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    by dai***@mail.com

    Transcriptional Style of Leadership for Effective Management

    This article takes us through transnational style of management. This
    style lies between authoritarian and democratic styles of leadership.

    Transnational Managerial Style rests on the
    reasoning that both authoritarian and democratic styles need to be
    mixed in that none can work in all situations. This middle ground style
    therefore aims at striking a balance between the other two managerial
    styles. This is based on the premise that overemphasizing authoritarian
    style can frustrate the subordinates while too much democracy has a high
    likelihood of creating anarchy and complacency in an organization. A
    leader who subscribes to this style therefore applies authoritarian if
    the followers fail to comply with organizational rules or lack ingenuity
    and willingness to participate in decision making process. However, if
    they adhere to the organizational standards, the leader adopts
    democratic style to channel their efforts towards its goals.

    In the context of school management, a head teacher exposing this
    style will thus use authoritarian methods to enforce school rules in a
    situation where parents are reluctant to support the school towards this
    end. The head teacher will however, shift to the democratic style if
    they become committed to the schools efforts to promote discipline. It
    can therefore be reasoned that this style of management has a high
    likelihood of enhancing discipline among students and consequently task
    accomplishment. This is true to the extent that the institutional head
    will make unilateral decisions on discipline matters if support from
    parents is not forthcoming. Similarly, he/she will make decisions single
    handed on say, how to do my essay for me or manage a crisis like students’ unrest in order to
    restore order in the school. However, in a situation where parents show
    concern, the school head will apply democratic style as a means of
    promoting socially acceptable behavior among the learners.


    Virtue lies in the middle. As such, sound approach to any
    form of management or leadership rests upon striking balance between
    different methods/styles of leadership. Neither pure authoritarian nor
    pure democratic style of leadership can address all the issues related
    to management in general. Managers in a broader sense are therefore
    called upon to strike balance in their styles of leadership to ensure
    organizational effectiveness.

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