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  • pollipolli
    Yes (0) Color: Teal
    Amazing titanium knife
    This was my first knife from Fura. I bought this, because I really like the design and wanted to try something else than Ganzo and Sanrenmu. It flips super easy with the little ramp on the back of the blade and the bearing runs super smooth. I can compare it to the Sanrenmu 910/710 and both of those come a lot stiffer than the Fura. The Fura slips absolutely smooth from the first try. I do really like that these come without the thumb studs which make this knife look super classy just like the rest of the design. The Titanium scales are really nice to touch and give this a premium feeling. The blade is pretty sharp out of the box, even though the Ganzos and SRMs that I own seemed a little bit sharper when i got them. The blade is pretty massive as the whole folding knife is quite big as well and I would trust this with some heavier use even though I haven't tried that yet and mainly used it for household tasks which it masters without any problems. It is also plain fun to flip it and the relative weight of the blade gives a satisfying feedback when being locked.

    The only downside is caused by the super smooth operation, the blade folds back super easy as well which can be dangerous and should be considered. Other frame lock knives I own keep the blade somewhat safe while the Fura just rotates back by gravity alone. Nothing major, but needs to be considered when using.

    I do however really like this knife and highly recommend it.

    Oct 07,2018

  • Spud Gunn
    Yes (0) Color: Teal
    FURA Gear D2 folding knife
    A beautifully designed and built knife, good steel blade, shaving sharp out of the box, easy to deploy thanks to ball bearing mounted blade, nicely profiled edge makes for a great slicer. Titanium alloy handle makes for a deceptively light knife for a full size folder, and has very good ergonomics, so much so that even the pocket clip is very unobtrusive and causes no hotspots, even after heavy use.
    Downsides? Well, a bit of jimping at the top of the handle/base of the blade, and on the flipper tab would have been nice, but not essential.
    And it arrived 6 days after I ordered it, rather than the usual 2 weeks. Bonus!

    Aug 31,2018

  • Huitzilopochtli
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    NOT D2 STEEL!!
    This is an excellent knife. Out of the box it was razor sharp but would not lock properly so I cut myself a few times until I adjusted the screws. Also. False advertising, this IS NOT D2 STEEL!! Youtube channel LuvThemKnives had this knife tested and the blade IS NOT D2. Its still a good quality blade, but just not D2. The titanium however is real titanium. But its still a great knife, just not D2 blade.

    Dec 05,2018

  • Der Demorian
    Yes (1) Color: Slate Blue
    Fura Gear Knife Folder Frame Lock D2 Steel tolles Messer geht richtig gut .Top
    Hallo hab dieses Messer hier bei Gearbest gekauft .
    Es ist ein Top Verarbeitetes Messer mit Titan Griffe in Blau .
    Eine Wunderbare D2 Klinge die schön scharf ist ab Werk.
    Auch der Flipper macht seine Arbeit Optimal .
    Es ist ein sehr wertiges Messer mit guter Qualität.
    Fura Gear macht sehr Hochwertige Messer.
    Würde ich wieder Kaufen.


    Sep 01,2018

  • DFitz
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    The main reason for me buying this knife was to see if the quality could actually be fair, but maybe Spyderco should use these guys as a co-packer instead of their current people ... if this is not them just selling another CHINESE version out the back door, it's just amazing how they allow somthing like this to embarrass them against a high dollar knife ...

    Sep 01,2018

  • Dzus
    Yes (0) Color: Slate Blue
    супер нож
    Ножик доставлен в Брянскую область за 6 дней. Для меня рекорд. Качество на высоте. Всё как положено, спуск симметричны, клин по центру, механика супер. Сделан на высший сорт. Рекомендую. Вообще очень крепкий нож, есть обзоры, где его пробуют ломать, 90 кг выдерживает и продолжает исправно работать.

    Sep 11,2018

  • Tatopulos
    Yes (0) Color: Slate Blue
    A good blade at a very good price.
    The EDC knife at this price deserves 5 whistles. Good blockade and good steel.
    It requires a bit of lubrication besides ok. Competitive products do not offer this quality at this price. Recommendable.
    I did not notice.

    Jul 13,2018

  • Nikolay
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Not bad
    Good knife for good price. Weight is low. Nice felt case. Axial screw isn't fixed well, so it's necessary to use thread lock for it. Stone wash of blade can be better.

    Nov 01,2018

  • Tygoin
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Great little pocket knife that isnt expensive, The short tanto blade makes good scraping with the flat edge if need be and you really dont need much length for the day to day use of a pocket knife

    Jun 19,2018

  • lmc13
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Great knife, Fits perfect in hand nice sharp edge out of the box and blade length perfect for concealed carry, After sharpening it knife holds a pretty sharp edge can cut paper like butter

    Jul 19,2018