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  • 8x8 DroneBeginner
    Yes (3) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    FuriBee GT 220MM Fire Dancer
    This quad is made of one carbon frame which is not seen in other quarters of FuriBee and is superior in strength.
    It became a VTX trouble for the first flight (thanks for the wonderful response of GearBest)
    Upgrade VTX and receiver
    Today, I enjoy FPV almost in the first flight condition.
    I was surprised when I flew.
    With this price quad, this flight performance
    It was feeling stupid to buy parts and create a quad anymore.
    There may be some initial defects.
    Either way, in case of Frsky, I think that it is better to replace the receiver with an 8-channel receiver.
    It is better to check a bit after disassembly
    I recommend you to buy without a receiver.

    Apr 01,2018

    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with FLYSKY Receiver
    GT 220MM danseur de feu
    En demi-carbone, en aluminium de qualité aéronautique, vous n'obtenez pas plus de BadAss que ça!

    Plaque de fond en carbone de haute qualité 3k 4mm, capsule supérieure en aluminium aviation de haute précision, assure résistance...
    juste un problème VTX avent le premier vol
    sinon Drone très bon pour son prix avec de très bons moteurs et carte de vol f4, très bonne ; )
    lor du premier branchement le vtx a brûlé mal isolé j'ai du le remplacer

    May 23,2018

  • Peppe
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    Skyrockets on 4S, long flight times on 2S
    - Very fast quad with powerful 2306 motors
    - Fast even on 2S for a newbie, but it really skyrockets on 4S with 4.6kg of thrust
    - I used 2200mAh batteries, good flying time going slow on 2S (around 15 mins).
    - Nice looking, even the pink eventually :)
    - Very good price when on discount (€95)
    A must buy
    - Strap died on a crash from 20mt altitude
    - VTX burned when running on 3S without antenna, so take care that there is no protection
    - more than 300g

    Jun 26,2018

  • Mehdi
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with DSMX Receiver
    Best Value I’ve seen in years
    Nicely built, good components, loads of power, decent camera, easy to set-up, BEST value I’ve seen in years (paid 104€ for it). Flies very well with stock BF settings. At this price, I kinda want to buy a second one for spares.
    Vtx is too exposed. Vtx is creating a lot of noise in my FPV feed randomly. I’m thinking it’s dying already after 4 lipos.
    Shows some D-sync randomly. Might be the small DSMX receiver antenna, or some ESC’s D-sync. Feels quite scary up in the air to loose total control for a second or two.

    Jun 24,2018

  • Neil
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with DSMX Receiver
    One of the best looking drone with a beast specs below
    Pinky (this is the craft name) is my 3rd quad.
    Its a real beauty, work of art. but it panch like a beast.
    For the price I recommend everyone to buy this quad.
    Everyone at the filed will turn their head for it beauty and will turn again when you fly it.

    great job by furibee.

    Sep 29,2018

  • Dominik
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: PNP without Receiver
    Racing drone
    It is a really good drone! It flies really good and can be compared to some more expensive ones.
    Came in really good protected box. Everything works properly. I recomend it in 100% !!

    Sep 23,2018

  • Marcus
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with DSMX Receiver
    Gt 220 Fire Dancer
    I love this Quadcopter flys great, had to replace Vtx when I plugged it up to 6s battery vtx burned immediately. Just found out I can fits 6 inch props on it. Happy with purchase , very low pricing. fast delivery.

    Dec 09,2018

  • Matheus Lima
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    Great Drone learning !!
    Drone very good for its price with great motors and plate f4, very good configuration by the price that is sold a great equipment for who is entering the hobbie!
    Best cost and benefit of the category without doubt!

    May 17,2018

  • Владимир
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: PNP without Receiver
    Отличный квадрик рама супер покупал по акции поэтому недостатков искать не буду по качеству вроде хорошее пропы злые Моторы с одинаковой резьбой гайки стальные

    Sep 20,2018

  • Mario
    Yes (0) Color: Colormix Size: BNF with Frsky Receiver
    for the price this thing can get up boogie , handles well and can take a beating .All you have to do Is put a decent vtx and rx in
    and you won't have to touch it again! pretty impressed
    no cons apart from the vtx burns out in the first flight

    Aug 21,2018