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  • Louis Lee
    Yes (4) Color: Gun Metal Size: US Plug
    No title
    1) This box is well built.
    2) The antenna is easier attached to the body.
    3) It runs very fast. It plays my local movies instantaneously no lag time.
    4) It plays all of my local movies smoothly: avi, mkv, x265, and 4k movies. It also plays smoothly in movies with 4K@60fps.
    5) Remote control is easy to understand and use. I feel comfortable when pressing the buttons.
    6) The layout of the ports (HDMI, USBs, AC, SPDIF) are logical and accessible. I can remove one USB cable without the need to remove other cables to gain access to that one USB cable.
    7) It has a Google Play Store installed.
    8) Android system is un-rooted.
    9) The USB ports will recognize my 4TB external hard drives. Now, I can play my movies, music, and photos where they are stored in my 4TB hard drives.
    10) I have two issues with this box (shown below). However, these issues are minor and solvable.
    11) In my opinion, I believe this is almost a "perfect" android tv box.
    1) The LED blue lights are very bright. It is uncomfortable looking at the box with such the bright lights. I solved this issue by placing duct tapes on the box where the LED light is located.
    2) This box came with an app named "TV Center", which is really KODI version 17 RC2. I know the current version is 17.1. However, the TV Center app showed no update available. I did not want to get stuck with older versions. I solved this issue by a) uninstall TV Center; and b) install KODI 17.1 from the Google Play Store.

    May 05,2017

  • High flights
    Yes (2) Color: Gun Metal Size: US Plug
    Best budget box on the market.
    So this is my review for the Mecool BB2 Pro Android TV box. This is without a doubt an amazing android TV box, it is very fast with an 8 core CPU and 3GB of DDR4 RAM. The box just flys, everything loads very quick and smooth. Plays 4K video with ease. Testing lots of games from the Google Play store and they work superb. I love the simple but awesome looking home screen, easy to navigate around and customise. I have tested Kodi 17 and it performs very well and so does a handful of my favourite third party android apps like showbox. Highly recommend this box, i have tried lots of android TV boxes and this is definitely on of the top boxes on the market right now.
    Not at all

    Aug 09,2017

    Yes (0) Color: Gun Metal Size: US Plug
    TV Box
    Excelente producto, primeramente lo he estado usando para saber la calidad con la que cuenta y así poder dar una opinión de como ha estado trabajando, hasta el momento he estado muy satisfecho con el producto, cuenta con excelente calidad, al igual que el material, entradas de ventilación, la señal es muy buena a pesar de que se ve pequeña la antena, el software es facil de utilizar y cuenta con muy buen hardware para reproducir la mayoria de videos, en si es un producto que cubre todas mis necesidades.
    Lo único que no me gusta es que las actualizaciones no son muy constantes pero igual espero que haya una actualización en un futuro,

    Oct 12,2017

  • Oleg Yaitskiy
    Yes (0) Color: Gun Metal Size: EU Plug
    MECOOL ВВ2 PRO great tv box
    Устройство работает безупречно, быстро и стабильно (с телевизором LG), от Windows не отстает в своей изначальной задумке как смарт тв. У андроида есть ряд плюсов - это множество приложений, компактность, бесшумность и цена. По боксу отмечу следующее: прошивка последней версии за январь 2017г., оперативной памяти свободной около 2 гб, тормозов нет. Адаптация под ТВ думаю близка к 5 баллам, нагревается в пределах нормы, антуту 4100. Свои задачи как смарт ТВ и сёрфинг решает хорошо, для этого и брал и пишу отзыв исходя из этого.
    Недостатков пока не обнаружил

    Mar 18,2017

  • Davirex88
    Yes (0) Color: Gun Metal Size: EU Plug
    TV Box Mecool bb2 pro
    Tv box perfetta, antenna wifi esterna per una migliore ricezione rispetto ad altre box con antenna integrata.
    Cpu veloce Amlogic S912 8core, 3gb di RAM, menù essenziale ma elegante. Consiglio di utilizzare una tastiera wireless.
    Uscite 2 usb, HDMI, ottica audio ecc..
    Funziona perfettamente con Kodi, per IPTV ecc...non utilizzabile con app come Skygo, Tim Vision, Premium poichè vede il root del dispositivo.
    Gearbest ottimo come sempre 14 giorni arrivato

    Sep 22,2017

  • Anders
    Yes (1) Color: Gun Metal Size: EU Plug
    Opened the package to find the lovely new smell :)

    Checking hte contents everything is in, incl a HDMI cable. 2 AAA batteries is needed for hte remote (didn't follow as expected)

    Starting it up was no problems whatsoever and it all was up and runnign within a few minutes.

    Easy to handle and looks good. Really pleased with it so far. Ran it for 9 hours of various movies and series and had no problem whatsoever in 1080p @60Hz.
    No con's at all. Everything that was described was in it.

    Jan 23,2017

  • Jordy van de Ven
    Yes (3) Color: Gun Metal Size: EU Plug
    Fantastic Android Box!
    Fantastic Android box, super fast speeds. Smooth interface, fast Wi-Fi (!), Kodi 17 works fine.

    ! = Bought this Android box because of its antenna, and I get 100/100 on a 500/500 connection on 802.11n 5GhZ

    YouTube app is in TV mode, which is cool!

    No import duties paid with DHL to NL.
    Ugly launcher, but you can easily replace it.

    Dec 23,2016

  • Giuseppe
    Yes (0) Color: Gun Metal Size: EU Plug
    This product is really a good buy.

    - Stable Android 6.0
    - New octacore CPU S912 AmLogic
    - 4k video playback HDR10/HLG without frame skip
    - 3GB RAM DDR4 / 16 Flash ROM
    - Good wifi reception with external antenna.
    - Power button / Status Led (few Android Box has it)
    - Parts of the box are made of aluminum material for good cooling.
    - Performance does not go far beyond the S915X CPU of the previous year.
    - Price is high

    Jun 11,2017

  • Giuseppe Buonocore
    Yes (1) Color: Gun Metal Size: EU Plug
    eccezionale smart box tv perfetto
    Il Mecool BB2 presenta le seguenti caratteristiche tecniche:
    Processore Amlogic S912 Octa-Core Cortex A53 a 2 GHz
    GPU Mali-T820MP3 a 750MHz
    RAM DDR3 2GB
    Memoria interna eMMC 16GB Flash (espandibile)
    Supporto HEVC (H.265), Ethernet PHY, 4K VP9, HDR10 e HLG
    WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac Dual Band
    Ethernet Gigabit
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Standard HDMI 2.0
    Supporto ufficiale aggiornamenti OTA

    Apr 28,2017

  • fabio
    Yes (0) Color: Gun Metal Size: UK Plug
    Apos mas de 1 ano de uso
    Para uso do kodi ,iptv,Youtube aplicativos propios para tv box continua funcionando muito bem, só este controle remoto q lhe conduz a uma experiência limitada no uso da mesma não é nem um pouco fluido no momento em que vc tiver q digitar senha,email e números fazer um abusca dentro do apk ou no navegador é sempre travado e difícil , por vezes não sei se é ele ou a box q bugam e do nada para de obedecer o seu comando, ai vc tem q esperar mas de 10 mn pra voltar a funcionar considere fortemente a compra de outro controle para não passar a mesma frustração

    Nov 20,2018