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  • Tuomas
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Hubsan H501C
    Very stabile flyer, so good for beginner. This is like H501S without FPV & Follow me.
    Charging time is about 4h, but flying time is 24min. I don't know max range, but 200m distance it work well.
    Propellers are weak, so buy also spare parts.
    GPS finding satellites about 1-2 minute and minium is 6 satellite. Don't fly before you got 6 satellite.
    Camera is good, but no sound. You can buy cameramount and GoPro if you don't like stock camera.
    Transmitter show distance, attitude and orientation about 3sec cycle.
    No mic in camera.

    Aug 15,2016

  • Giorgio
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    ho acquistato questo hubsan circa 2/3 anni fa, l'ho usato ovunque, ha fatto delle cadute micidiali e ha sempre funzionato, in Kenya mi è caduto perfino nell'oceano, dopo averlo recuperato, sciacquato con acqua dolce e fatto riposare un paio di notti ancora volava bene.
    Ottimo drone per non professionisti e ottimo per scattare fotografie di buona qualità grazie alla camera HD.
    i video meno bene nel senso che avendo telecamera fissa senza stabilizzatore vengo completamente mossi, ma nel complesso alcuni video belli ne ho fatti, sono riuscito a fissargli una go pro session per effettuare delle riprese da sotto a salire e devo dire che mi sono tolto parecchi sfizi nei miei viaggi grazie a questo mio primo drone

    Jul 01,2019

  • wayne
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    this quadcopter is ideal for beginners i love this thing its so stable in the air and easy to fly the controller is comfy in the hands and easy to use the 1080p camera takes really good film ive had nearly 25 minutes of flight time on the battery that came with the quadcopter i got 12 satellites the compass calibration works used the return to home function worked well and the low battery landing Safety worked also if you want to get into this kind of hobby and don't want to spend a fortune for a quadcopter with great features this is the one for you
    there isn't really any cons with this quadcopter its does what you expect it to do just a couple of things i will add as a con was the packaging could have been better maybe use bubble wrap and one last thing i got this via expedited shipping and took nearly a month to arrive you have to be patient

    Nov 22,2016

  • Sean
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Great drone
    Drone is very cheap and has many great features. Gps hold works great even in heavy gusts of wind. The packaging is great and the drone comes with an extra set of props. The Controller is light and feels great in the hands. The 1080p camera is very good. You can also take pictures while taking video. The drone itself feels sturdy and strong enough to take some crashes. The flight time of this drone is around 20 minutes. It's rth function has worked great so far. The quad is also very east to fly even for beginners.
    No headless mode function (not really a huge con because of the rth fuction)

    Drone is a bit slow even in expert mode but it's not a huge deal considering it's mostly for photography

    Video can be shaky and may need some digital stabilization to smooth it out.

    Feb 17,2017

  • Wood
    Yes (3) Color: Black
    First of all, delivery was super,super quick. I ordered on the 18th Jan and it was delivered to my door in Spain on the 30th. The packaging of the quad is very good. The quad itself is feels quality.
    Fly´s very well, not the quickest, but good enough for me. I have had 18 mins of flight time and that is with the light on and video all the time. return to home is very good. Landed every time within 2 feet of its starting point. Overall, I would give this quadcopter a 9 out of 10.
    The instructions are ok, understandable, but it could do with having a problem/issue page incase you have any problems setting up or flying. I had alot of trouble binding the transmitter with the quad. It took me hours to find out a way. I read the instructions and followed it to the letter as well. All sorted now and it binds every time. There is also alot of jello in the video. I calibrated everything correctly. Perhaps the props are not balanced very well. I have ordered more props to see if this solves the issue.

    Feb 02,2017

  • Dionisi
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Ottimo drone per riprese, un pò lento
    Ottimo drone con GPS e RTH.
    Davvero un ottimo drone, portata radio oltre 200m (di più anche ma non riesco a vederlo a vista).
    Funziona benissimo il RTH, sbaglia di pochi metri e quando ci si "impanica" è davvero una funziona preziosa.
    Il volo col GPS è molto comodo e sicuro ma un pochino lento.
    Ottima qualità delle riprese e delle foto.
    Il radiocomando mandatomi non aveva la funzione HEADLESS MODE, il supporto GearBest prontamente mi stà inviando un nuovo radiocomando a loro spese.

    Nov 28,2016

  • Andy
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Great Drone
    Didn't know whether to get this .. or the H501S. It's a very nice drone with a 1080p camera and GPS which makes it so easy to fly. The video quality is very good but with no gimbals it can be a little shaky on windy days. Saying that, I was so impressed that I also bought the H501S which has FPV and a built-in screen on the controller.

    Aug 30,2018

  • David
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Stable flight. Easily used transmitter for photography nuts. Quiet flight. Great videos at low light levels such as dusk. Long flight times. Great video colors and depth. Program ports for updates. Built for easy flight control not flippy flights.
    Plug for battery should be stationary so the door of compartment is easier to close. Need reflective colors on front / back arms to Idenify position.

    Feb 16,2017

  • HUBSAN x4
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    HUBSAN x4
    This is the best drone I flew ever since I got into this hobby. It is a great drone with built in GPS system and camera as well. The video quality is absolutely amazing and I enjoy flying it aournd.

    Sep 15,2017

    Yes (0) Color: Black
    HUBSAN X4 H501C

    Nov 01,2016