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  • J. Pyfrom
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    And God said, let there be light.....
    If you're looking for a torch that turns night into day the way God did when he created the earth, this is the torch for you. This torch has outperformed every Q-Beam toting naysayer that has disagreed with me. The build quality is A+. I've submerged the light in water and it's water tight. I imagine being submerged in water will also help with the intense heat this thing puts out. But such is to be expected with so much light being produced in a water tight casing. I made a sleeve to insulate the handle and it has completely resolved the issue of burning my hand.
    The heat. I know there's not much that can be done considering the intensity of the light being created inside a waterproof casing. I crafted a sleeve made of paracord to compensate for the heat. It works amazingly as an insulator.

    Jun 30,2017

  • Quan Tran
    Yes (4) Color: Black
    Good Flashlight.
    This is a powerful flashlight. fast shipping to the US, got the flashlight in 10 working day. This flashlight will be great for SHTF, or you can use this flashlight for going camping. When you use 16,000 lumen in 30 second the flashlight will get HOT! Overall it is a dam good flashlight. When you first get this flashlight you have to charge the battery for sure! Do not use the Usb cable plug into your cellphone adapter because it is worthless! I charge the battery using the USB, cable to my cell phone adapter I charge the battery for 8 hour stright didn't do no good! Buy a nitecore i4, batteries charges will charge fast and good.
    Before I bought this flashlight I ask the them is this a brand new flashlight they told me YES! When I got the flashlight the box look old and use and the tape that shield the box have been open. Even the manual look old. I am sure I got a use flashlight. I guess the flashlight is on sale for $155.00 that is the reason why they send me a use flashlight! I even took pictures of the box and email them the picture look very clear! Buy they want to see a video of the box! Why? Pictures is not good enough!

    Sep 13,2017

  • PirogSVideO
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Очень удобное управление. Нажал кнопочку раз - свет неяркий, для глаз даже в темноте не ослепляющий. На табло надпись 80 люмен. Дальше нажал кнопочку - ярче стал, уже дорогу при пробежке освещать можно. Еще нажал и световой шторм в 8000 люмен. Красота! А если кнопочку другую нажал - то сразу Турбо в 16 000 люмен, нагревается фонарь, в зимнее время можно согреться :) Еще очень хорошо, что легче, чем HaikeLite MT03 Devourer. Когда заряжается, то на табло деления бегают. И аккумуляторы в комплекте идут, хорошо
    Светит ночью как БОГ!!!
    Цена явно какая-то высокая. Да и упаковано в один пакет, фирменная коробка помялась из-за этого, это продавец явно схалтурил.

    Nov 11,2017

  • Tony
    Yes (2) Color: Black
    Imalent DT70
    1) Feel lighter in hand compare to other 4x18650 soda can flashlight.
    2) Comes with 4 protected high grain batteries and having the convenience of USB charging.
    3) The DT70 I received comes with springs at the bottom of battery tube which solved the problem of batteries contact issue of the earlier batch.
    4) Very good output per dollar compare to other established brand.
    5) Good balance of throw vs spill
    1) Get very very hot to quickly at turbo mode.
    2) there should be a output level between 1000 lm and 8000 lm.
    3) No direct access to the lowest mode

    Oct 17,2017

  • Jeffrey M
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Imalent DT70
    Wow! That's all I can say about this light. Very well made, ridiculously bright. OLED display is very handy. They have made improvements to the springs in the battery holder from the original version, which is a good thing. They're using proper coiled springs as opposed to the metal tabs in the original. I can't overstate how bright this light is. It's insanely bright. Of course the time on the brightest setting is limited, it does get hot on turbo.

    Jul 25,2017

  • Zorbas
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Great torch with problems
    Unique quality
    All-to-know display
    Very bright, maybe one of the brightes by now
    Perfect throw
    integrated USB charging
    Very good protected 18650 cells, all around 3000+ mAh
    User interface is easy to learn
    Temperature controlled, no overheating
    Nice box
    Fast shipping
    to much space between 80lm and 1000lm
    one LED still lights when Torch is off!!

    Nov 10,2017

  • yazdie
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    This is an excellent flashlight. Very, very powerful and comes with 4 IMALENT 3000mAh Li-Ion batteries. This is the best part, as high-drain batteries are hard to find later. The user-interface of this torch is very intuitive and user-friendly. The torch feels very well engineered and the waterproofing and dustproofing seem to be as stated. Thank you very much for this product.
    None that I can perceive !!

    Jun 14,2017

  • Christopher
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Very fast shipping from china, very pleased with the item. This by far the brightest torch i own to date, does generate a mega load of heat in turbo mode which only lasts 5mins before thermal control brings the lumens down to 1200.In turbo mode 16000 Lm the torch will throw 700 metres.Would not pay the full price of £200+ but a bargin at £118 i paid.
    The heat generated in high and turbo modes is crazy.

    Jun 11,2017

  • Latti
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Imalent DT70 SUPER Bright
    Яркость вне конкурентов как и цена - ничего подобного за эти деньги не купить, компактность для такой мощности, хорошее качество изготовления, USB порт для зарядки (кабель в комплекте), в комплекте также четыре высокотоковых аккумулятора 18650 imalent на 3000MAh, качественный чехол для ремня
    сильно греется в турбо режиме но видимо инженеры сделали это на грани для сохранения более менее компактных размеров "оребрённой головы"

    Aug 19,2017

  • Jake
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Just awesome in every way
    Even against it's big brother the DX80, this will sit at 8,000 lumens and do everything you could possibly need a flashlight to do. They nailed the flood to throw ratio too. Included 18650 cells are very high quality, have maintained a tenth of a volt consistency through many cycles.

    The screen is a MUST!
    Voltage check continues to show 4.2v/cell until cells reach around 3.9. More heat dissipation would be nice. It's still a favorite, and a must have.

    Jun 16,2018