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  • May
    Ok as a cat toy, probably.Pros.It's sort of egg coloured.Cons.It's not rubber, but thin plastic, like a ping pong ball.It bounces like a ping pong ball.It weighs practically nothing, like a ping pong ball.It dents, and stays dented, yep, you guessed it...It's not very well made as it has scruffy seems.Oh, and it isn't even a proper egg shape, unless you eat pointy eggs!I purchased two of these so I could add them to my friends egg basket for a joke, but these wouldn't even fool an ant, so the joke's on me as my 1.44 is going straight in the bin.In my photo, the real egg is the one on the left, oh, my mistake, the one on the right, it's difficult to tell them apart...Ps... I would have kept them, but I don't have a cat!

    Dec 20,2018

  • Oleg
    Точная копия яйца
    Это самая удивительная копия яйца, которую я встречал в своей жизни. Размер средний между куриным и перепелиным. То есть это яйцо птицы, являющейся по теории Дарвина промежуточным звеном между курицей и перепелкой. Наверное, такие птицы водятся где-то в неизведанных дебрях Китая. Очень заинтересовало нашу кошку и владело ее вниманием целых 5 минут. Спасибо, Гирбест!

    Dec 03,2018

  • Jerominek
    The Item is OK, but not really a good quality. For this Price it is OK, but would not buy it again If you are far away it looks little bit like a real egg but if you see it near than you see it is not good make
    Not really a good Quality of the Item you can see where the egg is put together there is a egde across the hole egg not really nice, but it is good that the egg dont cost too much so its ok for the Price, So i would not buy it again.

    Mar 22,2018

  • Seppo
    This product is very nice! It looks good, works good! The delivery time was great, shipping was for free, but the best was the price! Thank you so much! Great!
    Very good looking product, works very good, nice delivery time! Good product and a pretty good Service.

    Jan 24,2017

  • Marin
    Magic Props Simulation Rubber Egg Elastic Ball Pet Toys from GearBest
    Magic Props Simulation Rubber Egg Elastic Ball Pet Toys from GearBest Cool Honest price

    Jul 31,2016

  • Maciek
    Plastic piece of sh..
    it's made of bad plastic, came to me broken and beyond any ability to repair. Don't buy this thing, it's worthless.

    Jan 10,2019

  • Samer Atef Serhan
    My Cat loved it!!
    Just a simple toy for your pet! But they keep my Cat so Happy with a new Gift!
    nothing to consider, it's just a toy!

    Aug 12,2017

  • Wanderson M.
    Muito bom e realista!
    É bem realista! Testei com várias pessoas e todos elas se assustaram achando que era um ovo de verdade. Tamanho certo. A cor é bem similar a um ovo de verdade.
    Você consegue ver e sentir onde o produto foi "colado" facilmente. Mas se você só jogar no rumo da pessoa, não dá pra perceber. Tirando isso, produto bom!

    Feb 26,2017

  • Farouk_Dzz
    good item
    thank you so much buyer good item and easy to using of course fast shopping...
    fast shopping...

    Aug 23,2015

  • Cássio Felipe
    muito divertido e engraçado kk enganei minha galinha ela tá chocando até hj kkkkkkkkk

    Dec 04,2018