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  • Mr.Unitaz
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Good lenses
    I'm no camera expert, but these lenses seem to work fairly well. I uploaded a few images if anyone needs proof. The wide angle lens consists of the macro lens attached to a second lens. Take off the second lens, and you're left with the macro. I'm not sure that everyone realized this, and that may be why people aren't getting good macro images. No instructions were included, which doesn't help.

    Also, my phone is already pretty thick, so the lenses don't really fit if I have a case on. I saw some reviews where people said it worked alright with their phones and cases, though. Just keep in mind that a case may or may not get in the way.

    Finally, at least on my phone, I can see a bit of the edges of the lens when I'm using the wide angle. If I'm very careful with centering the lens, they're almost unnoticeable in the corners of the image. I guess this will vary based on your camera and whether or not you have a case. Of course, the image can just be cropped.

    Jul 31,2018

  • George
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Линза прищепка для смартфона
    Удобная, доступная штуковина, для более широкого угла, когда надо сфотографировать или записать видео, но угла камеры не хватает. Она не работает как увеличительное стекло, просто меняет угол обзора. В комплекте 2 вида линз. 1 на прищепке, 1 в запасе и удобный мешочек для хранения и переноски. В данном экземпляре замечен небольшой брак, по центру линзы пятнышко, если присмотреться на фото или видео, видно как в том места размывает.

    Convenient, affordable gizmo, for a wider angle when you need to take pictures or record video, but the angle of the camera is not enough. It does not work as a magnifying glass, it just changes the viewing angle. Includes 2 types of lenses. 1 on a clothespin, 1 in stock and a convenient bag for storage and carrying. In this instance, a small marriage is noticed, in the center of the lens is a spot, if you look closely at a photo or video, you can see how it blurs in that place.

    Jan 31,2019

  • Nicky
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Goof quality and cheap
    Initially, it was only on the Iphone and expensive cameras, and now they began to stamp universal fisheries, and I became their owner!

    For your 115 rubles, the kit will include:
     Clothespin on which you will attach various lenses. On the clothespin there is a thread on which you can screw the lens you need!
    A large lens that increases camera visibility by 180 degrees!

    This piece gives a sense of volume of the photo, but at the same time, it is not like 180 degrees! The quality of the glass is better than that of 180 degrees.

    Not a very clear photo, but in principle for 115 rubles will pull!
    4) Comes with a case of pleasant fabric, and on top of it will be puffs!
    I am pleased with this product, because for such a small amount of money, you can decorate your photo world with such interesting features of a regular mobile phone lens!

    Nov 07,2018

  • Andrey
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    GearBest LP3001 сменный объектив на телефон
    Основные характеристики:
    Модный дизайн клипов, портативный и легкий
    Материал: высококачественный, прочный и прочный
    Универсальный тип, подходит для iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC и других смартфонов
    3 в 1 универсальном объективе клипа: широкоугольный и макрообъектив, объектив для объектива
    Macro позволяет снимать снимки небольших объектов.
    Широкоугольный объектив может снимать более широкий диапазон пейзажей.
    180 градусов сцены могут быть захвачены объективом «рыбий глаз», что позволяет вам наслаждаться другим миром.
    Чтобы использовать этот объектив, вы можете легко наслаждаться фотографией и найти мгновенную красоту мира

    Nov 22,2017

  • Hiran
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Universal Clip Lens
    I am rating this universal clip lens is good quality product. Its improve the quality ,specially the range of the photo and the colour of the photo.
    As it's gives best quality photos even from a law quality phone ,its unbelievable to guys who saw those photos.
    Greatest advantage of this lens is ,its save my money which have to pay for either for a new phone with higher pixel lens or for a quality camera.
    So this is a best tool to take photos with high quality and save my pocket too.
    therefore i would like to tell to my friends that,buy this lens and enjoying it
    This product increase the quality of my photos .Specially with the panaroma option in smart phone ,you can do things that you never expect.

    May 04,2018

  • Giorgos
    Yes (0) Color: Silver
    Very nice
    This product is easy to use,It's Portable due to the Microfiber pouch protecting it from scratched with the help of the protective caps that are provided,which you can also use for cleaning the lenses.Good clip strength, it clips well on my mobile phone! Clear lenses! The price is good and it's value for money! The quality build is nice, like i said the clip is strong and the lenses are metalic. overall it's an excellent product with a low price!
    Nothing in my opinion, but you should know that in some mobile phones it may cover the flash. that depends on the phone you have, and it's not that bad!

    Sep 05,2017

  • Andrey
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Широкоугольная и рыбий глаз - по большому счету почти идентичны и одинаково бесполезны.
    Макро - уже более-менее интересно, но подойдет для телефонов у угловым расположением камеры (фокусное расстояние небольшое и в противном случае - сам себе телефоном свет закрываешь).
    Линзы действительно ТРИ: широкоуольная накручивается на макро.

    так как шло в дополнение за 0,09$, то своих денег стоит. но не более того

    Aug 26,2018

  • Alexander Stotsenko
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Works without troubles.
    zP"""""$e. $" $o
    4$ '$ $" $
    '$ '$ J$ $F
    'b $k $> $
    $k $r J$ d$
    '$ $ $" $~
    '$ "$ '$E $
    $ $L $" $F ...
    $. 4B $ $$$*"""*b
    '$ $. $$ $$ $F
    "$ R$ $F $" $
    $k ?$ u* dF .$
    ^$. $$" z$ u$$$$e
    #$b $E.dW@e$" ?$
    #$ .o$$# d$$$$c ?F
    $ .d$$#" . zo$> #$r .uF
    $L .u$*" $&$$$k .$$d$$F
    $$" ""^"$$$P"$P9$
    JP .o$$$$u:$P $$
    $ ..ue$" "" $"
    d$ $F $
    $$ ....udE 4B
    #$ """"` $r - @$
    ^$L '$ $F
    RN 4N $
    *$b d$
    No black jack and hookers.

    | ___|
    | (.\+/.)
    | ,,,'
    | '###

    Jan 16,2018

  • Andrea
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    3 Lens Effects
    -- ITA --
    3 Lenti per 3 effetti diversi. Una lente per il Fish Eye ed una lente scomponibile in 2 parti per il Wide Angle e Macro. Ognuna dotata di un tappo otturatore. Comoda molletta per applicazione su smartphone e utile sacca porta-oggetti.
    Consegna rapida. Prodotto ben confezionato ed imballato.
    -- ENG --
    3 Lenses for 3 different effects. A lens for the Fish Eye and one (disassembling into 2 parts) for the Wide Angle and Macro. Each equipped with a shutter stopper. Convenient clip for application on smartphone and useful pocket for storing these objects.
    Quick delivery. Well wrapped and packaged product.
    -- ITA --
    Nessuna pecca.
    -- ENG --

    Aug 01,2016

  • Marcos
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Review Lentes
    O produto tem um material de qualidade e é muito bom para a finalidade com que usarei. A qualidade do produto me agradou bastante, mostra que é um produto que vale a pena, e ainda vem com uma bolça para transporte. Encaixa em qualquer celular e é bem fácil de se usar. É muito mais barato que seus concorrentes. Antes achava que só os mais caros poderia me trazer essa qualidade mas vi que esse me atendeu muito bem.
    Recomendaria facilmente a amigos e familiares, a loja é muito boa e cumpre o que promete
    Não há contras

    Apr 25,2018