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  • KuroNekko
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Jetbeam E10R
    Got this as my compact travel light. I wanted a compact AA-based flashlight with USB charging capabilities. This was one of the very few flashlights that offers it. Output is good with a 14500 battery but there is a big jump from Medium to High on the Li-ion 14500 battery. USB charging works fine for 14500 cells but tests have show it's not good for NiMH batteries. It undercharges NiMH.
    The clip is good in use but has serious design flaws. The overall quality is good and what you expect from Jetbeam. It also fits a KeepPower Protected 14500 which some AA-sized flashlights do not.
    The smooth reflector and cool white tint casts a bright beam for a good distance. Suitable for outdoor use like hiking and camping.
    It's not my favorite AA-size flashlight but should be a good travel light for the versatility and universal battery type. It can run on alkaline AA, NiMH, and 14500 Li-ion batteries and can charge rechargeable batteries.
    There are some design issues with the E10R. First, the clip has a triangular loop on the other end which is awful. It makes the flashlight uncomfortable to carry in pocket and to hold in hand. The clip is also bigger than it needs to be. Thankfully, it can be removed so I got a Jetbeam mini holster for the E10R which fits perfectly.
    The button is also very small and hard to locate by feel. The clip location can help, but if you remove the clip, it's going to be harder to find and turn on.
    There is also no Moonlight mode or SOS. It's only L, M, H, and Strobe. High on 14500 is a big jump from Medium.
    The magnetic tail is uselessly weak. It will not hold horizontally and will barely hold vertically. It should not be relied on.
    Despite flaws, it can be a good travel flashlight for a good price if bought on sale. I do not regret buying it.

    Feb 07,2018

  • prototipoo
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    es una linterna led que utiliza cree xpl hi, de 650 lumenes maximos.
    puede utilizar baterias de litio 14500 o de ni-mh, o pilas alkalinas.
    es impermeable hasta 2 metros bajo el agua.
    tiene una intensidad de 4100 cd en la zona centro de la luz, es de tipo lanzadora aunque tiene muy buen derrame.
    en la intensidad minima es capaz de durar unas 100 horas aunque en la maxima no mas de 1 hora. segun la bateria claro,, con litio dura unos 40 min.
    trae cristal antireflejos y reflector liso que contribuye a su tiro de luz.
    otro punto fuerte es q es capaz de cargar las baterias por usb, tanto litio como ni-mh...
    en definitiva muy buena compra, linterna para llevar en el bolsillo sin molestar.
    la unica pega es que la interfac es muy simple y no es configurable, deberia de tener posibilidades de elegir diferentes intensidades dentro de sus 3 potencias.
    tambien diria que es un poco mas grande que otras de su mismo tipo, pero eso es porque lleva incorporado el puerto de carga para las baterias, cosa que las demas no llevan.
    deberia de ser un poco mas inundadora, quizas si hubiera llevado un reflextor de piel de naranja hubiera contribuido a ello

    Jun 07,2017

  • Petr
    Yes (2) Color: Black
    JETBeam E10R
    Nabíjecí svítilna JETBeam na článek 14 500 nebo AA. JETBeam je osvědčená značka, mám ji rád.

    - kvalita
    - výborné zpracování
    - super vzhled
    - snadné ovládání
    - dobrá cena

    Svítilna je kvalitně zpracována, výborně se drží v ruce, vejde se do každé kapsy. Výkon dostatečný pro běžné použití. Výhodou je nabíjení přes micro USB přímo v těle svítilny. Signalizace nabíjení a plného nabití LED diodami. Možnost uzamknutí proti nechtěnému zapnutí. Výborná E.D.C. svítilna. Doporučuji!
    Malé tlačítko pro zapnutí, slabý magnet.

    Sep 16,2017

  • Justin
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Jetbeam E10R
    *Compatible with both 14500 and AA batteries. Very bright (650 lumens) on a 14500 cell.

    *Built in micro-USB port is convenient for charging on-the-go. Port is protected by the O-ring on the battery tube, so you don't have to worry about rubber flaps coming loose like on some lights.

    *Good anodizing.

    *XP-L Hi emmitter provides better throw than some competitors which use the XP-L HD instead.
    * Lanyard hole on the pocket clip sticks out on the side opposite the clip, and can poke you uncomfortably. This hole is also redundant, as there is another lanyard hole in the tailcap.

    * Only available with a cool white LED. Would like to see a neutral white option.

    * Mode spacing isn't great. Only three modes to cover a 650 lumen range - a 4th mode could make the spacing better.

    * Button is ok, but sometimes doesn't register clicks very well.

    * Protected 14500 batteries are a tight fit, and some may not fit at all.

    Feb 01,2018

  • Stanislav
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Фонарь Jet E10R на 650 люмен
    Он просто божественен. Для полного раскрытия функционала, получения 650 люмен, нужно докупить 14500й аккум, но может работать и на обычных АА либо на аккумах NiMg (170люмен максимум). Встроенная зарядка автоматом распознает литиевый и никелевый аккум и заряжает оба типа. В жопке есть магнит, но слабоватый(на боковой стенке холодильника (параллельно земле) не держится, но если примагнитить так чтоб он висел перпендикулярно земле - вполне себе висит норм). Наличие магнита не анонсировано. Брать однозначно стоит. По скидке 1100руб + поинты=меньше тыщи

    Sep 27,2017

  • Salva
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    One of the best EDC compact flashlights
    • Ease of use.
    • Good set of modes.
    • Works both with AA and li-ion 14500 cells, including undervoltage protection for the latter.
    • Waterproof.
    • Built-in charging.
    • Powerful with li-ion 14500, but bearable to let it on high without burning your hands.
    • Excellent finish.
    • 14500s need to be button top.
    • Built-in charging works well with li-ion 14500s, but is said to not fully charge AAs.

    Jul 25,2017

  • Mr. A.C.E.
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Excellent, small EDC flashlight
    - Small and bright (with 14500)
    - NiMH, Alkaline and Li-Ion battery compatible
    - Modes are well spaced
    - Switch is easy to handle but will not turn on by accident
    - Built-in charging function is a big plus (charges with about 400 mA with CC/CV)
    - Shipping with NL post was very fast
    - 3 color charging indicator (green, red and blue) is a bit confusing, especially as NiMH and Li-ion batteries use different color coding to show charging in progress / charging complete status

    Apr 19,2017

  • florian gerard
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    JETBEAM E10R perfect EDC size light
    Very good machined
    High quality
    Perfect output lumens for everyday use (650lm with 14500)
    UI is simple 4 modes, STROBE and lockout
    Dedomed led and reflector made with quality
    possibility to use AA or 14500 batteries

    Jul 30,2017

  • Sor Vaccaro
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    mini lampada led
    potente e durevole , ha un fascio intenso e uniforme anche a notevoli distanze , unica pecca oltre al notevole surriscaldamento nell'uso prolungato a mio avviso manca un blocco nell'interruttore di accensione, quindi portandola in tasca si accende con facilità inavvertitamente, sarebbe stato più opportuno porre l'interruttore nel fondello in posizione più protetta.
    buon prezzo e ottimi materiali per una lampada ricaricabile di così piccole dimensioni, il fatto di poterla caricare con il caricabatterie del telefono risulta molto pratico, ottima anche la durata di utilizzo con una singola carica nonché la possibilità di modulare il fascio a seconda delle esigenze.

    Jun 23,2018

  • Mikhail
    Yes (3) Color: Black
    Один из лучших карманных фонарей
    + Цена
    + Качество изготовления
    + При своем размере это достаточно мощный фонарь - 650 люмен с Li-ion батареей 14500
    + можно использовать как обычные АА батарейки(щелочные, солевые) так и АА Ni-MH аккумуляторы и 14500 Li-ion аккумуляторы.
    + встроенная зарядка через USB
    Фонарик достойный, но имеющий несколько неприятных недостатков, о них ниже.
    - Зарядка через USB, 14500 Li-ion аккумуляторы заряжает прекрасно, но с Ni-MH есть проблема, так как зарядка идет только до 1.3 вольта, т.е. батарея заряжается на 60-70% от максимальной ёмкости. Вообще этот фонарик рекомендую использовать только с 14500 аккумуляторами. Кстати, защищенный 14500 от Keepower на 840 mAh в отсек для батареи влазит, но с усилием.
    - клипса, она неудобна тем что не фиксируется в одном положении и легко проворачивается. Со временем на корпусе натрется полоска.
    - очень маленькая кнопка включения, и с учетом прокручивающейся клипсы найти кнопку вслепую достаточно трудно.

    Nov 25,2017