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  • Big Brian
    Jumper EZpad 6 2 in 1
    After having the Jumper for a few days here is what I think. It is better than I expected,the build quality seems very good,it does not feel cheap, it has a good sturdy feel to it. It does however feel heavier than I expected but for me that is ok I would rather have a little more weight and have it solid. It works pretty fast even now after I have Windows updated and a full anti virus suite installed. I have not tried any games yet but I have played youtube and Dishnetwork on it with no problems. Here is something I have found out and I figured I should share. I have a VERY CHEAP 256GB card that is working fine with the Jumper See Pics. So I have a Nice little 320GB machine here.
    The biggest 2 cons I have found so far are that while the battery lasts a long time it takes just as long to recharge it. The other problem for me anyway it the touch pad. It would be fine if it were not for the gestures. Whenever your finger goes from the top down it will minimize the window and it is very annoying. I have not found anyway to turn it off so I am hoping for a update. The site would not let me leave 4 stars for ease of use!

    Jun 21,2017

  • Ikhwan
    Very nice item and worth to buy it. No serious issue. But, don\'t ever think can use it for gaming and editing purposes. Suitable for work and presentation. This item plus one point to make you look professional. Pros: 1. Item received earlier than estimated date. 2. Packed with a good condition. 3. Specs as per stated in their description. 4. Worth money spent.
    Cons: 1. Heavy. 2. A bit hard to take out tablet from keyboard due to strong magnet and doesn\'t have proper holder. 3. Could be better if come with Win 10 pro. 4. Touchpad very sensitive. 5. Doesn't have tempered glass. 6. USB slot doesn't support external CD/DVD writer. Keyboard not function once I slot it in.

    Jan 11,2018

  • Alexey
    Jumper Ezpad from
    Классный 11.6 экран с фулл ажди разрешением, благодаря клавиатуре получается 3 юсби, круглый штекер зарядки, это тоже прекрасно, ведь благодаря этому юсби порт всегда свободен + меньше риска повредить гнездо при зарядке. Хорошая автономность.
    Тачпад. Он хороший, но жесты... Они бесят. Я хз как их отключить.

    Jan 29,2018

  • Mike
    Great product and price
    With the keyboard this product is great for day to day usage. Well impressed with build and speed at which this tablet/pc operates. The touch screen is very responsive and the battery life is pretty solid. Very little problems installing applications. Ran Malwarebyte on first run and found 0 issues, so well impressed. Managed to installed all programs that i required - runs well.
    The keyboard touch pad has this minimize window function if you touch the top of it. Not sure if this can be switched off. but it is annoying. Otherwise good product.

    Apr 28,2017

  • Khushnood
    Product Review
    This Tablet PC is awesome with good material as well as software quality. The screen resolution is nearly perfect which I wasn't actually expecting with this price. Touch screen really works perfectly and browsing speed is also good
    The few cons are hyperactive mouse pointer and lack of a proper hook to pull open the laptop. Other than that the gadget is a really good thing to have for this much money​.

    Jun 17,2017

  • zloyskin
    Отличная вещь
    Удовлетворяет буквально во всём. Я непритязательный и особая производительность мне не нужна. У этого планшета есть всё, что необходимо для домашнего компьютера. Справляется даже с лёгкими офисными задачами. Экран великолепный, клавиатура наконец-то сделана нормальная для этой серии, а не затычка для планшетки.

    Oct 01,2018

  • Kigwease
    Good Laptop substitute
    +Good screen quality+very sturdy built with good fit and finish+hardware really ok and responsive+nice sound but without bass~battery last for 3-5 hours in real life applications.
    -screen could be brighter-bit heavy-sometimes black screen for a few secs(not a big issue)

    Dec 09,2017

  • Frank
    Super Teil
    Ich nutze das convertible seit etwa 1 1/2 Jahren. Normale alltägliche Aufgaben (surfen, chatten, streamen, office) meistert es ohne Probleme. Geschwindigkeit ist klasse, ebenso die Akkulaufzeit. Für die Nutzung draußen ist das Display etwas stark verspiegelt und das touchpad hat ab und an ein paar "Macken" - aber bei dem Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis lässt sich dies verschmerzen.

    Dec 29,2018

  • Iussy
    Small but powerfull
    It is lightweight, making it easy to carry out Power is fine, the screen looks good even if outside I like that I only have windows as an operating system, I did not want android that I do not use and only occupy space.
    Maybe the processor could be more powerful

    May 25,2017

  • Elwyn
    handy pad and laptop
    The ezpad is a nicely made solid product with metal case and keyboard, this lends itself to being on the heavy side but if things are robust then i'm happy for the compromise, the system works well without any lag or hangups
    slightly on the heavy side

    Mar 31,2017