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Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser GRBL Control DIY Engraving Machine Professional Modular High Integration 3 Axis Wood Router Engraver
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Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser GRBL Control DIY Engraving Machine Professional Modular High Integration 3 Axis Wood Router Engraver

- Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU

Offline Control, More Precise, High Speed, Quick Assemble, Working Area 300 x 180mm
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Alfawise C10 Pro Descriptions

Do you like carving?
In daily life, we hope to engrave the favorite patterns on our bags or mobile phones, but this seems too professional and difficult. Our engraving machine offers modular installation and 3D video guidance for non-professionals, simple and fast. In addition, don't worry that the machines you install are not working well. Our installation module ensures that every customer can install the same precision machine. High precision of 0.01-0.03mm + high speed of 20-250mm/s, helping you to complete large-area engraving without worrying about blurring. We hope it can bring you more happy carving time!

Main Features:
● Offline Controller
Coming with offline controller for free, no need to connect to the computer, you can use handle type controls the machine spindle direction and file selection
● More Precise
The coupling link screw, double nut eliminates backlash, improves accuracy by 0.02mm, all components do not need to be positioned, which greatly reduces the difficulty of assembly and improves the working accuracy
● High Speed
By optimizing the motherboard configuration and external structure, the engraving speed is increased by 25 percent
● More Stable
The machine installation frame does not need connectors ( can remove the error stack caused by the cumbersome connection, can reduce the machine jitter )
● GRBL Control
Latest control system is different from other old controller systems which was no longer upgraded. No need for extra accessories. Just turn your computer into a CNC machine
● Widely Use
Able to carve text on daily materials easily. With manuals and software suitable for carve wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB CCL, soft metal like copper and aluminum and other materials. Great for those who are interested in CNC, helping you engrave the model efficiently
● Fast Installation
The degree of modularity is high, and the installation is more convenient and quick

1. Support laser engraving, but laser module is not concluded.
2. If there is an anti-virus software warning Trojan on the product, it is confirmed that it is only an advertisement and does not affect the use of the customer.

● Laser module: 2500mW
● Working area: 300 x 180mm, engraving height is no limit
● Machine size: 42cm x 35.5cm x 28cm
● Control software: GRBL
● Support OS: Windows XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Linux
● Power supply: 100 - 240V
● Engraving accuracy: 0.01mm - 0.03mm
● Main shaft: 775 spindle motor ( 12 - 36V ) 24V: 8000r/min
● Stepper motor: 42 stepper mtor, 1.3A 0.25N.m
● Working current: DC 5A
● Working voltage: DC 24V
● Support file formats: jpg, bmp, svg, G-code



Brand: Alfawise
Model Number: C10 PRO
Type: CNC laser engraving machine
Material: Electric wood + aluminum profiles
Laser Power: Optional
Laser Reaching Range: /
Power By: DC

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 5.4000 kg
Package weight: 7.4000 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 33.00 x 20.00 x 24.00 cm / 12.99 x 7.87 x 9.45 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 44.00 x 25.00 x 18.00 cm / 17.32 x 9.84 x 7.09 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Engraving Machine, 1 x ER11, 10 x Cutters, 2 x Plates, 1 x Laser Module
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU

Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU

Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU
Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU

Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU

Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU

Alfawise C10 Pro CNC Laser Engraving Machine - Black C10 PRO+2500mw Laser Module EU

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Customer Reviews

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  • Kunal
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Standard Version US Plug
    Good Product
    Very fast delivery, packaging very well thought out and very well protected all the parts. Everything was included no missing parts. The assembly was a good reference for assembling the unit, took less than half an hr assembling the unit. But that was an enjoyable project to assemble. The kit of parts is well thought out and made it easy to figure out how to assemble everything. Tested everything and all works as it should. Have been able to do some moderately precise engraving and cutting with the device. Very pleased with the capabilities of the machine and ease of use for what I originally intended to use it for.

    Sep 10,2019

  • Ryan Marler
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: With Offline Controller US Plug
    A different C10 pro unit
    This was my first time to try a laser engraver. The shipping was extremely fast. The instructions are not very detailed, you need to find a more detailed video. It only take me about 30 minutes to put them together(if you don't want do these complex job, you can buy a assembled one directly). Everything did go well after installation with the software. Really a nice little controller for GRBL. Plus the offline controller saved me a lot of trouble of leaving a computer hooked up to the engraver, I am happy with how this machine turned out and will be using it often.

    Sep 14,2019

  • Eric
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: C10 PRO+Offline Controller+2500mw Laser ModuleEU
    Alfawise C10 Pro CNC with laser
    Great little CNC to help me learn. Took 2 hrs to build (being slow and doubble checking everything). build instructions are vague but followed a video on youtube. Mutch better components than some i have seen while researching and everything has worked as expected. no warped components (unlike my 3d printer baught from a similar site) haven't tried the laser yet but not the main use for me, just a nice bonus. overall realy happy.

    Jan 29,2021

  • Fadlan
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Standard Version EU Plug
    Ok pour fraisage de matériaux tendre.
    Bien construite pour le prix très modique. A l'aise pour le bois tendre et le plexiglas, mais à la peine pour l'aluminium et le bois dur comme l'acacia ou le chêne. Fraisage alliages ferreux et cuivreux impossible.
    L'axe des X manque de rigidité lorsque le chariot est au milieu. La fixation de l'écrou du chariot des X est vraiment déficient.
    Ok après modification assez lourde consistant à :
    1 - Changement du moteur de broche.
    2 - Ajout de deux rails avec roulement linéaire sur l'axe X.
    3 - Ajout de 6 détecteur s fin de course, d'un arrêt d'urgence et d'un variateur de vitesse.

    Jul 06,2020

  • Marico
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: Standard Version EU Plug
    A lot of fun to have
    It took me about half an hour to make it work, because it is pre-installed, the installation is more convenient and I would recommend buy a assemble one directly. But the fun to enjoy engraving definitely worth the time spent. The 3D assembly video guide. I have made 3 attempts with it and it did what it's supposed to.
    So it is great as a starter CNC for me to get a hang of how CNCs work. Recommend.

    Sep 16,2019

FAQ for Alfawise C10 Pro

  • What impact does laser engraver have on people's daily life, and what convenience does it bring?

    Laser engraver refers to the operation method of connecting laser equipment to laser engraving software, and inputting artwork into automatic engraving. It is suitable for various industries, such as:
    1) Advertising industry: carving some logos, three-dimensional billboards, two-color board signs, employee badges, etc.;
    2) Clothing/leather industry: custom wallets or handbags logos and engraved textiles can be customized;
    3) Craft designer: can carve exquisite patterns on wood, bamboo, organic boards, etc.;
    4) Furniture industry: used for design and production of relief patterns, such as screens, craft wooden doors/windows, etc.;
    5) Jewelry decoration industry: fine jewelry carving, decorative product carving, etc.;
    6) Packaging industry: engraving and printing rubber plates, plastic plates, carton packaging rubber font production, etc.
  • What is a laser engraver? Why do you need a laser engraver?

    Laser engraver: It is an advanced equipment that uses laser to engrave materials that need to be engraved. In the period of rapid development of the modern CNC engraving machine industry, the use of laser engraving machines is becoming more and more widespread, mainly with the following advantages:
    1) Laser engraving does not need to contact the workpiece to be engraved, saves many tools, and the operating cost is very low;
    2) The high-precision characteristics of laser engraving are especially suitable for the processing of complex graphics;
    3) The laser beam under computer control can move at a high speed, the engraving process can be completed in a few seconds, and the processing efficiency is high;
    4) Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users only need to carry out high-speed engraving and cutting according to the pattern output by the computer, and can change the printing design at any time, which fundamentally replaces the traditional mold making process and is more convenient.
  • What are the characteristics of laser engraver?

    1) Engraving size: The engraving size determines the size of the engraved product, so you must fully analyze your business needs to choose;
    2) Laser power: The laser power determines the effect of the engraving product, and different engraving materials are applicable to different powers, so you should choose the corresponding laser power engraving machine according to your engraving material;
    3) Software: Different laser engraving machines use different software. Some engraving machine factories have their own systems. Users need to download the software to use the engraving machine, which has poor compatibility; some laser engraving machines use the most popular ones in the world. The welcome free and open source engraving software LaserGRBL has strong compatibility but cannot be applied to Apple systems, while LightBurn (paid software) is applicable to all systems. Basically, there is no need to set machine parameters, and the experience is stronger.
  • What important information should be considered when purchasing a laser engraver?

    1) Laser power: The laser power largely determines the effect of the finished product, but it is not that the larger the laser power, the better effect. On the contrary, if some materials use a laser tube with a higher power, the effect will be bad, so depending on the material and content of the engraving, the appropriate laser power should be selected. For example, acrylic engraving and PVC engraving do not require much power, but wood and stone engraving and cutting of any material require a higher power laser module. Only get twice the result with half the effort;
    2) Engraving material: Because of the influence of laser power, different laser power, the engraving material is different, so you should choose the appropriate engraving machine according to your own engraving material. If you only use general materials for engraving machines, such as cardboard and acrylic, you only need to choose low-power ones. If you want to engrave stone, wood and other materials, it is recommended to choose high-power ones;
    3) Engraving speed and precision: The biggest difference between laser engraving machine and traditional engraving and manual engraving is that laser engraving machines with high precision and high engraving accuracy are more popular, so you must pay attention to the engraving of laser engraving machines when choosing Accuracy is a parameter. The higher the accuracy of engraving, the better the effect, and the more satisfied consumers and customers are. As a businessman, producing more products in the same time can bring more profits, so the engraving speed The speed is the key to making money;
    4) Safety protection: Laser has high power density and energy, and its brightness is dozens of times higher than sunlight and arc light. When the laser irradiates the eyes or skin, if the maximum allowable exposure of the human body is exceeded, it will cause tissue damage;
    ① Damage to eyes:
    If the eyes are directly irradiated by the laser, it will cause damage to the retina, cause vision loss, and in severe cases can instantly blind people.
    ② Damage to the skin:
    If the skin is directly irradiated by the laser, especially the focused beam, it will burn the skin, and this kind of burn will be difficult to heal. The laser power density is very high, the damage is greater, and it can cause severe burns. Long-term diffuse reflection of ultraviolet light and infrared light will cause serious consequences such as aging of human skin, inflammation and even skin cancer;
    ③ Hidden danger of electric shock:
    Laser processing equipment also has thousands to tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage electricity and large-capacitor energy storage equipment. If it is improperly operated or malfunctions, it may cause fatal electric shocks to the human body;
    ④ Harmful gas:
    When laser welding, cutting or cladding certain materials, these materials are heated by the laser to evaporate, vaporize, and produce various toxic metal fumes, and ozone generated by the plasma formed in the vicinity of the cutting surface during high-power laser heating. There is certain damage to the human body;
    Therefore, when using the laser engraving machine, avoid looking directly at the laser light. When purchasing the product, pay attention to whether it is equipped with protective goggles; at the same time, whether there is a protective function when the engraving machine is displaced, the computer crashes, or is not working for a long time. Machine; Special attention must be paid to prevent children from operating the machine alone to prevent unnecessary injury;
    5) Engraving size: Know the size of the product you want to process: choose the appropriate laser engraving machine according to the actual size of the product you want to engrave, that is, the choice of laser engraving machine engraving size, for example, the product you want to engrave The size is: 130mm*90mm, then you can choose the model with the engraving size: 150mm*160mm, but it is not necessarily good for the machine format to be large, because the large format equipment is of course more expensive, and some machines of poor quality The average laser output of each point of the equipment on the large format is unstable, resulting in different depths of engraved products on the same table, so it is correct to choose the most appropriate engraving size.

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Hi, I would also like to know what thickness can the engraver work on. In other words, I have a piece of timber 6000mm long x 200mm wide x 107mm high. I need to engrave a logo on the face (107mm height). Can this fit in or would we have to modify the base . Thanks

By Dave Jan-30/2020 22:44:50

Hi! The maximum size of the product carved by this machine is 300mmX180mmX40mm.

Would this be able to cleanly cut all the way through 1/8" basswood using a straight mini router bit? Can someone who has the machine answer?

By Exador Dec-17/2019 21:04:14

Hello Exador, Yes it dose.

Hi is this a Laser or Router engraver ..Thanks

By john Dec-10/2019 12:20:09

Hello john, Package Contents: 1 x Engraving Machine, 1 x CD, 1 x Control Board, 1 x USB Cable, 10 x Drill Bit, 2 x Wrench Set, 2 x Stepper Motor, 1 x Screw Set, 5 x Connector, 1 x Power Supply    

Working area: 300 x 180mm, engraving height is no limit. You write about the height adjustment: "engraving height is no limit." How? How the height could be adjusted? In the photos it seems pretty fixed and limited. I ask this for the last time.

By Artur Nov-09/2019 09:22:24

Hello Artur,The engraving height is 40 mm on the Z axis and the workpiece height is also 40 mm.

4 Questions & Answers View All

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