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  • Drone fantastico
    Yes (1) Color: Blue Size: with Two Batteries
    Consigliatissimo sia per chi vuole provare un drone per la prima volta senza spendere troppo sia come regalo per un bambino. Una volta presa la mano è davvero agilissimo e anche piuttosto resistente considerando i colpi che gli ho fatto prendere a causa della mia iniziale incapacità. Pilotarlo dall'app del cellulare è davvero semplice grazie al decollo e l'atterrazzio automatico ma mi raccomando di fare sempre la calibrazione prima di farlo partire. Il drone è davvero leggero (circa 70 grammi) e piuttosto innocuo grazie ai paraeliche, la durata della batteria dipende da tante cose ma difficilmente si superano i 10 minuti, consiglio di acquistare almeno 2 o 3 batterie per divertirsi al meglio. Infine la telecamera ha una "discreta" qualità considerato il prezzo, i colori a volte risultano parecchio spenti ma la stabilizzazione è una favola.

    Sep 12,2019

  • Игорь
    Yes (1) Color: Blue Size: with One Battery
    JJRC H43WH
    Отличный дрон для обучения, мой первый квадрокоптер. Неубиваемый. Есть защита винтов, в комлекте есть запасные винты, но за месяц обучения они не понадобились, на даче подстриг им все кусты и обстучал все углы )) , но он цел. Камера сносная (на FHD не рассчитывайте)), годится чтоб в последствии оценить траекторию полета при обучении. Брал по дикой акции за 1400р и аАабсолютно доволен. Жалею только что аккумулятор один, время полета 5-7мин(это правда), я заказал уже дополнительные.

    Sep 28,2018

  • Mazsola38
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: with One Battery
    Love it, lost it in 20 seconds.
    As I wrote at my first order, it is a good and recomended drone. But for all future buyers! Be carefull with the WiFi networks stored on your device. I lost this drone (simply flew away uncontrolled), because my device decided to connect to the wi-fi network of my house just a second after I pressed the "take on" button. The Blue Crab rised very fast to unaccessable heights, then disappeared.
    So do not set any wifi to "Autoconnect" before flight. I cannot add image for 20GB points, because i was shocked that i cannot take back the controls.

    Jun 09,2019

  • Mazsola38
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: with Two Batteries
    Awsome little thing.
    This is my first drone. I did not wanted to buy a pro drone for learning to fly it. But this thing is very easy to learn to control. It needs trimming before starting flying.
    The flight time at the description is real, 5-6 minutes is enough to get in form with the controls, and the second battery is to enjoy flying.
    The best choice for beginers or for first quadrocopter. The price is really good. Absolutely recomended. The shipping was fast.

    Jan 27,2019

  • vasuki prasad s
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: with One Battery
    jjrc blue crab
    the only drone at the price with good features. best tracking and delivery by gearbest.
    plug USB and connect battery to it. once it is charged red light will on. indicating charge complete.
    mobile app easily available on playstore and support control the drone.
    needs some practice for full control. if using drone first time.

    Dec 13,2018

  • Somya
    Yes (1) Color: Blue Size: with One Battery
    JJRC H43WH review
    The shipping took about 20 days and I waited in anticipation. Finally when the product arrived I couldn't wait to unbox and make it whirr. I charged the battery and connected the wifi. logged into the app. While the camera feed was clear, there was no other response from the drone after several attempts. Have filed for a refund.

    Dec 25,2018

  • Ygn Tech
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: with One Battery
    i dont believe this
    Wow my order have completed in india, i dont believe this process because drone import is ban in india, and i choose 5 star rating for jjrc blue crab drone for gearbest, and i like this product,. My blue crab drone like mavec pro really and i recommend my friend for this product
    For my first drone, it has surpassed my expectations. It was easy to set up. At first I was kinda hard to get to fly but when you get used to it very easy and fun. But I like the toughness of this drone. It is very strong and sturdy, good for starter drone, just make sure you read instruction on how to fly it and start inside house before going outside.

    Jul 14,2018

  • Syahfique
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: with Three Batteries
    Highly Recommended for beginners
    Very easy to operate
    beginner drone
    Quite nice picture
    3 speed adjustment
    tough body
    Easy to use WiFi control (easy learning)
    body material could be better
    propellers are "soft"
    frame is easily broken
    not very friendly on upgrades
    quite fast on full speed but reduces fly time to less than 4 mins

    Feb 19,2018

  • a
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: with One Battery
    JJRC H43WH мини складной РУ дрон селфи - BNF - Синий с одним аккумулятором
    Отличный квадрокоптер от легендарной компании jjrc имеет очень хорошую камеру, есть много функций также запись видео и фото.

    Oct 30,2018

  • pipidakos
    Yes (0) Color: Blue Size: with Two Batteries
    Nice indoor and outdoor drone for 30 euros. Fun for kids to see it flying and crash to home Lights or furniture with safety. About 40 minites to charge. Good outdoor range. Fun with Kids
    5 min battery, not good for windy days, bad pics. Not good for selfie (it mention only 0.3 camera)

    Feb 19,2018