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  • Mihaly
    Marjay charger
    I get it after 4 weeks,the charger has a good build quality,it shows the voltage ,after you plug in the phone it shows the charging amperes.For me it was only 1,5 amper,but my phone supporting the quick-charge with his original charger work with 3,5 A.Even like this is ok for 3 dollar price but i was expecting to charge at least with 2 A.I think is not QC 3.0 compatible.When i tested the first usb give 1,45A,the second usb0.97A.

    Nov 02,2019

    3 usb port charger.
    Good quality 3 usb port charger,its not fast,doesn't give 7,or 9,or 12 volts dc as fast chargers do.can easily give 5.2 v dc, and 3.2 amp max,when all usb ports are does get hot,but not much.
    Καλός φτηνός φορτιστής 3 θυρων usb,αλλά όχι γρήγορης φόρτησης,δεν δίνει πάνω απο 5.2 v dc ,οι γρήγοροι δίνουν 7,9 κ 12 v dc. αλλα μέχρι κ 3.2 amp max οταν φορτίζουν κ οι 3 θύρες. ζεσταίνεται,αρκετά οταν φορτίζουν κ οι 3 us, αλλα όχι επικίνδυνα.προτείνεται.

    Nov 08,2019

  • konstantin
    Marjay 3.1A5V
    зарядка Marjay 3.1A5V соответствует описанию,под нагрузкой в 2а,тест пройден нормально,добавляешь второе устройство ,ток падает,а так на скидках можно брать!рекомендую зарядное нормальное!
    Charging Marjay 3.1A5V matches the description under load 2a, the test passed ok, adds a second device, the current drops and so on discounts can be taken! recommend charging the normal

    Dec 17,2019

  • Pawel
    Marjay charger
    Cheap, fast and lightweight 3.1A charger. Contain 3 USB ports and LCD for show voltage and current.
    The charger was modestly packed in an envelope with bubble wrap, but the package arrived undamaged.
    Parameters and the possibility of quick charging not yet well tested.

    Nov 07,2019

  • Warren
    Good product
    Charger shows voltage and current, and the charging current is 3A, very fast charge, this price is very affordable, in our country at least three times to buy the money, like a charger, I am very surprised

    Sep 07,2019

  • Christian
    Very efficient phone charger.
    Works flawlessly. Meets its advertised characteristics.
    Displaying the current intensity allows to check whether the charging process is close to its end, even when the charged equipment has no display of its own.

    Dec 07,2019

  • ksuxa
    Everything's fine.
    The order came quickly in four weeks. Everything is exactly as in the description and as requested . Checked-charging works, but what parameters the flow and voltage gives out is not yet measured. Packed was weak, only in a puffy envelope, but nothing was damaged. In general, i advise everyone this seller and his goods.

    Sep 27,2019

  • Pakho
    USB Charger
    Charger shows voltage and current, and the charging current is 3A, very fast charging, this price is very affordable, in our country at least three times the money to buy such a charger, I am very surprised

    Sep 02,2019

  • Anna Brrrr
    Marjay 3.1A 5V EU US USB Travel Fast Charger Plug 3Ports LCD Intelligent Digital Display Universal
    Everything works perfectly already checked, thanks to the seller and his shop... respect and respect you for the quality and reliability of delivery of goods!!!

    Sep 02,2019

  • Vitaliy Panchenko
    Paczka dostarczona w ciągu 20 dni. Wszystko działa jak trzeba, szybko ładuje IPhona i iPada, polecam!

    Nov 12,2019