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  • Hugo Silva
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    Is it the best Smartphone of 2016?
    Hi, Very happy to tell you, after 1 month of use, how do I feel about this phone!

    First of all: GREAT DESIGN, just love it! it's SIMPLE and PREMIUM.
    The screen: Fantastic. But it could be a little brighter!
    Battery life: Don't expect high performance, and long battery in the same phone! Hope to see a upgrade in the next letv phone!
    QuickCarge 3.0: you just got to love it!
    Camera: Very good camera in light conditions, don't expect much in low light conditions, but it won't disappoint the most users! Very detailed photos, It can record 4K video, but it doesn't mean that it's good quality, don't support the Optical Stabilization, so I only record 4K whit tripod.
    Sound: Now that's the best sound that I've ever experienced in a smartphone. The stock earphones are incredible. The sound it's impressive. Can't stop listening to music, since I've got the phone! This is by far, the best feature in this phone.

    In overall it's a good smartphone, if you want it cheap and high end specs, this is definitely the phone!
    Now, I've being testing this phone over a month. And it's not all perfect.

    First: it can be really hard to get used to the "EUI" (leeco custom ROM). I love android, but they messed it. I didn't change ROM, but had to install a Launcher to work.
    Fingerpring scanner: not used to it, cause my previous phone didn't had one. And I can't get used to it anymore, cause after 3 weeks, it stop working. So it's pretty much USELESS!

    And the most annoying thing that happened to me was this:
    The stock USB-C cable that came with the phone, WON'T GHARGE IT! Yes, it can connect to your PC and it transfer files, but it won't charge. So, if you buy one, please buy an extra USB-C cable.

    Befour I bought the phone, I new about the fingerprint scanner issue, but not this cable issue. Just after having the problem, I found out in several forums that this is a cable problem, and not a phone or battery issue.

    This are the most negative things about the leeco le max 2.
    Do I recommend it? TOTALLY! Very happy with it! hope it last long.

    Jul 11,2017

  • 000002OO1 Mexico
    Yes (1) Color: Gray Size: Global Version
    Great phone but...
    Amazing screen, Aluminium body, feels solid, works fine with the networks LTE Mexico, 64GB Memory, Good cameras at day, fast phone. after all, it's a good phone I still recommend the people to buy it.

    Excelente telefono en general por el precio recommiendo enteramente que la gente lo compre, me tardo algo en que me lo mandara el proveedor tardo 2 semanas en moverlo pero una vez que estuvo en las manos de DHL me llego rapido tan solo 4 dias a guadalajara, pague el expedited shipping desde HongKong. 198.99 + 25 del envio, la aduana no me cobro impuestos, compatible con la red celular sin problemas incluido LTE en Mexico.

    The providor sent me a current adapter as I requested i did not know it will come with american charger so it was not necesary anyways thank you, they sent the adapter for free.
    -Video recording at night not good because the light of the flash is very poor.
    -It came with a bubble of dust in the corner of the screen impossible to remove because is between the screen and the touch ( I uploaded a picture so you can see that)
    -I bought it at May 15, they shipped until May 29 and then DHL delivered Jun 1.
    -Sometimes is perceptible when it is showing some animations or video call some of noise in the screen like snow (do not know if it is because it change the resolution to display it in 2K) maybe and update can fix it...

    Knowing this would I buy it again? YES, very good phone for the price

    Sabiendo esto lo compraria otra vez? Si, excelente telfono por un excelente precio

    Jun 04,2017

  • Алексей
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: Global Version
    Leeco le max 2. X829
    Очень долго и тщательно сравнивал,выбирал какой телефон взять.
    На счет Leeco были сомнения в прошивке, а на счет покупки телефона в инт.магазине -доставка,доедет ли живим или мертвым.
    С первых секунд аппарт понравился
    Приятный на ощупь
    Собран по моему мнению довольно добротно.
    Экран отличный(люблю смотреть видосы)очень доволен.
    Зарядка просто электровеник!
    Звук в наушниках очень достойный(в фирменных наушниках оч громко играет,а от сторонних немного тише)
    Наушники отличные,в ухе сидят как влитые и приятно светятся оранжевым в темноте!
    Оперативки 4 гига
    Проц мосссьный=)))
    В общем покупкой пока доволен,как будет дальше нужно время.
    Из минусов отмечу не полный перевод на русский язык,почитав отзывы узнал что не один русский обделили.
    Рамки,на них не обращал раньше внимания а тут увидел и есть ощущение что чуть большеваты,для меня не критично!
    И самый большой минус что нет 3.5 джека(

    Jun 07,2017

  • Matheus
    Yes (3) Color: Gray Size: Global Version
    Great for power users
    Overall, a great product. Good specifications for the price. There are plenty of custom ROM's for those interested (caution: it voids the warranty).

    - Screen size is great for reading, videos, and social media.
    - 2K resolution is great. Images are great.
    - The camera was a great surprise on daylight. Never thought it would be so good.
    - Powerful, a lot of space and memory.

    If you're a power user or are close to some, buy it. It worth all the small pains and the risks. If you don't imagine yourself replacing a screen (it seems to be easy but you never know), there a lot of other options.
    Relevant cons for me:

    - You will definitely need to use a launcher app to hide all the bloatware installed by default.
    - Just a few factory apps can be uninstalled/deactivated.
    - There are some notification bugs in case you use the play store (apps such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Inbox, etc.). There are some workarounds to solve them, but not as much efficient as it should.
    - The fingerprint is faulty, not a big issue if you don't need it. Mine is still working but don't count on it.
    - I have a GREAT CONCERN on some flickering issues on the screen. I've seen a lot of users complaining about it and needing to replace it by themselves, and I'm afraid it happens to me.
    - Screen size is a con if you don't like it. Once I got used, it became great.
    - Battery capacity is small for a 2K screen + heavy use. If you use it moderately or can charge during the day, it's fine.

    Dec 08,2017

  • Pedro
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: Global Version
    Best 2K display phone at this price!
    I was looking for a 2K display phone in order to play around with VR. I can honestly say that it is more than worth it, not just for VR!
    The phone is silky smooth and has no problem with any game. It usually runs fairly cool, but with VR games I was already expecting some heat (cools down pretty fast anyway) !
    Even with the things that I consider negative, I would definitely recommend it to people who are into VR, but also to people looking for a big-ish and smooth phone.
    No OTA with shop ROM
    Fingerprint sensor is relatively slower than other phones I've tested (mi5, mi5s, mi6 and honor 6x) and fails once or twice almost daily.

    Jun 30,2017

    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: Global Version
    Le TV LeEco max 2
    OTIMO, RECOMENDO A TODOS.Display: 5.7 inch 2560 × 1440 pixels screen
    CPU: Snapdragon 820 2.15GHz Quad Core
    System: Android 6.0
    Bluetooth: BT4.2
    Features: Gravity Sensor
    SIM Card: dual SIM dual standby, nano SIM + nano SIM
    2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    3G: WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz
    4G: FDD-LTE B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17
    LeTV LeEco Le Max 2 X829 4G Phablet Android 6.0 5.7 inch 2K Screen Snapdragon 820 2.15GHz Quad Core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 21.0MP Rear Camera

    Jul 11,2017

  • ketchu
    Yes (1) Color: Gray Size: Global Version
    Impresiones le max x2 (x829)
    tiene una fabricación bastante robusta, las prestaciones que tiene son de un gama alta, una pantalla mas que suficiente y pese al tamaño es bastante fácil de manejar con una mano, la opción de carga rápida de batería es un gran acierto en este terminal, esta se carga por completo en 1 hora; la inclusión de la tecnología dolby atmos da una experiencia musical bastante buena usando auriculares, soporta una gran cantidad de operadoras móviles, la recepción wifi es buena incluso en condiciones difíciles como en habitaciones separadas con 2 muros
    un gran terminal pero requiere dedicarle algo de tiempo para aprovechar todo su potencial
    capa de personalización poco intuitiva y bastante intrusiva
    una carga de batería dura 5 horas en uso medio (redes sociales y reproducción de música de forma esporádica)
    tiende a calentarse después de 15-20 min de uso
    el brillo de la pantalla es deficiente en exteriores
    al usar el parlante del móvil este no convierte el audio de estereo a monoaural, lo cual da una experiencia pobre (no se puede hacer con las herramientas predefinidas)
    tiene mucho sofware basura y las herramientas de leeco no hacen lo que debieran
    para aprovecharlo se le debe poner una custom room lo cual exige un conocimiento medio en programación

    Jun 06,2017

  • Kostyantyn Matviyevskyy
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: Global Version
    Отличнейший смартфон за свои деньги.
    Выбирал чтобы по критериям " круто и недорого". Не ошибся. Аппарат просто отличный за свою цену. Есть большое количество разработчиков, которые не оставляют аппарат без поддержки. Есть к нему даже прошивки Андроид 9. Очень не плохая камера. Смартфон очень быстрый и отзывчивый, смотрится дорого и брендово.

    Что не понравилось: автономность около 4-х часов экрана. Что несколько компенсируется зарядкой до 100% за 45 минут.

    Ниже пример фотки с камеры

    Nov 17,2018

  • MorenoAL
    Yes (0) Color: Golden Size: Global Version
    A dos semanas de uso
    Es un gran teléfono, robusto y que responde de manera fluido en el día a día. Efectivamente, rara vez te encuentras con que has ocupado prácticamente toda la RAM, y aún así, el teléfono responde de manera adecuada. Nitidez de pantalla espectacular. Las fotos, tanto de la cámara trasera como delantera, muy buenas, no así la grabación de vídeo (sobre todo en 4k). Sonido más que aceptable. Diseño muy bonito. Casi no pesa. En relación calidad precio, es de los que (aún hoy) va punteando la lista.
    El SO no puede actualizarse, a no ser que se decida flashear, con lo que ello implica. Carga rápida de 5% a 100% (con el teléfono apagado), en 1 hora y 40 minutos. Un poco incómodo de manejar con una sola mano (si eres de mano pequeña o mediana), y de llevar en el pantalón. Si no se protege con algún tipo de carcasa, es susceptible a rayones. A veces (un poco a menudo, si no se coloca bien o en cierta posición el dedo) no responde adecuadamente el lector de huellas.

    Apr 09,2017

  • Vitaly
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    LeEco Le Max 2 X829
    Very fast delivery (2 weeks), through Netherlands (that is very important too). With a phone I've got an original LeEco earphones, EU plug adapter, silicon bumper, adapter for 3,5 jack-type C earphones. As I understand, I also have a protection glass on the screen. I use this phone only 2 days, and so far phone works very good! Very satisfacted!
    As I understand, phone doesn't support undate on air, but that is not seller's fault, but of LeEco at all. So, Android 6 (EUI 5.8.016S) is also enought.

    May 11,2017