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  • Dubry2017
    Fast budget low-costing phone, easy to use for older people!
    * Decent design. * Enough internal memory for Viber, Facebook, Instagram. * Expandability via MicroSD card. * Cameras are as expected for this price-range smartphone: not that good, not that bad. Good photos when lighting is ok. * Display is ok indoors, viewing angles are pretty bad due to the fact that display type is TFT, outdoors.
    * Not that I'm aware of.

    Oct 17,2017

  • Healthy Tips
    The battery on the max plus does drain noticably faster than the other models but man does the screen look great, I've never seen a screen look this good, The phone is taller than the regular version and not as wide as first this bothered me a little bit but I realized it's much easier to use one handed than the other thicker models, Also take note the phone requires a nano SIM card I am having to wait for my new sim to arrive before I can call or text

    Sep 25,2018

  • The Adcock Fam
    The design of it is so beautiful, The design is truly exquisite, Not to get off topic but I'm just writing this review because I feel like it is hard for people to get a true review these days and I just write positive reviews of some of the things I really love, They really hit on all the key features on what makes a smartphone the best

    Sep 01,2017

  • Vickie H
    I am happy with it and I will recomend it if you want to pay low price and have a very decent celphone, it doesn't get stuck using firngerprint option neither other features that experts said will fail

    Sep 27,2018

  • Annette10
    The call quality and the volume is a problem there is no volume rocker on this and I went through all the settings, and if that is the case the volume is still low regardless of setting

    Jan 30,2018

  • Christina M Gurka
    Thought it was a gimmick at the low price point but after a months testing, dual sims along with sim card which is a rare feature nowadays, Keep these product features and more going !!!!

    Jul 26,2018

  • Mr Eccles' beloved
    Essential has been incredibly fast to deliver monthly security updates for it, No device is indestructable and the Essential is certainly not an exception

    Nov 21,2017

  • D. M. Solo
    Fast processing and color is fantastic, The cameras are of a good quality but needed a stabilization feature to reduce movement while shooting a photo/video

    Sep 24,2018

  • shannon mclaughlin
    The display is good and clear and did not observe any issues in bright sunlight, The audio recording option in call is also a good feature of this phone

    Nov 05,2017

  • Cassiel
    The camera reaction time I'm not sure if I can change yet but I don't care for that although the actual pictures when I do take a picture turns out great

    Aug 10,2018