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  • Дмитрий
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    Недорогой квадрокоптер с GPS
    Gearbest порадовали быстрой отправкой и быстрой доставкой. До Харькова за 16 дней! Упаковка, фирменная коробка и почтовый полиэтиленовый пакет. Коробка крепкая, хоть и сделана из картона. Ничего не помялось. Из плюсов квадрокоптера это конечно gps навигация. С ней, для новичка летать гараздо приятней и безопасней. Точку в воздухе держит хорошо. Возврат домой работает безупречно. Пульт управления очень удобный и имеет небольшой экранчик на котором отображается немного телеметрии, а именно: заряд батареи квадрокоптера, высоту от точки взлета, удаление от точки взлета,куда повернута голова квадрокоптера по компасу, количество спутников gps в зоне видимости квадрокоптера. Ещё отображается состояние батареек пульта и состояние фото и видеосъемки. Камера снимает хорошо на твердую четверку. Кстати 9 минут видео занимает 1 гигабайт. В видеопотоке непонятно зачем есть звуковая дорожка, но она пустая. Батареи у меня хватило на 10 минут полета. Пульт имеет хороший радиус действия, я думаю 200 метров точно хватит потому, что на таком удалении его уже практически не видно.
    Теперь о минусах. На валах винтов вместо подшипников стоят пластиковые втулки. Батарея имеет ёмкость немного меньше заявленной на 40 mAh. Пульт управления не уведомляет звуковым сигналом о низком заряде батареи.Приходится внимательно следить за зарядом. При полном разряде двигатели выключаются и он падает. Нет безголового режима, левый стик нажимается, но ничего не происходит. Думаю он отключен программно, хотя он мне и не нужен.

    Jun 10,2018

  • Roger
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    Affordable drone for pilots like flying with GPS
    To save some money, I bought this non-FPV version. It is a stable drone working with GPS. Some reviews mentioned the main point that flying the drone with not less than six satellites, then it should fly stably even with some wind. For me, my first outdoor flight was really under some windy condition but eleven satellites made the flight successfully. During the flight I tested all directions moves, headless mode and RTH, all worked fine. I observed the drone flew elegantly when it auto inclined itself at an angle to overcome the blowing wind for holding GPS position. The recorded video is smooth and clear under fine weather. Though it is a comparative slow quad, it is responsive to my commands.

    found the drone drifted to its rear side when flying indoor, i.e. no GPS signal. This frightened me as it suddenly flew toward me rapidly. Photo cannot be taken simultaneously during video taking. I observed several times that one motor ceased starting rotation, I needed to manually push it before it started rotation again. I therefore have the concern of the durability. The motors indirectly transfer the rotary energy to the propellers via wheels, bearings and shafts, spare parts should be needed for their wear and tear.

    Oct 07,2016

  • Rc Flyer
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    I already have a Hubsan H502c so I'm familiar with this drone, albeit in a slightly different body.
    This drone is extremely easy to fly, it's very responsive and decent at fighting the wind, especially for such a lightweight quad.
    The controller is comfortable and all buttons are exactly where you would expect them to be. RTH is accurate and is very handy for when you lose sight of the drone or even when you couldn't be bothered flying it back home.
    Overall this is an excellent drone and great fun to fly. Tip: buy spare batteries as you will need them.

    max distance is 500m and max altitude is 254m. battery lasts 11 min in calm conditions, down to 8 in expert mode with some wind.
    Battery door is awkward, takes getting used to.

    Jul 30,2018

    Yes (3) Color: White
    hubsan x4 h502e
    This highly developed toy in my eyes is for all ages as it will pretty much fly it self this quadcopter is great for capturing video and pictures with 720 camera it has gps and will hover when you let go of the controls it flies with great stability and has slow to medium movement for great video and control if you've seen people flying quads and it looks easy this is what you need This quad makes flying easy and the price is great I would recommend this for any one who wants to learn basic movement and take pic/vid [ ps i haven't crashed mine yet and usually i would need props and or a motor from crashing into the ground or a bush/tree. use outside for best results with low or no wind
    this quad has to be calibrated each time it is used. for good reason
    gps must be obtained 6 satellites or more can take up to 2min. for good reason
    may cause false sense of ability remember it flies itself pretty much

    Nov 03,2016

  • Andrea
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    Vera "manna" per principianti !!
    Di recensioni positive, questo drone, ormai penso ne abbia ricevute a migliaia...e io, brevemente, confermo quanto già stato detto !! La plastica rigida lo rende leggerissimo anche con la pila inserita, ma diventa sicuramente sensibile a qualsiasi si seguono alla lettera le poche istruzioni del manuale, però, anche per un principiante al primo volo diventerà difficile sbatterlo in qualche muro...dentro o fuori casa !! Visto l'accessibilissimo prezzo di Gearbest, consiglio l'acquisto a chiunque abbia voglia di avvicinarsi e provare effettivamente questo splendido tipo di modellismo new generation !! Consegna top Gearbest...che ringrazio !!
    buon volo !!

    Apr 27,2017

  • Predrag
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    H502 E with GPS, Compas, barometer,..
    H502 E has so much technology integrated into a small body of 150 g, and it all works without any problem, and it's just great.
    Flights constantly locked in GPS mode and Alt. Hold. mode, quickly catches the satellites (12 for about 2 minutes), the flight time is about 12 minutes real. Data from the model - telemetry are also very useful, flight altitude, distance, Battery status in the drone, the number of satellites. The quality of the parts is ok, plastic is solid, recommendations. Model no competition in its class, for now.

    Aug 07,2016

  • Ikromi
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    Great GPS flier for beginner
    Received the package well and intact.

    -GPS drone
    -useful information on the transmitter(controller)
    -Satisfy with the average quality of the camera footage
    - Altitude hold
    - Easily control, smooth and stable flier, can slowly move the control stick to capture video
    - Durable to withstand normal slow speed crash
    -comes with the prop guard for protection and extra propellers + screws
    -no headless mode
    -need to do calibration each time to start flying.
    - no instructions on how to install the propeller with the shank align with the marking on top of the propeller(I got hard time to figure it out initially but then thanks for the internet everything just a click away)
    - picture quality not really good
    - took a longer time to receive and verification process for the payment took some time.
    - no landing gear which I made my own with the stay sticks

    Dec 09,2017

  • mirec_h
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    Cheap dron with GPS
    Good flyer (in no wind conditions) with GPS. I have bought this dron in December 2017, and this version is without headless mode. If you take a look on youtube, you can find videos from June 2016 and November 2016 with version of Hubsan X4 H502E, which has a headless mode. I don't know why the newer version is without headless mode. However, I should say that the headless mode is not mentioned by seller in item description, so everything is ok.
    I miss flip function. On the other side, this quad is primarily intended for filming. It is not very stable very stable in the wind.

    Jan 30,2018

  • Paweł
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    Very nice drone. I bought it for 49.99 USD. Great value, all features work properly. The most sought-after GPS is the one that does not allow you to escape the drone. recommend

    Bardzo fajny dron. Kupiłem go za 49,99 USD. Wart swojej ceny, wszystkie funkcje działają prawidłowo. Naj bardzie jest przydany GPS który nie pozwala uciec dronowi. Polecam

    Aug 20,2018

  • João
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    One of the best low cost drone!
    One of the best quads in relation to price versus quality. Excellent flight, total security due to gps and hold altitude, excellent telemetry in the transmitter with altitude, direction and distance. Return to home excellent in case we lose sight of the drone.
    Possibly the low durability of the engines, at least according to the "fame" he has in burning easily. I have already ordered 4 spare parts.

    Aug 23,2017