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Buying Guide Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

Nothing looks more like a laptop than another laptop. However, performance and equipment can vary considerably from one model to another. Screen size, storage space, processor, graphics card, connectors ... there are many parameters to take into account at the time of purchase.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • Types of Laptops
  • 4 features of Laptop
  • 3 things to consider before buying a Laptop

  • Types of Laptops

    Laptops have many  in different scenarios;

    Appearance: ordinary Laptops, ultra-thin Laptops
    Configuration performance: standard Laptops, high-end Laptops, super Laptops
    Usage: Internet Laptops, business Laptops, game Laptops

    4 features of Laptop

    1. Chip CPU:
    Represents the running speed of the notebook, the model i7/i5/i3 represents the location, and then the first digit represents the first generation of CPU, and then the larger the number, the better, and also represents the faster the computer runs.

    2. Video card GPU:
    The graphics card is the most important factor in outputting and displaying graphics. In a sense, the graphics card is like a CPU for graphics processing. For those who like to play games, the level of the graphics card directly determines your experience.

    Notebooks often bring integrated graphics cards and independent graphics cards, while some notebooks only use integrated graphics cards in order to be light and thin, so we should pay attention to choosing them at this time.
    The integrated graphics card (intel HD620 is the most used this year) is also performing well, and if there is enough memory (8G), CPU is not bad, then it can also have a stand-alone video card (MX150) 40% performance.
    Independent graphics card is similar to CPU, mainly two brands NVIDIA and AMD  compare recommend is NVIDIA, playing games or NVIDIA optimization is better.

    And NVIDIA mainly has GT, GTX, RTX and professional graphics card series, such as GTX1050,GT950 is the low-end introduction to the game graphics card, if you want to enjoy the game on 1050TiMagi 1060. RTX is more light chase.
    In addition, there are some special graphics cards, professional graphics cards such as NVIDIA Quadro series and ATI (AMD) FireGL series, which are suitable for design majors.

    3. Storage RAM:
    Memory is one of the most important components in the computer, and it is the bridge to communicate with CPU.

    Capacity: the amount of memory that is currently common is 4G/8G/16G/32G. The effect of capacity is like the running memory of your phone. The more APP you open, the more running memory you will take up, and so will the memory of your computer. Office, watching movies and so on need at least 8 gigabytes of memory at the same time, and at present, 8 gigabytes is basically the configuration of mainstream computers, so try 8G + 1 expansion slot on memory.

    Version: introduce notebook memory algebra, first popular science under the DDR:Double Data Rate (double data transmission), it is a computer memory specification. Notebooks are all at the frequency of DDR4  that is, 2133hz, 2400hz or 2400hz. When buying a laptop, if you are not sure whether 8 gigabytes of memory is enough, then you need to pay attention to whether the laptop has an extra slot to add a stick of memory. If you don't play games, then 8G, which is common on the market, is enough. If you play games, if you are still a programmer, then 16G is recommended.

    4. Hard disk:
    Hard disk is the main hardware that affects the running speed of the system, there are two kinds of solid-state hard disk and mechanical hard disk.

    Solid state hard disk (SSD) advantages: no noise, read and write extremely fast, anti-vibration, low calorific value, portable and so on. Mechanical hard disk (HDD) has the advantages of large capacity and low price.
    (SSD) disadvantages of solid state drives: high price, small capacity, solid state drives have a limited number of PE writes, so the life of solid state drives is lower than that of mechanical drives. 

    Mechanical hard disk (HDD) disadvantages: loud noise, fear of vibration, high calorific value, slow reading and writing speed.
    Here recommend friends to buy computers, preferably solid-state disk (SSD) type, solid-state disk has SATA interface and PCIE interface two kinds. SATA is the same as the traditional hard disk interface, but the speed is much faster than the mechanical hard disk, in terms of speed: PCIE > SATA > mechanical hard disk. The main size on the market is 256G (actually only 230g), but it is enough to use it.

    There are two forms of hard disk configuration: Solid state hard drive. You can't add your own mechanical hard drive. Solid state hard drive + mechanical hard disk hybrid. Usually 256g SSD + 1T mechanical hard disk. Of course, if you are a gamer, you will choose a combination of SSD and HDD, choosing both solid-state drives and mechanical drives.

    3 things to consider before buying a Laptop

    Your Purpose: 

    What do you buy a computer for? playing games? watching movies? surfing the Internet? processing documents? programming? revising pictures? video editing?


    What is your budget? Every penny of the goods, you have to give your heart price, choose the most suitable for you.


    What are your requirements? Some people will choose brands, others will choose cost-effective. You must think about these questions before buying a computer, and you must consider them well, because unlike desktops, laptops cannot be replaced with a lot of hardware. 

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