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    Yes (1) Color: Silver Size: 2500mW + EU Plug
    EleksMaker A3 Pro 2500mW 300 x 380mm Laser Engraver from
    Очень доволен этим гравером. Сначала думал покупать что-то небольшое на 1000-1500 мВт, но потом решил купить этот. Он в два раза дороже но оно того стоит. Он работает быстрее и у него большая рабочая площадь. Создает ощущение качественного и добротного изделия. Из хорошего: - большой размер рабочего стола. - отличное качество получаемых рисунков (но надо попрактиковаться с настройками) - сборно-разборная конструкция - неплохая продуктивность - он намного быстрее маленьких граверов - довольно тихий (на видео создается впечатление что он шумный, но на самом деле он не очень шумный) - крепкая рама и конструкция в целом - качественные двигатели, они не нагреваются совсем после 30 минут работы - в конструкции используются простые детали, которые будет достаточно просто заменить при поломках -
    - Сборка достаточно сложная для неподготовленного пользователя. Инструкции в комплекте нет. Болтики и гайки не маркированы, поэтому не каждый легко сможет его собрать. Но в интернете есть инструкции и видео. - ПО также нету в комплекте, нужно искать и скачивать в интернете - Программное обеспечение от производителя не самое лучшее (у меня после использования паузы в родном ПО и возобновления процесса работы, лазер двигается но при этом перестает гравировать)

    Jan 18,2018

  • Animedia
    Yes (3) Color: Silver Size: 2500mW + US Plug
    Very fast deliver Easy to build ManaSE board is compatible with many laser software also very easy to connect and to upload firmware Metal frame very sturdy EleksCam software is very easy to use, just remember to run the software as admin Great motors they dont get hot even after hours of work Laser works also great, I have 2 months with it working 14 hours per day is very reliable(just dont forget to let it cool down after 10 minutes of work, let it 5 minutes to cool down) Very big work area
    I still cant find any cons

    May 04,2017

  • Andriy
    Yes (2) Color: Silver Size: Without Laser Module
    For assembling took less than two hours and no additional tool was used, im impressed, really good kit. I've tested it with regular GRBL firmware and it runs fine. Version without laser module does not include laser housing and laser driver. So if you plan use it with your own laser, take into account that you need buy these two separately. Also you may need more powerful power supply, included in kit 2.5A only.
    Add an option to choose power plug version.

    Feb 25,2017

  • MacMatej
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 2500mW + EU Plug
    best gear
    Delivery took more than 45 days to Central Europe. But the postman brought me a pack to my house. If you can not run the EleksCam software, you must reinstall graphic card driver. If you can not run laser engraving, you must at first turn off harware button on laser, and after that turn on button in sofrware. After that start engrave with button start. That is all.
    Some screws and rubber wheel was inaccurate.

    Feb 24,2018

  • Raoul
    Yes (1) Color: Silver Size: 5500mW + US Plug
    The A3 Pro 5500mW Violet Laser Engraver is a good product. It was delivered in two weeks after I placed the order. I installed it in a few hours. I love it's design. Once this was done everything worked quietly and nicely. It is powerful enough to cut 3 mm would sheets and cardboard. I engraved some images on wood and cardboard as well. Good job EleksMaker!
    The only difficulty consisted in getting and installing the software (which is not included) and flashing the card.

    Jul 17,2017

  • Omega
    Yes (3) Color: Silver Size: 5500mW + EU Plug
    Fun and quite capable laser machine
    - Good design. Sturdy. Smooth Belt drive. - Uses generic engineering parts which allows to improve and extend the machine easily. - Uses new (Mana SE) board. Much better than previous version. - Very fun and capable machine.
    - Advertised laser power is a lie. The 2500mw is more like 2000mw and the 5500mw is ~4000mw but with a better lens and cooling. - No instructions. Not recommended for beginners, but if you are a medium to experienced builder you'll have no problems and will have fun building it. - PSU that comes with it is not good. Do yourself a favor and get a decent PSU.

    Apr 25,2017

  • Anthony Phoenix
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 5500mW + EU Plug
    Great machine
    Awesome machine. I have been using it non stop for the past couple of months now and it hasn't missed a beat.Set up was easy enough and didn't take too long at all.I'm using it to cut 3mm MDF and acrylic and have included a shot of an ATAT I designed and cut with it.
    It comes with bearings that are a little big for the design of the acrylic parts. I drill the holes out to be a fraction bigger which fixed the problem. Easy to do. Other people have used a 3d printer to print a workaround. Either way works just fine as a fix, so don't sweat it.

    May 10,2018

  • Nico Horn
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 2500mW + EU Plug
    Great price! Works well once the massive setup is complete. Engraves wood beautifuly. Software (elekscam) not to complicated.
    Really hard to setup. Take me about 4 hours to build as there are no instructions included in the box. Had to change my computer's region to USA in order for the engraver to work. You need propper skills to build and work this engraver.

    Jan 30,2018

  • orhan akgün
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 500mW + EU Plug
    EleksMakerA3 Pro 500mW
    The product came within 2 weeks as it was said .. just pay attention to the wat values when you buy 600 defects tl No module, cut to 5500mw do not take it down 500mw just like drawing do you know
    I did not see the wattage when I bought it

    Mar 06,2018

  • sselenne
    Yes (0) Color: Silver Size: 2500mW + EU Plug
    Grabadora láser muy buena
    Easy to assemble machine. Very fun and with many possibilities. You can also add a Z-axis or a bit later and turn it into a cnc.
    It is necessary to search the web to find more instructions, software and drivers.

    Aug 07,2018