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  • Ismael Paulo da Silva Matoso
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Extra Green Strap
    Bom producto pelo preço - Recomendo
    Bom produto em geral, boa qualidade de ecrã
    Boa bateria, até agora

    Gostaria que houvesse uma opção para desativar a possibilidade do ecrã ligar com o duplo toque, optei também por desactivar a opção do ecrã ligar ao levantar o braço pois muitas vezes o ecrã ligava sozinho com as actividades do dia a dia, acima de tudo a conduzir.

    Creio também que a função de pedómetro não é tão precisa e creio que conta demasiados passos a mais.

    Gostaria também que tivesse a função de medição de pressão arterial que não parece haver nem no relógio nem na aplicação.

    A aplicação não é das melhores, vários problemas de conectividade, perde conectividade entre o telemóvel e o relógio com frequência ao longo do dia.

    É a minha primeira experiência com um smartwatch, mas no geral estou satisfeito. A qualidade do ecrã é boa, creio que o os menus poderiam ser mais trabalhados esteticamente e poderia ter algumas funções extras.

    Deveria ser possível haver um modo de sono que só permitisse o ecrã ligar ao se pressionar o botão lateral, pois muitas vezes estando com o relógio durante o sono para fazer o monitoramento de sono o ecrã liga ao nos mexermos na cama e isso pode levar a que acordemos ou que a pessoa ao nosso lado acorde.

    Aug 28,2020

  • Laurence Stewart
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: Extra Red Strap
    Kospet Magic 2
    Well, I must say that I'm very impressed with the watch. It's looks way more expensive and having features expected of more expensive watches. Cool nice watch faces, great battery life, smooth crisp display and did not observe any lag when swiping screens. Comes with a spare band if your choice. Also comes with screen protector already attached (I took mine off as it does not cover the whole watchface). Seriously, Kospet need to move away from clamp charging as the clip looks horrible and spoil all the good looking features of the watch. Overall, a great purchase... so what are you waiting for? Get one now!!!

    Aug 07,2020

  • Robert M.
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: Extra Green Strap
    Great value for money device
    This is a superb device and it has surpassed my expectations of what to expect from a fitness tracker device.
    It’s OS is really very smooth and doesn’t lag at all.
    The watch also looks highly trendy and is definitely a great buy.
    The Bluetooth connectivity is very simple and the instructions are very clearly depicted on the instructions manual provided inside the box.
    Great battery life and there is no hassle to charge the device every day.
    Feel very comfortable while wearing and sensors show quite accurate readings such as heart rate, etc.

    Jun 30,2020

  • Na*****
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: Extra Green Strap
    Great for the price!
    The watch itself is pretty comfortable. The Kospet MAGIC 2 screen is HD 360x360 resolution, very well lit than Kospet MAGIC oled screen.
    In terms of features, this watch is worth it! It has most features like basic activity tracking and a heart rate monitor and message reminder. All these features work pretty well.
    I would highly recommend this product to Anyone who is interested in a fitness tracker but doesn't need the super advanced smart watch features like weather or games. It is minimalistic but enough for daily needs. It also displays phone notifications which is a huge plus. Sleep tracking is also included and is pretty accurate.

    Jun 30,2020

  • Mat
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Extra Green Strap
    KOSPET MAGIC 2 Smartwatch
    I just received it.And i still check the smartwatch if it works properly. By the time is ok.I have it for a week now and the battery is in 50%.The measurement i believe its ok also.Maybe it counts just a little bit more, if you move your hand a lot (it counts steps).The activity tracker is very good and the sports measurements are as it says in the advertisement.For its money, i believe it's worth it.And it's cool enough on your hand!! Recommend it (by the time) !!
    Just if it's possible, add the greek language to a future upgrade.Thanks!!

    Aug 20,2020

  • Miguel Silva
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Extra Red Strap
    Great buy, especially for the price
    The delivery was pretty fast, it came in about 17 days.
    The extra strap came as well.

    The watch is very good, it has a clear display even when the sun is pointing towards it, and good brightness.
    It is very responsive, not slow, the heartbeat sensors and sp0 seem pretty accurate.
    The cons that I can appoint are the charger, which isn't perfect, but it does it's job. I was expecting a magnetic charger or something similiar.

    Nevertheless, it is a pretty good buy for the price, the app also has room for improvement, since you can't see certain health functions as promissed like the bmi, metabolism, etc...
    Battery life has been pretty good so far.

    I reccomend it, especially for the price you can't get much better.

    Aug 12,2020

  • Andrea
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Extra Red Strap
    I haven't worn a watch in about 20 years since first having a cellphone to carry around which keeps exact time. But when I saw this watch with a decent price, I decided to give it a try. There is extra strap in the package for you to replace easily according to your wishes. I wear it slightly loose to try to limit the irritation and discomfort, especially when wearing at night. So far I'm quite impressed. It set up easily with the iPhone app and paired seamlessly.

    Jul 01,2020

  • Kirt Freisinger
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Extra Green Strap
    Awesome for the price!
    I have not used the expensive smart watches so I don't have a point of reference. It tracks my sleep, my heartrate, activity, steps. Through the app you can set different goals. It paired very easily with my iPhone. If you don't know if a smart watch is for you and you don't want to spend $200+ dollars to find out, or if you're like me and don't want to waste an extra $150+ to track your steps, fitness, and tell time, this watch is for you.

    Jul 02,2020

  • lordarmy81
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Extra Red Strap
    It's good to use for the price
    I ordered on July 9th and received the product on July 30th. Compared to the basic price, the product is satisfied. The worst part was the charger. It's not magnetic, it's like tongs, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with other chargers. 360*360 looks good due to clear display, and I hope you can add a font change through firmware update. I recommend it to anyone who only needs a price/notification function.

    Jul 30,2020

  • Gary Walp
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Extra Red Strap
    A Great Smart Watch
    It took some time after setup to get used to the screen functions. It shows time & date, and you can desired "sport" mode, which you can choose in the app. I got the watch while being "locked down" in my home during the stay-at-home order; I haven't really been going out for walks or exercise, yet somehow it thinks I'm getting in over 1500 steps per day. It has been very durable, and has shown no scratches or wear thus far.

    Jul 02,2020