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  • noname
    don't think twice, get it!
    This is my first unicycle and never had a chance to try any other however I did my research and decided to buy the Inmotion V5F and not the Ninebot in the same price range - it has more powerful motor and the battery (milage) last longer, I guess it worth 10-15% extra.
    The product arrived in 38 days to Europe, well packed. After unacking it I must say the quality is top notch guys! You can download the app and connect your phone via Bluetooth - it will identify itself as V5Fxxxxx - otherwise no sign on it which exact model type it is, except a tiny sign at the tire inflating cover.

    Don't expect to ride the Wheel right away there's a considerable long learning curve so it could take days even weeks for some just like bicycling the first time. There are nice tutorials on the YouTube though - I'm also in the learning phase indoor as we have cold winter outside. It's not easy but actually easier than I thought after watching the videos.
    (Try to put some clothing, paper cover in order not to scratch too much the side during learning. I found a great hardly ever used neoprene weight loss belt to wrap around it, looks like it was designed for this purpose haha)

    Dec 25,2018

  • cko
    very fast 2 days just AMAZING
    very fast 2 days just AMAZING
    very good quality and price to startvery fast 2 days just AMAZING
    very good quality and price to startvery fast 2 days just AMAZING
    very good quality and price to startvery fast 2 days just AMAZING
    very good quality and price to startvery fast 2 days just AMAZING
    very good quality and price to startvery fast 2 days just AMAZING
    very good quality and price to start

    Jan 11,2019

  • HipsterGuy
    Best unicycle ever i had
    It is my second unicycle and i like it a lot.
    It weights only 12 kg, but it has good range for 30km.
    I drive it max for 27km/h, but usually i go in speed of 20-22km/h.
    Easy to carry, easy to drive and nice design.
    I think you should buy these one as yours first unicycle, because i have bad experience with my first unicycle- solowheel.

    Dec 20,2018

    Il prodotto è perfetto.
    Dopo qualche giorno per imparare, ora usarlo è facile, comodo e veloce.
    Tempi di consegna circa di 1 mese .
    Servizio clienti non posso valutarlo perche non ne ho avuto bisogno ad oggi.
    Prodotto buonissima, l'autonomia è di circa 25/30 km con una carica completa.

    Jan 20,2019

  • Griffin
    The glider has nice side to side tilt, but that can make some children afraid of falling, that a lightweight child will glide a ways before having to push off again, bright colors, large front wheels, and a brake for the back wheel make this a nice scooter for exploring the neighborhood sidewalks

    Oct 04,2018

  • Journey
    Got this for our five year old daughter and it's a big hit, it also makes it much lighter and easier for kids to pick up and maneuver themselves when they're not riding it, but once that's figured out it actually has a pretty decent radius, this is a solid price for a solid toy

    Oct 09,2018

  • Guillaume
    Presque 2 mois pour arriver par le train puis par UPS depuis l'Allemagne, mais tout est OK. Bien emballée, conforme à la description. Activation de la roue à l'aide de l'application in motion à l'aide d'une connection VPN via Hong-Kong. très content de l'économie réalisée.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Sherry Brown
    Steering is controlled through the front wheels by pushing the handle bar in the desired direction, The rear wheel serves as the brake and is applied by stepping on the plastic flange on top of the wheel and causing friction with the moving wheel

    Oct 19,2018

  • christophe
    j ai bien recu mon colis en seulement 42 jours non ouvrés ( prevus 50 jours ouvrés ) donc excellent pour la rapidité.
    très bon suivi du colis.
    excellent prix par rapport a un achat france
    colis très bien emballé reçu dans un colis origine inmotion avec tout les accessoires inclus ( le troley )
    je recommande vraiment super merci GB

    Dec 13,2018

  • Quentin
    I love it
    I like to learn to use that wheel !... I rode a lot about the best Wheel and I think this model is one of the most stable. Shipping was long but it was a deal during 11.11 then it's normal... I recommend Toby a cover ;)

    Jan 15,2019