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  • elgal100200
    Its a little power house
    Firstly, i was impressed with the price £86.07 and the fact the phone arrived within 6 days, with no fees attached like it was in the past when i bought phones here.The phone was already set up which i was glad about and your standard applications already installed, this made life easier to be honest and straightforward.In regards to the quality of the phone it definitely holds it own, Good memory capacity, fast to load application, and it has a great deal of ram storage.The camera quality is very decent considering the price of the phone, the only thing is screen quality is not the best when compare to the NOTE 8 samsung but maybe thats not a fair comparison.In general its a great phone, 3G and 4G are received easily i am using a UK Three Network and the reception is very Good. I may buy this same phone again for a family member especially back in Sierra Leone.Thanks GearBest for a great phone.

    Feb 05,2019

  • Alexander
    maze blade
    Got a good phone, camera, speakers, external, the microphone all works without problems, up to Moscow for 14 days, the back of the phone from the mirror can be looked like in the mirror for girls, the thing is, the normal is normal, the one that has not yet tested, but that's not tested yet Works very fast, very similar to dormouse, the buttons work all of metal and glass, it's not so big as it seems, a monolithic square like a Nokia, it's better not to drop it, the glass has pasted 5 dumas only on the visible part of the screen, there are not any covers yet, Sony. . , We will wait for alpha, build quality is very high, I recommend buying.
    The manufacturer needs to work out the quality of the back cover. There are small remnants of either glue, or a clamping device when gluing the rear window.

    May 14,2017

  • Paolo Ruggiu
    Buon cellulare ad un prezzo onesto
    In quanto a materiali nulla da dire, bellissimi e piacevoli al tatto, la fattura in alcuni punti è un po' imprecisa con poca cura nel montaggio del cellulare ma nulla che pregiudichi la funzionalità. Piccolo bug che capita delle volte per un difetto del sensore di prossimità (a quanto pare riscontrato anche da altri) lasciando il cellulare spento anche provando a sbloccarlo con il pulsante di sblocco. I componenti sono buoni ma si trova decisamente di meglio a parità di prezzo, ora che scrivo la recensione 01 dic 2017 è sold out, non so se tornerà mai in stock.
    Come scritto sopra

    Dec 01,2017

  • Dragan
    Great phone for under 100 Euros
    Very nice looking phone,good build,it works for now as expected,no issues encountered so far,only sometimes it wont update apps from play store,says it cant download,so i do it manually. I'm happy with it so far and can recommend it
    The product description is misleading ! It says Dual sim + sd card slot. I have even sent a question to Gearbest to ask about that,because i saw reviews saying that you have to choose,either the second sim card,or instead of the second sim you can use microSD,and they replied to me you can use all 3,which is NOT TRUE ! You can use one sim + microSD,or 2 sim and no microSD

    Jul 19,2017

  • Сергей
    Телефон понравился, хороший дисплей, необычный дизайн, премиальные материалы корпуса, много памяти, интересные фишки в прошивке типа жестов, защиты избранных приложений отпечатком пальца, программируемая доп. кнопка.
    Из минусов: смарт не игровой, звук не очень громкий, да и качество его не особо хорошее, хотелось бы чехлов и стекол.

    Jun 26,2017

  • João Martins
    Good look. Seems to be a more expansive device.
    Super lightweight for the measures (I thought it was heavier). Hods well on the hand. The materials and the look are very good. Good screen in brightness and colors. The camera also complies for the price paid.
    The edge at top and at bottom are a bit large.

    Jun 19,2017

  • zakazvsetiru
    Это самый лучший телефон за 99$ This is the best phone for 99 $
    Телефон очень хорош! Это самый лучший телефон за 99$ Я покупал по предсазау в магазине Гербест за 140$ Phone is very good! This is the best phone for 99 $ I bought a presale in the store for $ 140
    минус что он яркий и очень большой но это не страшно только позитивные ощущения после 5 дней использования Minus that it is bright and very large But it's not scary Only positive sensations after 5 days of use

    May 24,2017

  • Dmitrij
    Maze Blade
    I use it not a long time, but it good experience. Good displey and colors, nice design. Phone is not a small for this size
    Good quality jf sensor and camera. Splash is no bad. Saying about battery - you will use it one full day

    Oct 30,2017

  • Dmitrij
    Maze blade
    Fantastic design looks like Sony. All functions on a high and price is very comfortable
    If you want something new in your life and if you want something stilish - buy this phone

    Nov 01,2017

  • Codrut Nistor
    An amazing phone
    Looks great, both selfies and images taken with the main camera are far better than expected, AnTuTu score of over 39k. Just as a side note - I got it for $99 USD. At $150 USD as it is priced now, there might be some better choices around.
    It does not come with a screen protector and finding accessories for it is really tough at this time.

    Jul 22,2017