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  • Роман Владимирович
    Он не стоит того
    Изображение ужасное, нет правильной передачи цветов, нет резкости, по краям сильно мылит, яркости не хватает! 1. Фокусное расстояние не соответствует заявленным характеристикам, на расстоянии 3,5 м диагональ экрана 104 дюйма (должно 120 дюймов)2. Ужасные динамики, хрипят с первого дня 4. Плохая цветопередача красного и синего цвета, невозможно настроить (потратил больше недели на настройку, толку нет)5. Плохая четкость изображения, по краям экрана идет искаженияТовар не соответствует заявленным характеристикам!Лучше присмотреться к другому товару за те же деньги

    Dec 20,2018

    Excelvan M5
    An excellent projector very good brightness really and stayed very astonished with the power of this beautiful projector without a doubt I recommend it a lot since I buy it at a very good price I hope to buy another in the very near future really thank you.

    May 18,2019

  • Ashley Watkins
    Nice projector, decent brightness and video quality, the video quality is actually pretty good, its perfect to watch movies and sports, the picture is actually pertty clear, i recommend playing with the settings to get an ideal picture, don't expect a super super bright projector though, for the price this is defintely a good projector

    Aug 23,2018

  • LittleBees
    This is a small projector with a modest price, it's as good as I'd hope it could be for the price I paid, it's still quite sharp and very usable for pictures and movies at home, huge pluses for the Vankyo Leisure are its compact size and the complete set of cords that come with it, the carrying case is a nice feature

    Nov 23,2018

  • Geoff
    it works really well
    I really like this Projector, it works really well and is really clear and is good for TV and movies not just gaming, For the price it is really good and it comes with chords for every type of hook up.overall it's a great projector and for the one time that I used it, I truly enjoyed the experience.

    May 13,2019

  • Agus Sanjaya
    They aren't worth the money'', '' Very satisfied this far and we have had many compliments on how clear the picture is, after reading several reviews I was concerned with how the audio from the projector would sound, i must say I think the audio is perfectly fine

    Dec 01,2018

  • liang xu
    Inexpensive projector for gaming, was worried that the in speaker sound would be too soft or not good quality but this thing can pump out pretty loud and clear sound when you want it to, ultra resolution projector you might wan na save up some more money

    Nov 21,2018

  • Steven Hays
    The picture quality is amazing on this item, i had some problems setting it up because my old projector had to be back quite a bit further than the Epson but once I did get it set up I was very impressed with the quality and with the ease of use

    Nov 20,2018

  • Leahh JM
    A few pictures of distant building shots, the fan was the same sound as the overhead projectors that were used `` back in the day'' in classrooms, the bag is great for carrying the projector with the remote

    Nov 07,2018

  • MamaGhostBooks
    This is a great projector if you have four kids and they won't leave you alone until you buy a projector and start showing movies on your chicken coop, has a really great picture and made everyone happy

    Nov 28,2018