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  • Adam
    Very fun and very interesting
    First of all, it is really tight to receive the packaging of the machine! Since it is a novice, I have taken a lot of detours and I will talk about it here. The cover should be installed in accordance with the instructions in the manual. The platform should be calibrated before the first print. The transparent plastic film inside the trough cannot be scraped. The machine has a very high precision. The model printed by the default parameters of 0.05 shows almost no layering. The effect is very good, the surface is very smooth, the structure is clear, and the precision of viewing is really high. Well, consider getting the company to buy a few. The printed software is very easy to use, the touch screen control is also very convenient, and the slicing speed is very fast. The overall operation is a fool! The model is deeper under the board of the trough, and the effect of washing with alcohol is better, but it is also very clean with water and detergent. The conclusion is that the printer is powerful. Printing some small models more than enough, easy to operate, easy to get started, customer service attitude and after-sales attitude did not say, very satisfied with a shopping, recommended to buy!

    Jun 20,2019

  • Umer Waseem
    Impressive entry-level resin printer for the price!
    I have been sooo happy with this printer. After an initial frustration trying to figure things out and several failed prints, I am getting high-quality, consistent results now almost every time. Once you have good settings figured out for whatever particular resin you are using, the results and print quality are amazing. I love it. When you buy it, find the Longer LCD owners fb group, a small but good group that has been really helpful for me.
    It's printing time long which is no comparison to the Fdm printer But the details is great. I have to say I have no regrets. This printer has solid metal construction and feels like a quality product. Everything from the instructions to the packing and included accessories is very well put together.

    Jun 26,2019

  • Ralap Swinburne
    This 3D printer saved my life!!!
    I'm in architecture school and we always have to make models as our homework. Bought this machine several days ago, now I show up to class every day with a new model print.
    In architectural design, it's so hard to represent your design without a physical model. Plans, sections, and renderings only go so far. With this printer, I was able to quickly make prototypes and explore architectural forms. Traditional model crafting can take days of tedious work just to produce one prototype. This machine is so easy, and remarkably I had no trouble with it so far.
    This is very easy to use and the quality of the machine and the prints are amazing! Definitely recommend!

    Jun 21,2019

  • Frank Grantham
    Great Value
    I'm loving this Longer Orange10 LCD 3D Printer!!! The ultimate is very well built with a solid metal frame. This worked right out of the box and it was printing objects in no time. This printed objects pretty fast and I was also very impressed with the quality, it was amazing.
    I've been using this printer non-stop since receiving it, my girlfriend might hate me but I might be addicted to 3D printing now.
    It’s easy to operate and easy to level, support offline printing by data from TF card, and its automatic detection is awesome.
    Overall I'm a very happy camper with this Ultimate 3D printer and looking forward to what awesome creations I can make with this.

    Jun 22,2019

  • Mohamed
    Je suis un étudiant et je suis très intéressé par les imprimantes 3D.Le prix de cette imprimante est très approprié et il est dans ma tolérance. Cette imprimante 3D est inattendue. Le réglage de la machine tout-en-un m'a fait gagner beaucoup de temps. Je peux commencer à configurer l'impression avant le cours et revenir au résultat de l'acceptation après le cours. Chaque fois que j'imprime le modèle, je suis surpris et excité. J'ai commencé à apprendre à concevoir des modèles à l'aide du logiciel slice et j'espère concevoir des modèles complexes et esthétiques.

    Jun 28,2019

  • nemano
    longer orange 10
    Bonjour à tous ,
    elle est là :) elle est bien arrivée malgré les circonstances actuelles (même si annoncé en 5jr ouvrés prévoyez plutôt 15jrs ) en revanche Longer devrait revoir la protection du colis, en effet l'imprimante a été expédiée uniquement dans son carton d'emballage.
    J'ignore pour le moment si ce manque de protection a entraîné de la casse, l'imprimante n'est pas encore montée (j'attend les lampes UV :)) je vous tiens au courant s'il y a un soucis.
    PS : le numéro de suivi n'est pas donné d'office, mais un message au vendeur et il vous le communique rapidement.

    May 06,2020

  • Davide Iacolino
    Entry level facile e divertente ma un po' di resina si poteva aggiungere
    La stampante è è di ottima fattura il corpo è molto ben piazzato di un peso per fino eccessivo per le dimensioni Quindi si suppone che sia molto ben stabile e da ottime finiture il touch screen ha una risposta Un po' lenta ma tutto sommato accettabile Unico neo che ho potuto trovare dalla unboxing di ieri sera è la mancanza anche solo di un campione di resina che mi avrebbe consentito di far partire una stampa al volo giudizio comunque molto positivo anche il software in dotazione È molto facile da usare anche se forse un po' poco intuitivo.

    Jun 18,2020

  • zuikai
    Orange10: I did a lot of research before choosing this one and I apparently made a great choice.
    It is VERY sturdy and well built. It was quick to set up.
    It comes with a nice manual and even some videos on the SD card to show you how to perform certain tasks; I couldn't wait to launch my first printing according as the instructional video.To my surprise, it was very successful ! I was very impressed with the finished product. Smooth and no lines nor any blemishes. Looks very beautiful !

    Jul 08,2019

  • Eric
    Very cheap printer
    I always want to own a LCD printer, I like the LCD's high printing quality . But always keep waiting because of the LCD printer's expensive price . Until I find this printer -Orange 10. I very satisfied for his printing quality . The model are very beautiful , Appreciate Longer give me a wonderful LCD printing experience ! I must say this printer is very great , the price is very great !!

    Jun 21,2019

  • Dominic Baines
    NIce little addition to 3D stable here at M1KTA
    Nice addition to the 3D stable here at M1KTA with FDM printers (Ender3 and an extended version, an old K8200) and a nice CNC2418.

    Only issue so far is I thought Longer had dealt with the noisy fan, this is not quiet by any means.

    The Longer10 didn't include resin unlike the review versions you might have seen so check or els buy some separtately.

    Jun 04,2020