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  • Joschi
    Yes (2) Color: Blue
    Elephone S8 Blue
    What can I write about this phone?

    This is just phenomenal for the price point!

    If you are like me and don't like the 'modern' 2:1 displays but still like big screen phones with the classic 16:9 display aspect ratio and there are hardly any choices. There is the Huawei Mate 10 (not the pro), maybe Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) and the Elephone S8.

    But out of all the three mobiles I would always choose the S8! The bezels on the sides are super small and the one on the top - even though it is a bit bigger than the side ones - is still so small that the footprint of the mobile is surprisingly small.

    The haptics of the phone is great; the edges are smooth, the glass feels great and the overall construction feels absolutely premium! The blue colour of the device looks astonishing! This made a lot of my friends turn their heads and earned some jealous looks :)

    The back of the phone with its play of reflected light is awesome.

    Camera shots do look great in sunlight with saturated colours, rich details and crisp sharpness.

    Performance of Helio X25 is absolutely more than enough; battery with 4.000 mAh lasts easily one day and usage of fingerprint scanner for home, back and recent functionality saves quite some screen real estate.

    Speaking of the screen -> Sharp 6" 2K screen is AMAZING! Super high resolution, enormous brightness can be achieved, colours are vivid and the responsiveness of the screen is great.

    I love this phone, would buy it always again and can only encourage everyone to give this great piece of mobile hardware a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
    The camera could focus a bit faster; but it's not like you can't make fast photos. It's just that it could focus faster.

    There is no quick charge functionality - but with 4.000 mAh it is not really needed.

    As astonishing as the surfaces on back and front do look like -> fingerprints are almost always there.

    Feb 23,2018

  • Tom Mein
    Yes (8) Color: Blue
    Have been using this phone for a few days now, my phone before this was an Xiaomi Mi 4 so it has taken me a little time to become used to the basic Android operating system. Overall the phone is a delight to use, speedy in operation and a lovely hand feel. The screen is a delight in every way and the sound during calls is fine. The supplied case is very good, maybe could be improved with extra buffering on the corners but this is nit-picking. There have been a number of comments about the camera, the general quality of photos is very good, please see the enclosed image of the same item taken with the S8 and the Mi4. I have always thought that the Mi4 camera was very good and I think the image quality is the same. I have also enclosed a Passmark comparison with the Mi4 and the S8 comfortably beats the Mi4 in every way apart from the Open GL test, probably needs a little software tweaking. The first column is the S8 the second the Mi4.
    Overall I am very happy with this phone and would certainly recommend it, as was the service from GearBest other than the delayed delivery which was obviously caused by delays at the manufacturer.
    As has been previously commented on, the camera focusing system is a little slow and keeps hunting for the best focus on an object but once in focus the image is very good.
    The screen protector provided by the manufacturer is very welcome but with being plastic tends to detract a little from an absolutely gorgeous screen so I have been very tempted to remove it to see the screen in all its glory.

    Dec 07,2017

  • AlPhi
    Yes (3) Color: Blue
    I wanted to use this phone for at least 2 weeks before reviewing it, because the first impression was great and i wanted to be sure it's not enthusiasm. I can now safely say that it is an amazing phone. It's faster than any phone i have ever used, the 2K display (very important for me) is amazing, the feel of the phone is premium, great quality outside, lots of ram and space inside. Battery is what you've expect from a 4000mAh, with heavy use will last a day. Viewing HD movies is a piece of cake for this phone, and games like Mortal Kombat X run smoothly. I've read that it gets hot while charging or playing games, i haven't noticed that at all. Maybe it was fixed with a software update.
    I cannot really see how anyone cannot be satisfied with a phone like that, for those specs and quality if it had an established brand name it would cost double.
    The only downside is the camera focus, as everyone mentions. It's a real shame, because the camera is good,it's a Sony, and once it focus, photos are good. But it focuses slowly or sometimes (in videos) it messes everything up, it doesn't focus unless you tap with the finger for it to find the subject. I'm sure it can be fixed via a software update and i'm expecting that from Elephone engineers, then you can say it's easily the best phone in its category. Hope they support us customers who trusted their brand.

    Feb 08,2018

  • Martin
    Yes (1) Color: Blue
    Great phone for the price
    I have now been using the S8 for more than 1 month. I am very happy with the phone its fast and runs smooth, and that screen is just really nice and clear with very good colors and sharpness. Many people complain about the camera and I seriously do not understand why because its good for a phone with this price tag. Yes sometimes you need to tap the screen to make it focus but I can live with that considering the price and that the phone is otherwise really good.
    Others complain that there is no 3.5mm jack but whatever just use bluetooth. and no option for SD card but its got 64gb so thats fine I think. The phone comes without bloatware, so props for that Elephone. Overall I am satisfied with the Elephone S8 however there are a few cons from my point of view.

    Paid for the express delivery and the phone arrived in about 10 days to EU.
    The bluetooth connection is somewhat strange as in the call quality is poor.
    The phone sometimes cuts out audio for about 2 seconds during calls.
    The backcover is really a fingerprint magnet.

    Mar 11,2018

  • Amadeu Matos
    Yes (0) Color: Red
    I can only say good things about Gearbest.They have been my main shopping place for almost 2 years now and they will continue to be.
    It is awesome to be able to get nice products for very reasonable prices. Their support, as i needed them already, is very professional, willing to help and to solve problems. I have purchased several products there and until now i have no complaints. Whenever something was wrong they have fixed it the best way possible.
    I have recommended them to my friends and i have ordered many products for them as well.Never, any of the items i ordered have been kept by customs, which is a big advantage comparing to other websites.
    Nothing to say against , it was the best servisse i got .
    And products is very good

    Jan 30,2018

  • Ángelo
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Gran terminal
    Relación calidad-precio muy buena.
    Lo elegí por su pantalla de 6' en en formato 16/9, su huella dactilar delantera y su batería 4000 miliamperios.

    Para mi gusto es la pantalla perfecta, no me gustan las pantallas estrechas porque pierden mucho campo visua. Se ve de 10 y la batería dura mucho.
    Tiene carga 3.0 reversible con carga rápida para los 4000mah de batería.

    El procesador de 10 núcleos va muy fluido y responde ante cualquier exigencia.
    Aquí en España coge 4G LTE va de maravilla, en eso tenía miedo pero tiene múltiples bandas de sobra.

    La cámara Sony de 21Mp está muy bien, fotos buenas y de calidad. No tiene estabilizador digital pero como tantos de este precio y más caros. Yo no es algo que necesito en un móvil porque grabo pocos vídeos, aún así tiene muy buena calidad.
    La única pega es el sonido, es muy potente pero un tanto estridente.
    Si no fuera por ese detalle, le daría un 10 en calidad-precio.

    Apr 25,2019

  • Paulo F B Carminati
    Yes (3) Color: Blue
    Beautiful, wonderful, excellent in everything, with absurd quality of video and photos.
    There is nothing better on the web for the price, I recommend your purchase.
    Excellente cost-benefit ratio.
    I still bought in the pre-sale with many doubts about the smartphone Elephone S8. I just trusted the brand. But, after receiving it, I can only say that I am very happy with my purchase. A great purchase.
    I had requested to change the color of the smartphone after my purchase, the staff of Gearbest met me very well, thank you to the helpful staff of GB.

    Nov 09,2017

  • Alex
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Super stylisches Spielehandy für meinen Sohn
    Mein Sohn, 12 Jahre, legt mehr wert auf Leistung und Aussehen als ich. Er ist komplett zufrieden und das Handy ist auch wirklich ein Hingucker. Vorne und hinten mit Glas und ein toller Farbeffekt. Wichtig war ihm auch der grosse Akku! Leider hat er die Lederhülle die wir ihm besorgt hatten nicht genutzt, die wäre "uncool". Naja, er hat es natürlich gleich in den ersten 2 Wochen fallen gelassen und nun hat das Glas einen Spung ABER das Handy funktioniert problemlos weiter!!! Eine Hülle benutzer er immer noch nicht. Naja so sind Kinder nun mal. Ist wirklich ein TOP Produkt und ich kann es mit gutem Gewissen empfehlen rein richtiges ANGEBERHANDY ;-)

    Grüsse aus Deutschland

    Oct 02,2018

  • cas
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    value for money
    QHD screen
    bezeless design
    mediatek X25 SOC (its good soc)
    responsive fingerprint ( I've noticed when charging, and you want to open your phone using fingerprint misses to recognized my fingerprint.. its a hit or miss sometimes. i hope they will fix this)
    nice build quality (compare to other rivals)
    trendy phone

    This is my first time purchasing with gearbest. its a nice experience, I was hesitant at first but it was worth it. I will surely purchase again without gearbest again..and recommend Gearbest with my friends. thank you gearbest!
    Camera (slow focusing speed, but hey it captures decent photos in good lighting conditions. and for the price you cant really complain)
    user interface (well not really my type. replaced it with google now launcher instead)

    my only complaint with gearbest is the shipping speed because I opted for expedited shipping DHL, I was expecting fast shipping.. like not more than 5 days but instead it arrived 13 working days. And lastly, when I got the package, there's no protective barrier on the item (like bubble wrap). thank God I Received it good for working condition.

    Jan 23,2018

  • Jan
    Yes (3) Color: Blue
    Great display on a budget
    Wonderful display. Well above it's price range.
    Almost stock Android 7.1.1. No bloatware, except the strange browser that can't be uninstalled.
    No problems with Google play store, etc, as was the case not that long ago on PRC build phones.
    Quite good battery life.
    Has the dimensions of a 5.5" phone with 6" screen.
    Solid build.
    Comes with a screen protector and case out of the box.
    All in all, it's a great phone for 200eur. Has everything 50,100 eur more expensive phones have AND that beautiful quad HD display.
    Watching videos on it is great.
    No 3.5mm jack. That is a horrible decision by Elephone. Makes charging and using headphones impossible. There are cables, that have both the charger and 3.5mm jack, but it's far from ideal. The sound on those is distorted by the charging and the charging is slower.
    The camera s/w is HORRIBLE. The picture quality is nice. But the autofocus is insanely slow, and it always wants to use the flash, no matter what. There were a few updates from Elephone already, but the camera is still horrible. It's a shame, as it has potential to be a nice camera. It can even output in RAW for some reason. If Elephone puts out a s/w update that makes the camera usable, this will be a truly great phone.

    Dec 01,2017