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Buying Guide Heat Gun Buying Guide

Heat Gun Buying Guide

At home we used to have many tools for different occasions, boxes with keys, screwdrivers, screws and nuts of all kinds. And if our professional life has to do with areas such as construction, with more reason we will be equipped with utensils to attend in the best possible way the works that are presented.

Surely you will have had on occasion to remove some coating from a surface, and conventional tools have not allowed you to do so easily. That's why there are heat or hot air guns designed to make life easier at home, and even at work

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is a heat gun?
  • How many kinds of heat guns are there in the market?
  • What are the internal components of the heat guns?
  • The possible uses of heat guns 

  • What is a heat gun?

    It is a highly versatile tool whose function is mainly based on the use of a sufficient energy source to generate a dense caloric trail. This allows the user to perform a wide set of tasks.

    The most important thing that is mentioned about heat guns is the temperature that they are capable of generating . The basic models are designed so that they reach minimum temperatures of 100 ºC to a maximum of 550 ºC. These are very portable models, easy to handle with your hands, light weight and great grip. They adapt well to hands of all sizes, although it also depends on the manufacturer and what you have chosen when designing the gun housing.

    They are followed by models of industrial and scientific use, which are capable of generating powers so high as to reach 750 ° C. These are remarkably different from the previously described models, mainly in size; logical since to accommodate more power and horsepower, additional space is needed.

    And in more mundane terms: The device that looks like a gun (The firearm) but whose main function is to heat surfaces so that they can be pickled is called “ heat gun” . It is also known as Hot Air Gun and Stripper.

    How many kinds of heat guns are there in the market?

    You may have noticed that depending on the occupational cut and the requirement that the user will impose on the heat gun , then its properties change. The market for this utensil is populated by versions that differ from each other especially by the type of energy source they use to generate the heat emanating from the nozzle. Because of that, the consensus that exists on the types of heat guns separates them into three categories:

    Electric heat gun: 

    Its source of fuel is electricity; their presentations vary between cordoned and wireless, although in this category, the former predominate. The temperature ranges vary, as do the sizes and are values that may be subject to the manufacturer brand. These types of heat guns are the cheapest.

    They are used in everyday and industrial environments in equal measure . If you work with crafts, or reduction of thermo shrinkage, with softening substances; then it is preferable to work with a small heat gun. And in the opposite case, that one should work with removal of paint, PVC materials and others, then the extra power is needed.

    Gas heat gun: 

    It works from the controlled combustion of two types of gases: Propane and Butane. The temperature capabilities of these heat guns vary by size and model. They can be used for welding or construction work ; In most industries and factories, the gas heat gun is preferred over the electric one.

    It becomes an economizing factor in the commercial activity of companies, since it reduces costs by contributing to giving up the use of electricity.

    Industrial heat gun:

    Just by name, it follows that this is the category of heat guns used in the most demanding and heavy work environment. Its temperature capabilities vary with size and power. 

    They are to be implemented in construction, mass production of goods, packaging, automotive repair and engineering , also for paint removal in large areas and resistant materials.

    What are the internal components of the heat guns?

    It is true that the internal components of the heat guns are uniquely distributed, in each model of each brand, it also happens that these components are a shared element among all versions of the tool.

    Now we define below as parts of a heat gun:

    Nozzle: It can be narrow or wide, long or short, depending on the default property that the equipment to use has. Some models, if not all, allow exchanging the nozzles to cover a wider range of applications and tasks.

    Heat control: It can be a knob or a suiche, which carries the temperature that the heat gun emits from the minimum to the maximum. It must be treated with care; Abusing the element can cause irreparable damage to the tool and even more, create reactions that can be harmful to the user.

    Rest: A complementary part that serves to dock the heat gun, which is placed on a table. Practice for times when the user must use both hands in his task.

    Beyond these terms, there are parts that exclusively compete with heat gun variations designed by the leading brands in the market. All of them can be determined better by having the manual that comes with each heat gun.

    The possible uses of heat guns

    Paint removal : 

    It is one of the most common applications given to the tool. This is a simple formula: Apply concentrated heat to the painted surface so that the pigmentation compound is destroyed. The utensil It is especially efficient for this because of its attribute of covering a wide range of heat levels, which fit the type of paint to be removed. The painted surface also influences.

    Activate the function of shrink wrappers: 

    What is known as "shrink wrap " is a synthetic material that, when in contact with a heat source, reduces its thickness.

    It is common to see it on audio or electricity cables. A heat gun with a minimum power rating will be sufficient to make the material seal what it is trying to wrap.

    Wood handling:

    The heat gun is the ideal element when working with this organic material. The different heat levels available to the tool allow the wood to be stripped, dried if wet, highlight its veins, wax it and much more.

    Shrink gaskets:

    These are commonly seen complementing the installation of pipe systems and other objects. They serve to add adhesion to assembly joints. Using a heat gun, it is possible to increase the adhesive function of the gasket so that its duration is extended, as well as its resistance to contact with liquid substances.

    Shrink film paper:

    This is used as a multipurpose wrapper in a number of areas and / or trades. The film paper heated to a medium temperature and a safe distance with a heat gun , reduces it in size, making it a shield that protects the envelope from external contamination and eliminates air bubbles that have remained inside the package.

    Adhesive and vinyl handling: 

    In the craft industry, the adhesive material is of significant importance. Hand in hand with a heat gun , it becomes much more practical to use it, since, by applying heat, it comes off the surface on which we have placed it. As is the case with vinyl, a type of resistant synthetic material that, when exposed to heat, loses its adhesive property.

    Defrosting of structures, cooling devices and other elements:

    Heat guns are especially helpful in freezing situations. During the winter, it is convenient to have one available for when structural repairs are going to be carried out at home. Use one in case you need to loosen shelf screws and others, or if you need to replace the plumbing of your kitchen laundry.

    Refrigeration experts take advantage of the heat gun so that, for example, it is possible to eliminate obstructions to the distribution system of devices such as air conditioners and refrigerators. We could recommend defrosting the meals with the tool, but it would put you at risk of suffering an accident with the food, the heat gun or your physical integrity.

    For cleaning and as a disinfectant: 

    It is known that heat is the main weapon to be used against fungi, bacteria and germs that develop mainly in the wet parts of the home. Attack those moisture deposits that you know are in your home using a heat gun to maximize the chances of eradicating bacteria, before or after cleaning. You can also use the tool and give some passes with a moderate temperature level, to dishes, glasses and other utensils, so that they remain disinfected.

    To repair asphalt fabric:

    This is used as a multipurpose coating that protects from external damage and decay to the wrap. In addition, due to its asphalt inlays, it works as a moisture insulator. Asphalt cloth is restored if it interacts with heat. In case you want to repair, just have a heat gun and a patch of the same material. The damaged area is covered and heat is applied for a few minutes until it is sealed.

    Handle plastic:

    Heat guns are used to bend, weld and model using this material. Depending on what you want to do, different temperatures must be used. It is recommended to use a basic electric heat gun to bend or mold the plastic.

    In the case of welding the plastic, it will be necessary to use something with power to reach the highest temperatures.

    Handle metal:

    Although metal welding is usually done with a welding machine, the tool that converts electricity into an intense heat spark that partially melts it; It is also possible to do the same with a heat gun .

    Of course, it is necessary to keep in mind that the amount of energy that a heat gun needs to perform this work is large, so it is recommended to use one that is high performance and demanding.

    Widen plastic footwear:

    For some, a practical implementation, for others, an ingenious trick; It is possible to adjust the bottom of the plastic shoes using a heat gun. It is only necessary to make soft and distant passes at a moderate temperature to the outside of the shoe, and then apply heat to the inner part. It is advised to go groping until the footwear is the desired size.

    There are other great and curious implementations for heat guns . The important thing of having the tool is to devise a way to use it in a way that facilitates the tasks that have to be done.

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