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  • Super Grover
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: without Line Control
    KZ ZS4
    Just received these in the mail a couple of days ago,

    These are a dual driver IEM with one Dynamic and one BA driver in each side.
    Detachable Cable, i did not purchase the mic version
    S,M,L eartips

    Fit and Finish

    The construction is smooth with no hard or sharp edges. At this price point you are dealing with simple plastics no aluminum.

    The cable is flexible enough does not seem to tangle or present much in the way of microphonics. I do think the cable yoke is a bit farther down than usual though. Time will tell if that is a issue.

    KZ is finally putting a lip around the nozzle, this is something that bothered me about their other models; so they get a point from me on that.

    The fit is always a personal experience, but for my small to medium ears these are comfortable and do not seem like they would fall out. The over the ear cable does have a wire and works well for me.


    I find these a bit midrange forward and they are bordering on harsh for me if I am really driving them.

    I have tried multiple tips and feel like I can achieve a good seal. Sometimes too good to the point of a suctioning effect. Maybe I'm blocking the vent/port. That being said I don't hear as much in the way of sub bass as I would like. The upper bass is present but does not hit hard by any means.

    I'm finding that the treble is adequate for general use, but I miss the sparkle I'm used to hearing in the KZ ZS6

    I don't find theses lacking where soundstage is concerned, however they do not offer anything new. If there are issues here for me I would attribute that to the lack of sparkle I mentioned earlier.


    I plan to use these as my grass cutting IEMS for two reasons: they are cheap, i.e. expendable and they do a decent job where isolation is concerned ( At least for my ears ).

    Oct 03,2018

  • Alexey RG
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: without Line Control
    Первые наушники фирмы KZ
    Новинка в очень удачном дизайне лично для меня, раньше стороной обходил фирму эту чисто из-за дизайна самих наушников, хотя звук все хвалят, так вот когда увидел эти то они побудили меня её попробовать их приобрести, понимаю что модель не высокого класса у KZ но средний точно есть при такой цене. Брал без управл. пульта.
    Классный дизайн
    Комфорт посадки в ухо
    Звукоизоляция на хорошем уровне с базовыми амбушурами
    Я не меломан конечно но звук очень порадовал!
    Строение проводов интересное, никогда с такими не было у меня
    Возможность менять сами кабеля, так же есть кабель с портом type-c отдельно продается
    Минусы только то что соединительная часть провода с наушниками смотрится не очень надежно и со временем может расшататься
    К покупке рекомендую, но можно ещё дешевле найти
    Всё субъективно, но рекомендую

    Oct 09,2018

  • Miguel Angel
    Yes (0) Color: Love Red Size: with Line Control
    beautiful earphones
    i principle decide to buy this in-ear phones because i knew the feature of noise-cancelling wich is very useful, and yhen the color is so bright and beautiful that leave an impact and make you feel better, the quality of the audio for what i like is very good, not too much base and light audio.


    pro: color, noise-cancelling and audio quality

    cons: some people like more base in the audio

    Jan 18,2019

  • bedi can havare
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: with Line Control
    Ses kalitesi çok iyi. Malzeme kalitesi mükemmel. Kulakta ağırlık hissi yaratmıyor fakat boyut olarak bana biraz büyük geldi. Dış sesleri duymaniz neredeyse imkansız. Max ses seviyesi ideal.
    1)I gave it 4 stars because it was a little big size.
    2)The sound quality and the material quality is good. It doesn't feel heavy in the ear.
    3)You never hear outside sounds.This is a big avantage. It is a disadvantage for me to be on the ear.
    4)I'il recommend this version to my friends. But other versions are as good as this.

    Jan 24,2019

  • rpunk77
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: with Line Control
    KZ ZS$
    Para los que no conocen la marca KZ, es una marca con precio muy económicos y una calidad que supera por mucho a los de su precio, inclusive a los audinos de Xiaomi que para mí fueron una decepción.
    Este modelo en especial se escucha muy bien para música electrónica que es para los que los uso, además el diseño es increíble, se ajustan muy bien a los oídos y no se caen gracias a su cable ajustable.

    Oct 24,2018

  • gena
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: with Line Control
    KZ ZS4 HiFi Stereo In-ear Earphone Music Earbuds
    Наушники от КЗ это всегда хороший звук KZ ZS4 HiFi Stereo In-ear Earphone Music Earbuds
    Но эти ушки с упором на высокие и не каждому зайдут.
    Посадка в ушах удобная, для спорта отличный вариант. так как заушины держат хорошо.

    Jan 23,2019

  • Rafael Pereira
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: with Line Control
    Fones simples com bons agudos e médios.
    Os fones oferecem um bom som na faixa de preço.

    o acabamento é de plástico, bem como o fio.

    Não são discretos , porém não são feios.

    o som é alto, mas falta graves.

    Recomendo os fones levando se em consideração o preço. Importante esclarecer que há outros fones da KZ que são um pouco mais caros, porém oferecem um conjunto mais linear, ao contrário deste, que falta um pouco mais de batidas em certas músicas.

    Dec 11,2018

  • Vladimir
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: without Line Control
    good budget ones
    good budget earphones for this price
    easily entry level for monitoring
    good sound and soundstage
    bass is isolation is good too
    one of the best regarding quality/price

    Jun 30,2019

  • James
    Yes (0) Color: Love Red Size: with Line Control
    Great For The Price
    KZ ZS4 really you'll struggle to find anything better for the price. Comfortable light great audio descent sound separation with surprisingly good not overpowering bass. Used on medium volume, no need to crank these up, plenty loud on medium with good sound isolation

    Nov 17,2018

  • Vladimir
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: without Line Control
    value for money
    one of the best kz
    sound is amazing
    value for money
    detachable cables can be changed
    very very good choice for monitoring
    kz is getting serious with this one

    Apr 17,2019