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  • Rezwana Mohsin
    Yes (5) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    Hawkeye Firefly 8SE 4K Action Camera
    The built of the camera is pretty good. Feels tough, rugged and durable.
    The touchscreen is sensitive and user friendly. Easy to change settings.
    Video quality is superb at the different settings from 720p/60fps to 4k/30fps.
    For 4K video, a good memory card, at least an uhs 3 class memory is needed. If other class is being used, the camera will indicate a Low Speed Card prompt on the screen. The photo quality is great as well at 12MP being the highest setting.

    This is my second action camera from Hawkeye, I had the firefly 7s. I am happy for the upgrade I made to 8SE. An external microphone is included in box. The audio of the video when the camera is in the waterproof case, is audible but slightly muffle. Without the waterproof case, audio is better and clearer. The external microphone works well especially for vlogs.

    I chose this rating because the product is superb. Exceeded by expectations.
    I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are looking for an action camera with all the necessary features and a cheaper alternative to the Gopro.
    Only issue I had with the camera is to remove the mount that is on the waterproof case. It was screwed in really tightly. It was hard for me to swap the clip mount to another mount. Still figuring out a way to remove the mount, probably with an electric drill.

    Jul 10,2018

  • froxic
    Yes (3) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    best for a buck
    Really good cam with lot of features including external mic with decent picture quality. Even better with MOD firmware installed. Really good deal for the price!


    1. 'S.Fine' bitrate values for 4K30, 2K60 and 1080p120 modes increased to 100Mbps.
    2. Purple fringing/Chromatic aberration artefacts reduced. Thanks v_max for his works on it!
    3. H.264 encoder GOP intervals decreased.
    4. Sensor readout modes adjusted.
    5. Minor image quality tweaks.
    6. UI: better text readability (no Chinese language support - to be added in future releases).
    7. UI: shutdown logo improved.


    1. 60 - 80 - 100 bitrates for 4K30/25, 2K60, 1080p120 and 720p240 video modes.
    2. 24 - 40 - 80 and 16 - 24 - 60 bitrates for 1080p60 and 1080p30 modes.
    3. Numerous image quality tweaks for better shadows, highlights and fine details.
    4. Center-weighted pattern for 'Multi' AE Metering.
    5. UI: New font with Chinese language support.
    6. UI: OSD adjustments.

    U101 MOD2.1 DOWNLOAD

    1. Distortion correction profile with proper geometry.

    U101 MOD2.2 DOWNLOAD

    1. CA correction tweaked.
    2. Image quality adjustments enabled for all video modes.

    U101 MOD2.3 DOWNLOAD

    1. 1080p60 S.Fine bitrate lowered to 60 Mbps CBR. Reboot your cam after changing the 'Video Quality' value.

    Sep 27,2018

  • Andrei
    Yes (4) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    Firefly 8SE
    В этой камере не только добавили сенсорный экран, но и улучшили оптику. Стало реально меньше хроматических аберраций. Если поставить кастомную прошивку, их можно вообще убирать прямо во время съемки. Плюс битрейт 100 вместо 60 на максимальных режимах. Ищите в гугле. Стабилизатор весьма неплох.
    Ну и, как водится, полный набор всяких креплений уже в комплекте. Качество пластика ожидаемо не самое высокое, но приемлемое. Оно вполне разумное в угоду низкой цене. Аквабокс отличный, никаких нареканий. Есть даже внешний микрофон в наборе. Однако предел качества аудио все равно небольшой - 128кбит 1 канал.
    Поначалу обещали, что будет сразу 2 акка в комплекте, но нет. Я брал отдельно еще 2 акка и зарядку внешнюю на 2 слота, очень удобно.
    Фоткает достаточно неплохо в раве. Чтобы убрать бочку, можно выбрать профиль гоупро в лайтруме для автоисправления. Объектив на 170 в принципе подразумевает дальнейшую обработку. За широкий угол приходится расплачиваться изогнутыми столбами. Кому это не надо и не собирается использовать камеру для экшен-спорта, лучше взять версию на 90.

    Sep 01,2018

  • Фейруз
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 90 Degrees Lens
    Всем привет!
    Всем привет! У меня это первая покупка и первый опыт на магазине геарбест. И хорошо что я не разочаровался от заказа в этом магазине. Правда дата заказа была произведена 19 сентября но по отсутствии на складе товара которую я заказал мою посылку отправили 01 октября. Но персоналу магазина Геарбест большой плюс потому что я получил посылку 20 октября, всего 19-20 дней пробыла моя посылка в пути. Особенно хочу отметить отзывчивость службы поддержки и онлайн, и тикет отправляющих сотрудников. Я заказывал экшн камеру Hawkeye Firefly 8SE 4K с сенсорным экраном чёрного цвета и с объективом 90 градусов. Распаковал, аксессуары все понравились, жаль что туда не впихнули (не поставили) рамку для камеры так-как я собираюсь использовать эту экшен камеру в качестве авто видеорегистратора. А в основном продавца и магазин рекомендую. Ставлю зачётную 5 *****

    Oct 21,2018

  • RamsTaction
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    Great Action Camera
    Amazing Action Camera, This is my First Purchase at GearBest and My First Action Camera.
    I need to say both the things are fantastic. I'm really Satisfied with the Delivery.

    Firefly 8SE is amazing and have lots of resolutions available for video recording.
    1080P60FPS is my favorite one.

    Accessories provided are sufficient enough to get your action recorded.

    Both Internal/External Microphones are amazing.
    4K video is good but you need to invest in a Stabilizer.

    I've noticed that some times the camera gets freezed and no buttons will work. You have to forcefully stop the camera by removing the battery.

    Camera gets heated up at some parts if you are recording for a long time(I've noticed it after recording for 5min at 1080p60fps).

    Other than these 2 issues I'm fully satisfied, worth for the money you are investing.

    Sep 30,2018

  • Evelina
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    Decent Camera- great buy
    I bought this camera as alternative of Go pro. I have received it a week ago and it seems a great bargain.
    The Camera comes with with some accessories - waterproof box, many holders(J holder, bike holder, helmet holder etc) an adhesive 3M tapes and external microphone, shader, a cap for the lens, preventing scratch if outside of the waterproof box.
    It works properly with a class 10 128GB microSD card. The touch screen is sensitive enough, its lightweight, and makes really nice videos and pictures. The camera has lots of options and modes to customize the shooter speed, ISO, white balance etc.
    If there is something I would consider as a cons- this is the USB cable- it is not the same standard as the phone cable.
    But regardless this - I would definitely recommend this camera .

    Oct 31,2018

  • Awesome camera !!!!
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    Ordered from Gearbest - Received courier on time
    Hello All,

    Bought this camera from and receive in good package . now coming to the camera performance . Literally good camera, many options are there to use.
    I hve given 5 rating for this camera , due to the good video quality, good voice quality

    Cons: Only one issues is there is no spare battery along with the package , only one battery comes with the pack .
    tried ordering from Gearbest unfortunately they couldn't deliver as Customs are not allowing to send the package to INDIA.

    Jan 07,2019

  • Nicola
    Yes (3) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    Articolo perfetto in tutti i suoi campi di utilizzazione, applicazione sia per android che per ios sviluppata benissimo in modo da configurare la fotocamera dal proprio dispositivo e mantenendo uno sguardo pure sullo schermo che viene proiettato sul display del proprio telefono/tablet.
    Wi-Fi velocissimo, comandi touchscreen che non sbagliano una volta... PRODOTTO PERFETTO
    Qualità comparabile ad una GoPro, sia video che audio che come materiali.
    Completo di tutti gli accessori indispensabili e se dovessero servire altri accessori per attaccare la Fotocamera si trovano ovunque...
    La batteria dura molto, come indicato dalla casa produttrice ed è smontabile quindi si possono prenderne a parte svariate.

    Sep 11,2018

  • Aron Dex
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    i choose this product because it is really cheap for what it gives you.You can take with it amazing pictures so colorful and bright. The videos that you will shoot will shock you and it will make you think that if this is the action camera that you had ordered. Really nice videos, i have tried it and at my motorcycle and it war really nice the only problem was the noise of the wind but that it is not so much a problem at the action camera. It is helpful that it comes with all of that accessories.
    I will recommended to everyone. This is the best action camera for it's money.

    Sep 24,2018

  • Sreelesh
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 170 Degrees Lens
    one of the best economy action camera.
    this is my second action cam, sj7 star being the first. I had to go for this since my sjcam display became dark and service was not available in my locality (India). compared to my previous cam, this is cheaper with almost all the necessary features and quality video as that of sjcam. but physically, both camera and accessories it feels low quality (compared to sjcam). but for me that doesn't matter since at the end what I need is good quality result at lesser price. I will say go ahead with Firefly.

    Dec 25,2018