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  • Dan
    Yes (2) Color: Silver
    A hefty purchase I don't regret (which is rare)
    This device fits perfectly in the inside pocket of my jacket and while it's quite noticeable, it's easy to get used to and it means I can always have it with me! That's the most important point for me: Portability.

    I thought that the size was going to be a major blow to the speed of the machine and while waiting for it to arrive I started to worry I'd made a mistake. I hadn't. This thing still surprises me with how quick it is whipping around Windows 10 and between my various development apps. It's quicker than my full-size HP Envy with 8GB RAM and an SSD. Not really tried any games, so Youtube is your friend there

    The build quality of this device is stunning for any price and the design is really nice. It definitely gets attention when I first show it to people. Even my sister-in-law was impressed!

    The screen is amazing! I was expecting something middle-of-the-road but this is premium. I have the brightness set to 0% and it's sufficient. With scaling at 150% it's so useful I've been using it as my main server console. The screen can be view at any angle with no aberrations

    The touchscreen and little rubber pointer work really well together for selecting and clicking on things etc.

    Not having to carry a power brick and thick cables etc is so cool and makes this machine truly portable. All laptops should do this! The thought that I can use my power bank or ask for a phone charger if I run low on the battery is such a major reliefrelief
    Nothing about this machine is a deal-breaker or makes me regret buying it, but I think it could benefit from:

    - Always a bigger battery, on everything
    - Keyboard backlighting (I realise battery concerns, but the choice should be mine)
    - Keyboard layout could do with a tweak as some placements and sizes are strange. I also once put it to sleep because I missed backspace

    Mar 05,2018

  • Hernan C
    Yes (7) Color: Silver
    GPD Pocket. Just Great
    Having been a user of Vaio-C1 and Vaio-P, it's great to see a device this size with updated internals. For me, is the closest thing to a Vaio-P with the power and storage of a proper full size laptop. Speed is more than enough for libreoffice word processing, presentations and basic spreadsheets. Even some image editing can be done if you can accomodate for the small screen, that -by the way- has wondeful colors and similar pixel density to that of a smartphone or phablet.
    Many games from 2014 or older run smoothly (as long as they are compatible with Windows 10).
    Videos up to FHD are played without losing frames. Kodi and IPVT run just fine, and the 10-feet interface of Kodi helps a lot.
    The construction is just beautiful. Also, it feels strong, due to the use of metal instead of plastic.
    Gearbest even sent me the leather sleeve and a USB-C hub. So, for value, its a great device and while it may seem a little expensive, it worths it.
    There are some clicks and pops when using wired headphones or an external speaker, that are reduced -but not eliminated- by updating the sound chip drivers. Also, there are two parts of the touchscreen that seem to have very low sensitivity: left top and left bottom.
    WiFi recepcion is not great, even with my 1-watt router, that may have something to do with the metal casing and the antennas being located next to the screen hinge.
    Ergonomics are difficult in a device like this, and it takes some time to get accustomed to the keyboard arrangement.

    Sep 06,2017

  • Samuel Oliveira
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Excelente Notebook
    Esse notebook superou todas as minhas espectativas. Acabamento de qualidade, tela incrível e boa bateria. Um detalhe da bateria, ela durou 5h e 40min na primeira carga com uso intenso(downloads e YouTube) e isso para mim é mais que satisfatório. Teclado muito bom, apesar do pessoal que faz Review geralmente não gostar do teclado eu não vi nenhum problema com ele. O processador não é top, dando uns engasgos de vez em quando mas pelo preço meu amigo você não conseguirá nada melhor no Brasil. 8gb de ram o que eu acho incrível! No mais, agradeço pelo Gearbest pelo incrível produto que chegou em minha casa em apenas 28 dias(!) sem ser tributado! Comprei pelo Br express e realmente a entrega é muito rápida!
    Até o momento só o processador quando é exigido bastante, no caso de muito multitarefa ele engasga um pouco mas não atrapalha tanto.

    Feb 25,2018

  • Jason Batts
    Yes (3) Color: Silver
    I am really impressed with GearBest and the GPD Pocket
    Firstly I want to thank GearBest for the awesome service, you guys rock. The timeliness of the delivery was above expectation.

    To say I like the GPD Pocket is an understatement. This unit is exactly what I have been looking for. I am impressed with the quality of the build, and how solid it feels in your hand. As for the Keyboard, It is a little different in layout, but if I'm sitting at a desk I can type perfectly fine, if I'm on the bus, or where ever I can type with my thumbs. For it won't be a gaming pc, but in saying that I did spend some time playing Warhammer online return to reckoning, with some success.
    The only negatives was the cable it came with was type C at both ends, I wasn't expecting that. I live in New Zealand and wasn't able to fine an adapter. But no major I have adapted.
    Also given the size of the pocket and it's screen, I think the screen could be a little wider.

    I would like to suggest if GPD wanted to make a next edition to this. A couple of great additions would be an SD card slot and SIM card slot to make it truly a mobile laptop. I would even pay an extra $100-$150. Even if it meant the Pocket had to be a little deeper.

    Aug 02,2017

  • Guillermo Angel
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Buena computadora pero con detalles.
    La computadora es muy bonita y en general cumple con las expectativas. Sin embargo, tiene ciertos detalles que la hacen sentir "barata". Por ejemplo al abrir la pantalla después de dejarla en reposo durante un tiempo la computadora no responde. En ocasiones es necesario apretar el botón de encendido varias veces hasta que la computadora se reinicie.
    Por otro lado la recepción de WiFi es bastante mala. El lado bueno fueron todos los accesorios gratuitos que Gearbest me incluyó.

    Jan 29,2019

  • Jan DL1JPH
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    Good device but requires some tweaking
    Absolutely tiny but powerful, once you get it set up properly this thing is actually capable of excellent performance. It is also quite sturdy, so with a half decent cover it should survive a lot of being thrown around in bags while traveling. I'm running a heavily customized Linux on it and everything works perfectly with the jwrdegoede kernel.
    The Firmware the device is shipped with unnecessarily slows it down quite a bit, so replace it with the unlocked one they use for the Ubuntu version and set that up properly (plenty of good Information on how to do that on Reddit). While you're at it, also replace the CPU heatsink compound with something that actually does its job - I used Arctic M4 heatsink paste and it dropped CPU temperatures by about 10°C, even under benchmark conditions.

    Dec 31,2017

  • david
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    gpd pocket
    Exactly what it says on the tin. Really good build quality. Windows support including touchscreen is really quite good. I haven\'t tried the Ubuntu firmware yet but I will because that\'s the primary reason I bought it

    And it fits in my pocket!

    All in all, great device.
    The keyboard is a little odd because of compromises that have to be made for the size. The size isn\'t really a problem but the layout can really trip you up at first, especially if you live primarily in a console

    The little nipple mouse is pretty bad but I find that I almost never use it because the touchscreen is so good

    Aug 03,2017

  • Kathie
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    GPD Pocket
    So far I have had no trouble using it. It works just as advertised. I have not noticed any bloatware added to the Windows 10 version 1703 build 15063.296 it came with. It works just like a tiny laptop and is very snappy! The device is beautiful. It is a keeper!
    So far it doesn't seem to last as long on a charge as the battery time indicates. Windows 10 may be causing the battery to drain faster. It doesn't come with a detailed user manual. That would be helpful as there are some questions I have about the power button lights. I had a glitch where the mouse nub would not work after coming out of sleep. It recovered upon reboot.

    Sep 02,2017

  • Marc
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    best mobile gadget
    Small, lightweight, long lasting and robust, perfect for my tech EDC
    Enough Ram, SSD and Cpu power for most office applications. Community Support for Linux
    Currently works best with windows

    Feb 10,2018

  • klimis pepes
    Yes (1) Color: Silver
    Best tiny laptop
    -High build quality
    8Gb ram is good enough for every day use and some light games
    -Touch screen
    -High portability
    -i even played heroes of the storm with 1280x768 resolution on low settings
    Actually no cons

    Nov 10,2017