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Buying Guide Handheld Game Consoles Buying Guide

Handheld Games Buying Guide

The handheld game is a simple and convenient way of entertainment: for slightly older people, this is a very emotional toy. It is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, an extra stress-relieving way for people to relax in their daily lives, and not affected by location and external environment.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is Handheld Game Consoles?
  • Features of Handheld Game Consoles.
  • 5 things to consider before buying Handheld Game Consoles.
  • 3 best Handheld Game Consoles in 2020

  • What is Handheld Game Consoles?

    Handheld game console, refers to a small, specialized portable game console that can provide games and entertainment anytime, anywhere. Modern people face a variety of pressures. 

    Games can make people decompress, but the clunky appearance of traditional game consoles is difficult to carry, so the game console has been born. For adolescents during development, proper games can develop the brain.

    Features of Handheld Game Consoles

    Game Type and Quantity

    Massive games, full content, not repetitive, common 400 in1, 500 in 1,  777 in1, etc. The number of game types can meet the game needs of different users. 

    AV Cable Output and Sound Quality

    Can be output to a TV or monitor through AV cable  synchronous output game, make TV become the game host, clear sound and no noise. 

    Screen Size and Resolution

    The screen should be suitable in size, generally 3.0 inches, and the standardization rate is 480 / 720P, avoiding eyes ache after watching the screen for a long time. 

    Battery Life

    The size of the battery capacity and the charging time determine the length of the battery life during the game. 

    Easy Button Operation

    Shell and button technology processing, long-term grip, no hand sweat, comfortable sensitivity of the keys, avoid long-term sweating fingers.

    5 Things to Consider Before Buying Handheld Games

    Number of games 

    The initial is 168 in 1, and then the more games supported, currently up to 10000 games are supported.

    Battery capacity

    Battery capacity affects battery life, with 1000mAh battery can play for about 3 hours.

    Button touch feel

    The keys are soft and will not grind your hands, and will not be tired after a long time of playing.

    Connect the TV

    Connect to TV, can upgrade the sense of experience, experience the game experience brought by the big screen.

    Cost performance

    The number of game types is increasing, but the price has not risen. The purpose of customers is to have the best experience with the least money.

    3 Best Handheld Games in 2020 

    Handheld games are generally short-lived, its purpose is for people to entertain in a short period time, such as waiting for cars, queuing, and has the characteristics of easy to carry and entertainment at any time. Don’t know how to choose when facing many handheld games? Here are 3 best handheld games for you.

    Gocomma 400 Classic Games Handheld Game ConsoleRagebee 500 in 1 Handheld Game ConsoleRagebee 777 in1 Handheld Game Console
    Game categories400500777
    Screen size3.0 Inch3.0 Inch3.0 Inch
    Resolution320 x 240320 x 240320 x 240
    Battery capacity800mAh 1020mAh1020mAh
    Support AV outputNoYesYes
    Why buy thisHighly cost effectiveGive away a game controllerSupports many types of games

    Game Controllers
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    Game Controllers At Gearbest

    Nowadays, more and more games have the support of game controllers . It is more convenient to operate the games through game controllers than the traditional mouse and keyboard. Besides, the analog joystick attached to the handle, press the button to send automatically, vibration and other functions can greatly increase the fun of the game process, which cannot be compared with the mouse and keyboard. Therefore, a standard gamer must be equipped with a superior game-controller. There are all kinds of game controllers out there, but how to choose one that suits you? In fact, in general to grasp the aspects. Let's take a look at how to choose a good game controller.

    First, you need to decide what type of game controllers you want to buy. At present, the game controllers can be roughly divided into fighting game controllers, joysticks and steering wheels, which are respectively used in fighting, flying and racing games. When choosing a gamepad, you should first choose one based on the type of game you have installed on your computer. For the average player, the fighting gamepad should be more suitable. The joystick and steering wheel are highly targeted, and the types of games they are suitable for are relatively limited.

    The second is the interface type. The current game controllers interface mainly includes the MIDI interface, USB interface, and LPT (printer) interface, among which the gamepad of MIDI interface is more compatible with PC games and most emulators. By contrast, the USB gamepad is currently the most popular, which can connect multiple gaming devices so that multiple players can play together.

    At Gearbest, we offer thousands of deals on the latest in game controllers spanning the full range of USB game controller, Bluetooth joystick, USB gamepad, wireless gamepad, gamepad controller, joystick USB, game controller phone, Bluetooth game controller, Bluetooth gamepad, mobile joystick, USB joystick, Android game controller, mobile gamepad, Joystick Ps4, and more.As to game controllers’ interface and connection type, we offer the interface of USB, micro USB, mini USB, and the connection type of Bluetooth, wired, and 2.4GHZ wireless. At the same time, these game controllers on Gearbest can compatible with a variety of devices, such as PC, smartphones, tablet PC, SONY PS3, WII, WII U, SONY PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PSP.

    Keep it together with Gearbest: stick to our game controllers deals and get the best for less today.

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