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  • Josh
    Great printer for the print and even newbies
    So im new to the 3d printing world and this is my first printer had it about 2/3 month now.

    first off a few reviews say this printer isn't ideal for first timers I would disagree as for me it worked well from day one got reasonable prints from it (not perfect but I wasnt expecting to) out of the box (after bed levelling) once I got into to it and sorted out other issues and did some calibrations it works incredibly well and quite reliably too.

    I found I enjoyed sorting issues out with the printer as i good bit of a sense of achievement, biggest lesson i have learnt however pick you filaments carefully, one of my first filaments was a nightmare to printer with and i thought it was the printer but once i change that it was a dream to print with i would recommend sticking with Geeetech filament to start with as it works well with there printer and a is quite forgiving

    so its easy to set up out the box runs well great for learning how to print and trouble shoot on too, a huge plus for me also is the community on Facebook for Geeetech is amazing any issues no matter how basic or silly it may seem they will help you out and every one is nice there too, which helped me loads when I first started.

    once you have the basics this printer serves well as it has the option to mix colour (i.e red and white and make pink filament) or have different layer colours (saves painting) all of this is more of advance thing but you have it ready once you, and mixed prints seem to be a popular thing at the moment so if you can jump on the band wagon now you can get ahead of the game slightly to.

    if you looking for a new hobby dont want to spend the earth to do it and have the time to learn how to run this then Geeetech A10M is a good shout

    Jan 15,2019

  • Misiek
    A10m good
    A10M very good printer for ppl who know how to use it. i would not recomend it as a first printer. but for the second when you know something about 3d printers. For me marlin 1.1.9 is must have for this printer. . Good quality of product simple to build. parts are very acurated. bed can reach 100 celcius very fast so you can easly print from abs.
    And most important dont leave second bowden empty best way is to mount the same filament in both extruder and set mixing to 98:2% (if you print one colour). if you leave one bowden empty filament from another bowden will flow to your empty bowden.

    Mar 13,2019

  • Dave
    Best 3D Printer for the price - biggest bang for the buck
    - great price value
    - DIY Assembly was as easy as 123.
    - the quality of the components is very good considering the low price
    - the print quality is quite impressive
    - it is capable of handling pretty well all of the materials on the market with its heated bed

    - the glass build plate that came with the unit is not flat! I do not know how somone can produce plate glass without it being flat but there are high and low spots +- 1.5 mm!

    Jan 03,2019

  • Alex
    Geeetech A10M Review
    First, GearBest service great

    Excellent printer, surprisingly very good quality.
    - Good Quality materials
    - 24v fast heating
    - Good stability
    - Extras: Glass plate, comes with filament runout sensors for both extruders.
    - Boot loader
    - Dual extruder, great potencial in mixin colors and degradation (see pictures).
    - Low price
    - Littlebit hard to configure for dual extrution, posible not for beginers.
    - Flat cable for display, higth posibilities to fail.
    - No community found for these printer yet.
    - Software dont include mixin options.

    Jan 22,2019

  • Marco
    Funktioniert nach etwas Basteln einwandfrei
    Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist meiner Meinung nach nicht zu toppen.

    + sehr stabil
    + kurze Montage von etwa 30 Minuten
    + selbsterklärendes Menü
    + "Ecken anfahren" zum Leveln

    - Filamentführung am Sensor nicht optimal, erste Drucke unbrauchbar.
    - Sehr knappes Manual in Papierform
    - nichts auf SD-Karte beigelegt außer 3 Probedrucke

    Nach etwas grübeln und optimieren ein toller Drucker!

    Oct 12,2018

  • Ahmad Alhasan
    Great printer
    This is my second 3D printer and I just love how it works. Great performance. Print size is good large enough for most prints. Would recommend it for everyone!!

    Apr 06,2019

  • Vairo Bartolini
    Very easy to assemble and to setup for the first test print (30 mins)
    This is my 1st 3d printer, but I'm been able to assemble it in half an hour. Super plate is included with clips. The first print has been perfect. Now I bought BL touch and wifi module. I recommed it.

    Feb 03,2019

  • szerwi
    Great 3D printer. Quality of prints is excellent. Dual-color and mixing-color printing is also a great feature.

    Mar 02,2019

  • Francisco Valencia
    llegada de producto
    me gusta que es lo que pedí no me gusta es que cuando uno hace la compra en ningún momento me dicen que yo debo de cancelar impuestos al entrar al país primera vez que me pasa eso y he comprado en muchas plataformas, por otro lado creo que debería de venir un manual de manejo o por lo menos donde descargar uno

    Jan 27,2019

  • BGB
    Great printer for the money
    this was a brand new printer first batch so i expected lots of problems but no it was fine its been a great starter printer for me and im glad to have bought it.

    Sep 24,2018