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  • Cathy.L
    Not bad, cost-effective, acceptable
    I bought the LincPlus P1 to surf the web and watch videos on the go, write emails and work something (Google Sheets, Office 365 applications in the browser), make the tax return or run simple programs. I want to play with the notebook at most 2D games that are included with Windows.

    And precisely for this purpose - combined with the price - this notebook is very suitable (with a limitation). If you expect a high-performance machine from the notebook, I have to disappoint and you can't expect that either. The office applications in the browser run well and smoothly. In Google Sheets tables with several charts or similar, you can also bring the device to its load limit. Office 365 with very large and extensive Excel spreadsheets run smoothly. However, I would prefer more computing power and memory for a fixed workstation.

    On travel, the notebook really plays its strength. I think the battery life is really good. I have a battery life of between 7 and 9 hours for the above activities (also streaming video). What I find really very good for the price. The 7 hours can be reached at full display brightness and without energy-saving functions.

    The display brightness is quite sufficient and the color rendering is not bad - certainly not comparable to the displays of Apple, but here too you should remember the price again.
    The keyboard may be a little loud, but I can handle the flat keys very well. A number pad is missing, which I see as an advantage when it comes to size.

    Jan 10,2020

  • E. Harris
    great little laptop
    lightweight, good screen, fast. very important that you add an SSDHDD. i emailed the vendor who told me which one to buy. took seconds to fit- there's a little door underneath that unscrews. a 500GB SSDHDD cost me £79. there's only one USB port which is fine for most day to day use- however it's worth buying a hub. bought it for my mother in law to replace her old, clunky and very heavy HP laptop. she loves this one! i was informed by the vendor that there was a potential issue with the keyboard. they offered me a replacement machine or to download a file to update the 'EC', thereby keeping my original machine. i opted for the download. they sent very clear instructions. the update worked first time. so far, no problems whatsoever. very happy.

    May 09,2020

  • Tim
    It's great! Very good value for the money!!!
    I'm very pleased with this product.
    Great deal, good quality, long battery life, great monitor! Perfect size and weight to curry around the whole day! Battery lasts for at least 7 hours...
    It boots into Windows in 20 seconds!
    I have also bought a WD BLUE 3D NAND SATA M.2 2280 250GB disk for only £40, used Macrium Reflect to copy the partitions to the new disk and it worked great!
    My advice for browser: install Maxthon, Opera or UC Browser. Chrome will crash the system...
    I will definitely buy another one for my daughter!!!

    May 11,2020

  • Tschingun
    läuft super!
    Das Notebook läuft besser als erwartet. Schon beim Auspacken war ich positiv von
    der Verarbeitung und dem Design überrascht. Sieht echt super aus. Das Tastatur Layout
    ist auf Deutsch, die Tasten lassen sich schön drücken und das Touchpad funktioniert auch
    super. Alle Fenster und Seiten öffnen sich schnell. Läuft echt gut. Nur den Festplattenspeicher
    von 32GB finde ich etwas zu wenig. Das steht ja aber in der Beschreibung und ist aufrüstbar.

    Apr 21,2020

  • Linus
    Great value laptop that looks premium!
    I really like this laptop! I think it's a good value because you get a premium-looking machine that is made of metal, it’s super thin and light, the overall performance has been good, the keyboard is comfortable to type on, the display is sharp and the battery lasts a long time. So far I didn't have any issues with it!

    Overall, I can definitely recommend this laptop as it offers a lot of value for the price!

    May 15,2020

  • Sarah Raus
    Great Laptop for the price
    This is a budget laptop that doesn't have a budget feel. fast delivery,Slim Metal housing,Very Nice ID.
    4G RAM and 32GB eMMC,storage is a little bit small,but the good thing is there's a SSD interface,I can expand to 512G myself.
    The laptop is fast on startup, When multiple apps are running, still running smoothly.And its Full HD IPS display also outstanding.
    Over all,If you are not a heavy apps user,this laptop definitely a good choice.Great buy for me.

    Dec 26,2019

  • Ingrid
    sehr hübscher günstiger Laptop
    Ich bin ein Laie,brauchte rasch einen einfachen Laptop für mein Homeoffice.
    Artikel kam sehr schnell,sieht sehr schön aus und war schnell einsatzbereit.
    Internetverbindung super,alles übersichtlich,das Gerät ist wirklich schön,alle meine Anforderungen sind erfüllt und das Teil funktioniert echt gut.Für den sehr günstigen Preis bin ich begeistert,vor allem wenn alles so bleibt!

    Apr 29,2020

  • Lincplus P1
    Akku defekt
    Der Mangel wurde angezeigt.
    Die Beseitigung wurde sehr schnell durch Austauch des Laptop behoben.
    Das Business and Marketing Department Sara Lv , des Lieferes Lincplus
    hat hier sehr gute Arbeit geleistet.Danke dafür.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Klaus Graßmann

    May 11,2020

  • John
    Pc ultra fin très léger facile d’utilisation prend tous les logiciels batterie qui tient assez longtemps

    Nov 09,2020