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  • Michael Wall
    A winner
    am writing to say how impressed I am with my recent purchase of the QQ-S

    I have tried (and subsequently returned) 2 other brands of printer while looking for a printer with a large hotbed and print volume,, capable of printing ABS.

    While all advertised a hotbed temperature and capability to print ABS, they failed miserably. One company suggested cocooning the machine in thick plastic sheeting, (which was an obvious fire risk) in answer to my complaints about their claims and the reality. To save their embarrassment, I won’t name the two companies.

    The FSUN QQ-S is the third printer I tried in my quest and I must say, I am blown away by the printer. Even though it has an open platform, I have had great results printing in ABS, having installed the profile you provide with the machine.

    This is my first printer of this type I have owned, having previously had a prusa clone built from scratch, and now a Flashforge Creator Pro which I still use, both having moving bed rather than hotend.

    I have to give 9/10 for the printer and would definitely have given 10 if the auto levelling was better. I did the levelling myself with much better results. Accurate adjustments of 0.1mm can be made

    All in all I must congratulate you on this printer. For the price it is brilliant. A reasonably large bed and very good height means I can print large parts that my Creator Pro couldn’t handle.

    May 27,2020

  • Jona
    Great Printer but extremely loud
    The printer arrived very quickly and was easy to setup (I was up and printing within 1 hour). The auto leveling is amazing and the bed and nozzle heat up really fast for quick startups.

    My biggest complaint is that it says that is really quiet, however that does not hold true, as I can hear it on the other side of the house especially when retracting (my friend said it sounded like duck calls). I am now stuck with ordering new stepper drivers and installing them and flashing the firmware for which I am not familiar with doing and am concerned I may now damage or hose the printer. I checked for FLSUN support from their website which is not up and running and the contact from the FLSUN store on this sales site has a name with no email to support does not exist.

    Even with the concern listed above I will most likely purchase another one just because of the large print volume, out of the box quality and speed of this printer.

    Jan 12,2021

  • Fischi
    erster Delta 3d Drucker und bin begeistert !
    Ich habe mir vor kurzen einen sehr bekannten 3d Drucker in der Version 2 angeschafft. Habe sehr viel teile verbaut damit das ding endlich richtig läuft. Jetzt habe ich mir den Flsun QQ s Delta Kossel angeschafft und war nur positiv überrascht.

    Ich habe den Drucker innerhalb von nur 45 Minuten aufgebaut, schnell die Nivellierung durchgeführt und schon konnte der erste druck starten. Als erstes habe ich die vorhandenen Probedateien gedruckt und war sehr überrascht wie extrem schnell das alles von statten ging. anschließend habe ich mir einige echt schwierige Modelle gedruckt und auch die Qualität hat mich sehr überzeugt.

    Ich kann den Flsun QQ S Delta echt empfehlen und ich werde mir wohl auch noch den Q5 zu legen für kleiner Modelle.

    Dec 11,2020

  • Christian
    Delta Printer erstaunlich präzise Rundum ein gutes Teil
    Der Restzusammenbau war einfach und schnell erledigt Die Software Cura ist aus der Steinzeit Allerdings unterstützt die aktuelle Cura Version den Drucker von Hause aus und nach dem problemlosen Import des Profiles kann es sofort losgehen Der Drucker unterstützt alle aktuell gängigen Materialien Der Drucker ist schnell und für einen Delta Printer erstaunlich präzise Rundum ein gutes Teil

    Apr 15,2020

  • Ceni meef
    Excellente imprimante
    Une super imprimante et une écoute de la part de l'équipe FLSUN.
    Une imprimante facile au montage à l'entretien au remplacement de pièce d'usure (Buse, filament, courroie etc).
    Je vous la recommande, car sortie du carton lancement de l'impression elle a réussit à sortir des pièces de très bonnes qualités

    Jul 02,2020

  • Marco
    Third printer already. Everything is fine
    It's the best printer I have in my workshop. It is fast and very accurate Hi has arrived super fast and after an hour of assembly that the new plate calibration system it is very fast and doing nothing and after about 10 hrs printing quality is excellent

    Apr 14,2020

    impressionnante !
    je suis vraiment bluffée par la technologie Delta. cette imprimante est incroyable pour son prix.
    très facile et rapide à installer.
    petit bémol... elle n'est pas dutout silencieuse comme annoncé dans la présentation
    et le capteur de fin de filament est la seule chose qui lui manque.

    Jun 05,2020

  • Marcin
    Probably best service on Gearbest
    First thing first delivery and customer service from Flsun was amazing.
    Printer itself fast and I mean fast and quality of prints are better than my other printers (much slower as well)
    Highly recommended.

    Jul 08,2020

  • Foxies
    Une grande, pas par la taille ;-)
    FLSun a frappé fort avec cette imrpimante de trés bonne qualité et facilement accessible pour les débutant. De plus leur service aprés-vente est excellent et professionnel. Un petit reproche: elle n'est pas sous Marlin et donc limité en évolution technique mais de base c'est trés bien.

    Sep 01,2020

  • Rose
    A beautiful printer
    Thank you very much! The delivery was really fast, within 5 days. The quality of packing was excellent, see attachments. I was pleasantly surprised and I'm very satisfied, everything as described. I recommend it.

    Apr 14,2020