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  • Marcello
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    DOOGEE F5 finalmente!
    Pacco arrivato,perfetto, penso che
    la dogana ha aperto e guardato ma nessuna tassa.
    Curato nell'imballo e nella spedizione spedizione Italy Express un paio di € di differenza,
    partito 11-11-2015 arrivato oggi 20/11/2015 verso le 12.
    Il telefono è bello e basta!
    Acceso trovato installato l'essenziale, Lillipop 5.1, senza applicazioni cinesi, l'ho
    trovato molto reattivo, un audio performante, Hello di Adele alla grandissima, concettualmente ci sono tante recensioni su youtube, al tatto si sente ch'è valido.
    Tasti ottimi, ricarica velocissima, con suo alimentatore 2A attacco europeo, cavetto,ricaricato velocissimo.
    Displey Full Hd, le cose descritte ci sono tutte ora nel proseguire spero mantenga quanto promesso.
    Devo capire se è ROOTTATO o no,
    Cover posteriore trasparente flessibile installata e pellicola (provvisoria) con logo Doogee applicata,
    Cordialmente Marcello

    english traslate Google:
    Package arrived, perfect, I think
    Customs opened and looked but no tax.
    Cared for packaging and shipping Express shipping Italy a couple of € of difference,
    party arrived today 11/11/2015 20/11/2015 about 12.
    The phone is good enough!
    Lit found installed the essential Lillipop 5.1, no Chinese applications, I
    found very responsive, sound performance, Hello Adele to huge, conceptually there are so many reviews on youtube, she feels to the touch which is valid.
    Keys excellent, fast charging, with his handler 2A attack European cable, reloaded fast.
    Displey Full HD, the things described there are all now hope to continue to maintain as promised.
    I have to figure out if it ROOTTATO or not,
    Transparent back cover installed and flexible film (provisional) logo Doogee applied,
    Sincerely Marcello
    Per contro recrimino la mancanza del sensore Giroscopio, qualche difficoltà ad aprire lo sportellino che contiene la Sim e la micro sd o le due sim, mancanza di istruzioni particolarmente per il sistema di apertura con l'impronta, trattiene un po le ditate ma si pulisce con facilità, ne comprerò qualcun

    Nov 27,2015

  • Nikola
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Gray
    Odlican Telefon za relativno male pare
    Odlican telefon koji se istice svojim specifikacijama.....Vrlo dobra izrada,cak sta vise odlicna ako se uzme u obzir proizvodjac i poreklo telefona.Mozda se nekom nece dopasti sam oblik ali kad vam dodje pod ruku promenicete misljenje.Ekran je vrlo kvalitetan i zivih boja......vrlo prezizan na dodir i tu stvarno nema sta puno da se pametuje.Sam softver po otpakivanju je bio bagovit u smislu da je stalno izlazila poruka da gui vise ne funkcionise i vracao se na pocetni ekran.Posle uradjenog updata sve je profukncionisalo u najboljem smislu te reci.Cak i otkljucacanje na dodir uz pomoc senzora koje je zadavalo dosta problema nakon update radi u najboljem redu.Zadnja kamera odlicna...zadovoljice potrebe i najzahtevnijih ako se uzme u obzir da je prvobitna namena uredjaj telefoniranje.Prednja kamera isto ne zaostaje puno za zadnjom i cak ima mali blic sa prednje strane koji nemaju ni mnogo skuplji telefoni.......Baterija zadovoljava potrebe intezivnog koriscenja za jedan dan.Za manje zahtevne korisnike trajace i citava dva dana uz ukljucene opcije za stednju baterije.
    Sve u svemu ja sam vrlo zadovoljan.
    Malo bagovit softver ali nista tragicno i moze se ispraviti.Nazalost ko hoce da koristi dve sim kartice od jednom morace da se odrekne prosirive memorije.Zapravo telefon ima jedan traj za mini i micro sim ili mini sim i micro sd.......I to mu je verovatno i najveca mana.
    Plasticna futrola koja dolazi uz telefon vrlo kruta i kada se jednom namontira na tel dosta se tesko skida

    Jan 18,2016

  • Marc
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Gray
    Doogee F5 4G Phablet
    Luckily, I've received my F5 Phablet last week.
    I'me using it since 1 week for now, and I'm very impressed by the quality of this smartphone.
    1st surprise was to see the cover and screen protection already on the phone. The boxing is gorgeous. Beside the iPhone 6, this Doogee F5 is really at the same level. Screen is clear and with a really good definition. The smartphone is reactive, and all apps can be installed without issue. 2 sim cards or 1 sim + 1 micro sd can be added. Thus internal ram can be kept for insternal use. Apps can be moved on the micro sd to free memory, and this is a plus for me. Call quality is top, radio is important for me. Front & rear camera are really impressive and pictures are really good quality. Top rate product.
    After one week of intense usage (I'm going less then before on my desktop!!!), I'm still searching for cons.
    I can't find any cons.

    Nov 21,2015

  • Emily
    Yes (0) Color: Champagne
    Surprisingly amazing
    Came with a plastic case and USA adapter for the charger it also came with a screen protector on the phone plus a spare one in the box.
    You would think the squareness would be unappealing because it looks rather boxy, however they were really smart and put the buttons more in the middle as opposed to more on the top which helps with having a good grasp, it doesn't feel like I'd drop it easily.
    My first fingerprint scanner, and I think it works really well, I've had no issues.
    Camera is decent, takes clear photo's even in low lighting. I like the option to pick specific things to focus on which can change the whole picture, lots of fun options too.
    Gear best communicates really well too.
    The biggest issue I had was the time it got here, it took almost a month which I understand it was the preorder and they had a mass overfull of orders, something that was out of gearbests hands.
    That really was the only complaint, the phone itself works great. :)

    Nov 11,2015

  • Skipmunk
    Yes (0) Color: Champagne
    Doogee F5
    "Doogee is a veteran in the business."
    With Doogee F5, most of its claim had been delivered. The design is very good, nice premium build. The build of the frame is solid with its liquid metal, instead of the usual aluminium, it feels hard like steel. It packs with all the android needs. Finger scanner works like a charm. When taking pictures, the camera delivers only when captured right, its not perfect but very good, and it's good on low light as well. Touch screen is responsive, haven't experience lag yet. Speaker sound is decent, not the loudest but enough to listen on speakerphone while talking to someone. Bluetooth works great, paired with my bluetooth speaker. Price wise, very cheap and perfect, rival any Phablets.
    Well all the pros had been delivered, now some of the cons are only minimal. Not much. First up, the phone doesn't support all of the sim carrier, so you have make sure that the phone works with your current sim card, otherwise it won't work. Secondly the camera, the autofocus, gets out of focus sometimes but not all the time, and sometimes when touching the screen to focus, on camera mode, it slides to the gallery (I hope that gets updated). And that's all. After that, the phone works flawlessly.

    Nov 07,2015

  • István
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Gray
    Doogee f5 very high quality exclusive telephone.
    Very good value for money and can compete with any big brand names in the top categories, and in some functions even better than, say, an LG. or Samsung, Apple's $ 400-500 phones.
    excellent camera on the back and front, very good quality kijelző.minden function works well real fast processor 3 GB Ram.
    Fast delivery EU. England arrived within 7 days in Hungary, there is no sales tax, no duty, and only $ 10 more expensive than you would from China and the delivery would have been ordered from 25 to 40 days.
    Congratulations GearBest this is a very good deal, it would be nice if you could be more like a good product to buy goods in the EU from stock.
    So far, nothing I can not write a disadvantage.

    Jan 22,2016

  • johan sremac
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    When i recieved the box from doogee f5 4g phablet i was surprised its looked like a a box from apple so nice.
    Inside the box a beautiful phablet well designed it could be an apple product
    When i started up it was very easy like plug and play the phone works perfect and the camera is fantastic
    I recommend it to all my friends and the next time i wil order a product of doogee i shall not be doubt to buy it
    Also a compliment fot gear best the shipment was perfect and the correspondend was very good a week earlier I have bought a teclast x 98 air III tablet i am also satisfied with this product a wonderful tablet now i am waiting for the protectcases for those tabets i am a happy customer Johan sremac
    i cannot find any cons for those tablets

    Jan 27,2016

  • Martin
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Gray
    Doogee F5 - endlich (german)
    + Preis (ich habe umgerechnet 125 € bezahlt, absolut konkurrenzlos)
    + Ansprechendes Design (hätte ich für den Preis nicht so hochwertig erwartet)
    + Super Display (Schutzfolie ist schon bei der Lieferung enthalten und aufgeklebt)
    + Schnelle CPU - läuft alles sehr flüssig
    + Passt gerade noch so in die Hosentasche
    + Finger Sensor funktioniert sehr gut
    + 4G Netz funktioniert einwandfrei (Telekom Netz)
    + Akku Laufzeit ist in Ordnung
    + Deutsche Menüführung (einige Menüpunkte sind noch in englisch)
    + Schutzhülle für die Rückseite wird mitgeliefert.
    + Die ersten Fotos sehen sehr gut aus. Bin aber kein Profi. Für meine Ansprüche reicht es absolut
    + Streaming über Bluetooth Autoradio und Freisprecheinrichtung funktioniert
    - Lieferzeit (erst 5 Wochen trotz Vorbestellung nicht verfügbar, dann dauerte der Versand ca. 10 Tage)
    - Das einsetzen einer Nano-SIM ist trotz mitgelieferten Adapter frickelig
    - Beim Versuch ein unsichtbares WLAN Netzwerk zu verbinden, kommt eine Fehlermeldung (hab ich bis jetzt noch nicht hinbekommen)

    Dec 04,2015

  • Cristina
    Yes (0) Color: Champagne
    Worth the price despite the cons
    Heavy apps don't lag or crash
    HD youtube clips load without buffering
    Moves fast, very responsive
    The display quality is nice, good definition
    Battery life and charging as expected (12 hours of medium use)
    Comes with a standard cover case
    I received the phone with language already set in English
    The notification led is very handy as well as the front flash
    Front camera quality better than expected
    Charger fits the electrical outlets
    Package came intact (Romania), phone has no marks, dents or scratches
    Nice customer service
    Lower quality plastic used for the back of the phone, it scratches easily
    The overall build of the phone doesn't look too strong, it looks like it cannot withstand a drop from a small height
    Back camera flash not strong enough
    Audio quality could be better at a higher volume
    The lateral buttons wiggle a little and if you shake the phone they make a small sound
    The Google search bar that is on the top screen is not movable or customizable
    Many useless apps that cannot be uninstalled
    The navigation buttons are NOT illuminated
    Hard to find protection for this phone (it definitely needs a case and screen film) unless you also buy it here
    The SIM tray opened after many tries
    Back camera sticks out the phone and it's easy to scratch the protection glass
    Main camera's photo quality is low and NOT sharp at all, especially when used at max specs and not in natural light. In daylight the quality is obviously better, but far from what was expected and marketed (inferior to a Samsung Galaxy 2 camera used in the same conditions for example, the&n

    Dec 05,2015

  • Mason
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Gray
    I purchased this phone in the pre sale (4th September) it arrived 12th November so i havent had much time to play. But so far I am very pleased, very fast, clear screen easy to navigate, good for playing games,camera good and video recorder good,speakers sound ok although havent played music through them yet. Fingerprint scanner works well and battery life seams ok, screen gestures make it very easy to get into browser ect. Overall very impressed excellent value. I would recommend these phones as an affordable alternative to an over rated i phone every time.
    I found the sim very fiddley to insert, emoj's have disappeared from keyboard for messaging.
    The amount of time it took to arrive although I think this was due to Doogee under estimating demand, and no fault of Gearbest their communication has been fantastic and always very polite.

    Nov 16,2015