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  • m4
    Darkmax 220 BNF WITH FRSKY
    Color:Black Size:BNF with Frsky Receiver
    At the beginning I had to advertise FC with a square buzzer.
    After about 1.5 meat I received a new FC with a square buzzer but in a newer version ('v3') ... unfortunately, Quad also fell from the sky.
    Then I decided to try the ESC settings from this video
    In my case it helped, DarkMax began to fly normally!!! :)

    Here is the topic of the unfortunate DarkMax

    I did not enjoy myself for a long time, after the first day of trouble-free flying my camera broke down :(

    Very light 220mm
    Good performance
    Good engines
    Faulty FC
    Poor quality camera
    mounting the antenna

    Mar 26,2018

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  • Turbo IV
    Color:Black Size:BNF with Frsky Receiver
    This is one amazing quadcopter!! For what you can purchase one for now you HAVE TO GET ONE!! Super efficient with PLENTY of power 2505 2550KV motors and the Flash 5152 X 3 props this thing is a 100 mph machine! I have yet to only fly it around out in the front yard but intend on getting it up to the fly field where I can actually see these wicked top speeds in some straight line runs that I've heard it will do! Just from what I've played with it I can see it's got plenty of get up! And it's really hard to beat black on black I have to say! This Gear Best bargain is both a beauty and a beast and awesome at both and WHAT A VALUE!!
    I simply don't have much I can say bad about this one really?!! The only thing I could mention is that the instruction manual is wrong when it tells you that both PPM and SBUS UARTS are the same UART, that is NOT right, and I did spend a little bit of time trying to figure out why my receiver showed bound but my radio had no effect on the quad nor was in the receiver tab of the confiurator!! So I actually took the thing totally apart down to the flight controller and LOOKED for myself for the VTX was covering it up. I saw that the SBUS UART is NOT the same UART as the instructions tells you to select in Betaflight ports tab!! That is the only issue I've had with the Furybee Dark Max other than that it has been a real winner for me!!

    Jul 15,2018

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  • Man Mole
    Honest Review
    Color:Black Size:BNF with Frsky Receiver
    Flies perfectly with stock tune
    11.5 minutes on an 1800mAh 4S.
    5-6S capable
    Power and fun
    Fairly good picture from camera
    Good video reception
    Impeccable soldering
    Has buzzer
    Has extra props
    Lock Tight™ on most screws
    Instruction card
    Has lens cap
    Has extra receiver wires
    Has prop nut wrench
    Has nylock prop nuts
    Has extra motor screws
    Has rubber battery pad
    I hear a lot of people having problems.
    It has to be taken apart completely to change camera settings.
    Sharp carbon cuts battery strap
    Very thin around screw holes
    Very close to touching around buzzer
    Unbalanced prop nut
    Narrow FOV lens
    Battery wire too long
    Motor wires not tied down
    No electrolytic on input
    Frame locknut nylon not grabbing screw
    Cable ties provided instead of Battery Strap
    Loose ESC standoff

    Dec 04,2017

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  • My first big quad
    What a great buy :)
    Color:Black Size:BNF with Frsky Receiver
    I just saw the price for the complete build and decided to buy it. Delivery time +-13 days, everything without problem. When I opened package I saw faulty buzzer, but I gave it a chance, connected orange dsm sbus with 4S lipo and went to the field.
    No problem at all, good PID, everything worked as good as it can be possible :)

    +Great build
    +on 4S a lot of power
    +Nice looking
    - battery straps. I had to change them, carbon just cut them off

    Jun 07,2018

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  • DarkMax
    FPV racing Drone
    Color:Black Size:BNF with DSMX Receiver
    Good price for a bind and fly Quad.
    Flew with stock PIDS out of the box.
    Build quality is good, carbon frame is strong.
    Flight controller with video transmitter and 4 in 1 esc's are well protected.
    LEDS are bright for line of sight.
    2 sets of 3 bladed props.
    Like the style and looks of frame.
    Stopped working after a few flights.
    Flight controller and video transmitter won't power on after a few flights.
    Had to replace video transmitter antenna for better video reception.
    The receiver was for a micro type quad, replaced with a longer range receiver.
    Video camera lens not well protected from impacts, sticks out the front on the body.

    Apr 09,2018

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  • Dan
    Thing is just insane
    Color:Black Size:BNF with Frsky Receiver
    For the money, wow. I custom build my own drones and performance wise this thing is a shocker when it's on sale.

    If I did not like buying my own, I'd be very content with the darkmax.

    Please adjust the settings in betaflight and your radio before flying, just google it or youtube it and there is a bunch of good stuff out there.
    None so far.

    Jul 06,2018

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  • Bongocopter
    Sweet as candy...
    Color:Black Size:BNF with Frsky Receiver
    Flies really well. Extra punchy and responsive. Feels pretty light to fly. Copes with 5S and 6S batteries. I've stuck with 5S Dinogy Mega Graphene 1350mAh batteries and it absolutely screams. Clocked at 100mph !! Hovers at 12% throttle with 5S and stock 5152 props. Recommended purchase from me...
    I don't have 2 of them...

    Oct 25,2017

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  • Darkmax
    Darkmax is broken
    Color:Black Size:BNF with FLYSKY AFHDS 2A Receiver
    I like so much this drone; this is my first drone I had some problems at the beginning with the receiver I had to change it. I already broke one arm even if it is 4mm. It is so much fun if you want to buy it, you will love it. However, I advise you to buy another frame and extra motor because definitely, you are going to crash.
    Bad configuration on Betaflight I had to change some params, after all, it is nice.

    Dec 15,2017

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  • Jay
    tuff, fast, easy
    Color:Black Size:BNF with FLYSKY AFHDS 2A Receiver
    used it as begginer fpv. amazingly strong, have crashed it at least 60 times and nothing has failed even the props just one blade has bent a little on a hard landing on grass. Very quick but very easy to fly using a 4s battery. at $200 that's cheaper than putting one together yourself. handles wind quite well also.

    Nov 15,2017

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  • J.A.
    The Beast !!!
    Color:Black Size:BNF with DSMX Receiver
    Un drone racer fantastique , d une stabilité exemplaire et avec un comportement très sécurisant, même pour des débutants !!! Un look magnifique en full black et déjà en 4S , ça envoie la patate !!! Un maître achat !!!

    Jun 02,2018

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