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  • Я
    Неплохой фонарик!
    Покупал по предзаказу по эксклюзивной цене - ждал два месяца. Комплектация и качество изготовления на фото.
    Четыре режима плюс строб.
    Строб доступен в любом состоянии, неважно включен фонарь или нет, активируется с качелей у кнопки. При выключенном фонаре строб после пары секунд удержания качелей активируется на непрерывный режим мигания, при включенном стробит только при удерживании качелей независимо от мощности режима.
    Этими же качелями переключаются режимы включенного фонаря.
    К сожалению выпал снег, который не позволил в полной мере оценить возможности максимального режима, на улице и так светло.
    Буду докупать еще пару высокотоковых аккумуляторов.

    Dec 09,2017

  • Luka
    Not even close to TM03
    Excellent build. Excellent brightness.
    Nice holster and lanyard.
    A very good high-drain battery included.
    Very beautiful design
    Very very good heat dispersion... it will eventually overheat ONLY on turbo. On high it will run for as long as the battery can.

    No instant turbo. If you start cycling modes, you need to cycle them all until you get back to turbo again.
    HOWEVER, whatever and whenever you press it activates the strobe that nobody needs, so be ready to accidentally strobe all the time.
    Each time you remove the battery (or tailcap) you need too re-enable hight drain mode or your max output will be 2000lm. Nothing about this in the instructions manual, at least nothing understandable in english.

    Dec 14,2018

  • hendrik
    Jetbeam th20
    Very bright for such small flashlight. Measured over 3400 lumens and a measured throw of around 310 meters. Does compare very well to the Nitecore TM03. Positive bonus point of this flashlight is that you can use any high drain battery to operate the maximum 3450 lumens. This product is highly recommended.
    Will like when press the secondary switch to activate the turbo 3450 lumens straight away. Now you have to triple press the switch very fast from 1900 lumens for activating the max 3450 lumens.

    Dec 15,2017

  • retlod
    I've read other reviews about this work light and some say to watch out for the magnet because it is very strong, the rotation part of the light is a little hard to turn which is also good because it makes the light stay where you want it to be, the is a great work light especially in my line of work

    Jul 29,2018

  • Andrea
    Jetbeam TH 20
    Potentissima torcia tattica. tanta , tanta luce veramente impressionante per una torcia con 1 batteria 18650! 4 livelli piu strobe rapido. Molto ben costruita, robustissima, un po' duro iltasto di accensione, ma veramente un Faro ! Siamo al Top! Molto Bene la costruzione ! Veramente UNA BELVA!

    Dec 16,2018

  • Katelin
    Summary : A sturdy work light that is very bright with excellent usable features that can shine the light where needed, worth the money if you need a good quality rechargeable light

    Jul 11,2018

  • Lynne E
    The magnet and hook work perfect, the different levels of light are great for different needs, before I'd go get my flashlight and the batteries would be dead

    Oct 18,2018

  • E28OF
    Jetbeam TH20
    a very good flashlight, bright enough for outdiir activity and also for duty work.............good deal

    Jul 29,2018

  • Mike
    well made quality. best tatical light ever. strobe mode is really done jobs well

    Jul 05,2018

  • ursa
    The features of this light seem to have been designed in pairs, a good pair of lighting modes and a useless pair of lighting modes

    Aug 30,2018