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  • Douglas Capra
    I was hesitant on getting this because there were no previous reviews and it was by far the cheapest on the site. I figure I should pay it forward..

    Delivery came faster than I expected because I am pretty sure it’s from China. It took less than 2 weeks. It was packaged fine and not damaged. Assembly was self explanatory- there is a manual but not the most informative one. However, it gives you about all the info you need.

    There was a slight rubbing between the metal plate on the back wheel and I guess the break. I am not a mechanic by any means but I was able to figure out how to loosen and then retighten the piece that caused the rub and then it was no longer an issue. They give you Allen keys for that reason. Also, the back tire was a little flat when I rode it for the first time and I had to pump it up. I’m 170 pounds.

    As for riding, it rides great. The is a digital display that tells you how fast you are going and it claims it’s 15 mph but I am not sure the accuracy of that. I think 15 just means it’s going as fast as it can. It definitely doesn’t have the same power that the lime, bird or Uber scooters have but it gets up to about the same speeds, maybe a little slower.

    I use it for commuting and my building is on top of a pretty big hill. I was able to get up the hill although it slowed down a great deal. The rental escooters would also struggle up the hill. Maybe the scooters that cost $800+ wouldn’t slow down at the hill but I don’t regret this purchase when considering the money saved. I am giving 5 stars cause I know it doesn’t have many (if any) reviews and don’t want to start them off with a blemish cause I think it was worth my money.

    One last thing I will say.. I can’t know for sure at this point but I would suspect that the first thing to break is the latch that locks the scooter in the folding position. It works fine now but I don’t expect it to last longer than the scooter itself.

    Sep 10,2019