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  • Mud 1
    Learning computer
    In order to learn programming for children, I decided to eliminate the original desktop computer and buy a laptop.
    Running speed: Intel Celeron N3450 processor, performance lever, running smoothly, installation software is not stuck, very fast!
    Screen effect: 1920*1080 IPS screen is certainly not bad! The screen effect has nothing to say, the frame is very small, the brightness is maximum and not dazzling!
    Appearance: The appearance is relatively tall, satisfying my son's careful wishes!
    Lightness: A little thinner than imagined, and easy to carry, especially for children, who carry them to school with very light weight.
    Very satisfied

    Apr 22,2021

  • Think
    Convenient and portable
    I bought kuu for the first time, the quality is good, I like it very much. My friend bought one too. First of all, it feels exquisite and the packaging looks good. Then the whole machine is very light and portable. The screen is very comfortable, which is very important. The battery life is also good, and the key performance will not become lagging because of unplugged. The keyboard is very comfortable.

    Apr 26,2021

  • Chasing cute
    Recommended purchase
    First of all, the entire notebook is a little smaller than the average 14-inch computer, it has a lot of weight, a sense of security, and it is light and convenient to take. Secondly, it runs smoothly after booting up, and it is relatively quick to install and open the software. Watching TV and refreshing videos makes the picture look good and comfortable. Other shortcut keys are a

    Apr 23,2021

  • Kevin
    Daily office
    The CPU is already at a sufficient level. I usually use it in the office, and I feel that it is no problem in the future; in addition, the screen did not disappoint me, the mirror screen is great, and the high resolution makes daily use very comfortable. With docking station, printer, mouse, USB flash drive, meetings are all leveraged. Big love big love

    Apr 28,2021

  • Michael
    Office notebook
    Exquisite appearance, powerful performance, good screen, comfortable to use, I believe that the future experience will be very good, the memory is 256gb, which is really good, it is really invincible for office use, and it is not plugged in. Decrease performance, still smooth

    Apr 30,2021

  • Rys
    Super useful notebook
    This is very light and fast notebook. It came quite fast. I had no problem starting it up.
    Has good screen brightness and resolution and quite good sound.

    Jan 22,2021

  • Howard Allen
    A friend recommended
    I bought a notebook for the first time, and my friend recommended kuu. It has been in stock for many days, the experience is good, the boot is fast, it comes with office, the activation is also very simple, not bad

    May 04,2021

  • Taylor
    Good experience
    Just arrived today, the appearance is very appetizing, the hands-on experience is very good, the price of the screen and audio should be invincible, it is very smooth, and I am very satisfied with the grab

    May 11,2021

  • Faustine
    Computer is very cost-effective
    Very good, very cost-effective, the screen is very delicate, much better than the previous computer, in general, the performance is strong, the screen is top, I hope it can be used for a long time, praise

    May 10,2021

  • Benjamin
    High cost performance, recommended to buy
    I didn't feel the heat, the computer looks good, it is also very thin and cost-effective~ It runs fast, and the boot speed is high. I don't feel hot for the time being, I feel very satisfied!

    May 06,2021