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  • Guillaume Brasseur
    right ear buzzing sound :(
    I choose that product after watching many many reviews on YouTube !

    First of all it took me 4 trial to get them to pair correctly

    Second I was very happy by the sound quality but as I increased the volume I can hear an annoying buzzing sound in the right earpiece :(

    Finally there is no way to end the Bluetooth connection from the earpiece or charging case (other than manually go to disconnect from Bluetooth menu) (might be useful for certain users but for me it got tricky when I want to switch from the i13 to my car Bluetooth) otherwise it fun that it reconnects right away :)

    overall very happy with my purchase but will need to look at the RMA process to get that right earbud or the whole thing replaced

    oh one last thing, shipping was super fast

    May 09,2019

  • MP
    Bluetooth Earphones
    + I am surprised. Decent sound in this price range.
    + Sound strong enough. However, they need to be well set in the ears.
    + It takes a while to find the right location. Then the bass is heard!
    + It transmits very good sound when making calls. Very good to hear. Making a phone call is a pleasure.
    + Reliable Bluetooth connectivity.
    + Very small size.

    - The big minus is weak stamina.
    - Maximum 85 minutes. You can't even listen to one movie !!!
    - If they worked 120 minutes - it would have been a super purchase.
    - Touch Control is not very reliable.

    May 08,2019

  • Very good alternative
    Very good cheap alternative to AirPods. Good sound, very smart.
    good cheap alternative to AirPods. Good sound, very smart.

    May 17,2019