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  • joslyen
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    ottimo quadricottero Jxd510g!
    il drone è molto resistente agli urti, molto adatto ai principianti come me. è facile da usare grazie al barometro per mantere l'altitudine e alle 3 velocità selezionabili dal radiocomando. presenta una videocamera per voli in FVP 5.8GHZ davvero ottima per questo prezzo, real time molto fluido senza jello direttamente sullo schermo lcd in dotazione, applicabile sul radiocomando. distanza di controllo e fpv 100mt.
    davvero un ottimo prodotto considerato il prezzo! ! 9 giorni di spedizione! grande gearbest! !!!!!!!

    Oct 04,2016

  • Mark
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    JXD 510 g drone fpv
    Great easy to fly fantastic fpv no latency issues great screen colour/ picture and cool flip out screen shade.
    Very stable flew straight out of the box great labelled buttons on the controller and does record to the included 4g memory card aswel as sending picture to the handy fpv monitor.
    Altitude hold is a great feature for filming with not many drones at this low price have that feature.
    Slow smooth and great having the fpv screen lets you see what you video or photograph.
    If you want fast and fun this is not for you it is slow even though it has 3 different mode settings its still slow on fastest setting.
    Main worry with this quad is the altitude hold does not like to let you bring the drone back down it seems to stick there in the sky not sure why but can be retrieved by giving forward backward or sideways motion. Scary if you don't know that !

    Jun 18,2016

  • Digi
    Yes (4) Color: Black
    Very effective height hold even indoor. Flies very steady. Can hold in the air like UFO!!! Battery is good for 5min with fpv, camera on all the time. Even better is that u can buy a set of 5 extra with charger for usd14.
    Very fun to play! And the style is very good looking too. The material is good and can withstand crashes. With a simple mod, most jello is gone and i now got high quality jello free footage (see picture)
    One of the front led went off during play and cant back on. Maybe a burnt led.

    May 09,2016

  • BJGraham
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Your First Drone
    Anyone determined to fly a drone and unsure about buying top-end kit must consider the benefit of buying less expensive model. The beauty of the JXD 510W is the opportunity to experience both contro and filming. Make sure you log flying hours and maintenance, getting into the habit delivers confidence, where you can fly safely, and even teach 12+ children the basics. There are so many skills that will easily migrate to future buys.
    Needs a more stable canera mount - look on Youtube for DIY gimbals that stabalise video - job done!

    Nov 03,2016

  • Ziggy
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Great starting quad for beginners, easy to use and master

    Robust, crashed it into walls and furniture the first few times I used it, with no damage. I live in an apartment so wast worth the walk to a park for 5 mins of flying (battary limitation), but I have ordered extra batteries.

    Height keeping function works great once you have trimmed the quad, which is not a difficult to master

    Very good value for money
    Limited battery time, extra batteries are a must

    Cam Jello, which I eliminated with some soft foam between housing and chassis

    Oct 12,2016

  • Gilby
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Nice drone
    Very nice and stable drone. Low rate is very good for the beginners, not too fast. Pretty good camera considering such a low price for this drone. Frame seems to be durable, so no worries about crash, there are also big market for parts.FPV screen works good to. Overall range is about 100m , I would not try its limits , you never know when your drone might loose signal.
    Lots of jello in video, but it is easy to fix few few mods, lots of info on forums. I would recommend to get more batteries, because length of flight is pretty short. You can mount 1000 mah battery which will give you few more minutes. Overall I think it's the best drone under ~80 euro.

    Nov 14,2016

  • ruby salam
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    jxd 910g
    love the quad, but my piece come with 2 broken propeller at the back side, not sure due to customs checking (since the package are reseal when arrive at my doorsteps) or i just got the defect propellers, shipping also considered fast, thanks gearbest.
    2 props defect

    May 31,2016

    Yes (0) Color: Black
    A Good All in one drone
    First Thoughts :
    1) All the necessary are in the packet (ok , except the 4 aa batteries)
    2) Easy to handle(ok , it needs some practise at the begining)
    3) Good as a first fpv quopter
    4)the antenna of the fpv monitor is in the packet (at least , it was in my packet)
    First Thoughts :
    1) the problem with the jello(but it can be fixed)
    2) the plastic is not of a good quality
    3) it is in someway difficult to insert or take out the battery , small space.

    Apr 10,2017

  • Matthew
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Affordable FPV
    Flies quite stable with altitude hold. The included screen has a built in rechargeable battery so your transmitter batteries last longer. Easy to fly and everything worked great right out of the box.
    Not a very agile quadcopter. Short fly times. The video signal is quite jittery when in flight.

    Dec 25,2016

  • Socha
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    JDX 510G 5.8G FPV quadcopter
    All in one package, ready to fly 5.8G FPV system.
    Great value, parts are cheap.
    Stable, easy to fly, altitude hold.
    Sharp design; looks fast sitting still.
    Fairly durable, takes a hit or two.
    Good entry level quad
    Short battery life (buy bigger battery, they are cheap)
    Shipping takes 2 weeks + from China

    Jun 07,2016