bluetooth, esteticamente gradevole, anche se risulta leggermente spesso e pesante, paragonanandolo agli altri smartphone con schermo da 6 pollici, per la sua enorme batteria. In conclusione ve lo consiglio per il prezzo che GearBest lo vende non si può trovare di meglio. Complimenti a GearBest per la celerità di spedizione è arrivato in meno di 20 giorni e non ci sono state altre spese accessorie.

    Oct 07,2018