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  • Bob C
    Yes (7) Color: Golden Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Amazing phone - fantastic specs - terrific price
    This review is for the Meiigoo M1 4G Phablet Android 7.0 5.5" smartphone.

    It has 6GB ram and 64GB of storage. I was impressed by its specs and compared it to my daughters iPhone 7 and the look and feel are extremely similar.

    The cost is amazingly low and the M1 phone feels solid and sturdy.

    It is compatible with virtually ALL bands but I use it on the T-Mobile network in the US.

    My previous phone an Asus Zenphone 2 had trouble in many areas (including my home).

    The Meiigoo M1 phone gets full 4GB LTE coverage everwhere and I can now call and send/received txts at high speed.

    The quality of workmanship is impressive and with a giagantic 4000 mAh battery this lasts forever.

    The day after I received it I GPS'd my way to work - an hour drive. My old Asus phone would drop from a full charge to about 70% even while charging in the car when using GPS.

    The M1 retained a full 100% charge even while doing GPS and displaying at full brightness in color while charging.

    I am extremely impressed - so much so that I am getting another one for my son.

    Thanks GearBest for stocking this amazing phone. I am very pleased with it so far.
    I don't know what I can write negative about this phone. The ONLY thing I found with it is that the charging adapter plug for the US makes the power plug assembly long and it won't fit next to my bed as I have a nightstand near the plug.

    So I had to move the nightstand out by an inch.

    Not a problem. I'd move my nightstand a foot to be able to use this phone, it is amazing!

    Aug 12,2017

  • Garu
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    The cost performance is very good, and the performance is balanced.
    The fact that it corresponds to docomo's platinum band (band 19) is the deciding factor of purchase. Japanese locale is also included from the beginning so it does not inconvenience.
    It is used for voice call sim of DMM mobile (docomo line), but radio wave grasp is good and you can talk with VoLTE.Because I think that data communication is faster than another old smartphone, perhaps it may correspond to carrier aggregation.
    It moves crisply, there is nothing to be tougher of movement. Memory 6 GB, built-in storage 64 GB, so it is equivalent to Japanese smartphones with a price range more than double the performance.Games for about 30 minutes a day This is a usage method called several times a day phone / mail check / web browsing degree, but since the battery capacity is quite enough, charging can be done only once every 2 or 3 days.
    It seems enough even if I do not buy an expensive and major model, I am surprised by the speed of technical advancement of Chinese smartphone.
    It's even better if the power button is on top.It is easy to mistake it by pressing it with the volume button.

    Jan 12,2018

  • Андрей
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    хорош зараза
    выглядит круто и дорого
    дизайн в целом отличный за исключением немного дребежащих кнопок
    характеристики за эту цену отличные
    в целом все летает - норм проц и немеряно оперативы дают о себе знать
    андроид не голый а дополненный множество настроек кастомизации
    из предустановленных приложений бросается в глаза - офис
    камеры хороши - особенно основная сонька в паре с дополнительной
    может работать как павербанк через отг, аккум держит 2 дня
    экран контрастный цветастый с приличными углами - вообщем годнота, рамки для классики очень тонкие, под определенным углом какбы и нет совсем
    очень похожж внешне на лиагу т5 - так что можно сравнить, только меньше и добротнее както + рамки конечно получше
    в целом первый смарт у китайцев вышел на ура! зачет
    не обнаружено

    Nov 07,2017

  • Guzt
    Yes (2) Color: Golden Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Muy bueno, pero con detalles...
    El Tèlefono es muy bueno, la pantalla es deslumbrante siempre tengo el brillo a menos de la mitad y luce excelente incluso en exteriores, el rendimiento es bueno, la camara de dia es muy buena, el sonido decente y la bateria dura mas de un dìa, el lector de huella... todo fue perfecto hasta que me dì cuenta que cada que lo muevo se siente como si algo dentro del telefono esviese suelto, como la bateria o todo lo de adentro, en cualquier direccion que mueva el telefono algo dentro de el se mueve de un lado a otro, vere con el equipo de soporte si lo puedo regresar, si todos son asì o solo el mìo ...
    Movimiento en el interior, hay algo suelto adentro o mal ajustado, posible error de fabrica, aunque todo ha funcionado bien hasta el momento, veremos que pasa...

    Oct 01,2017

  • Erald
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Very good smart phone. The phone is like it is described on the page.
    Great battery, 48 hours at the beginning where I have used it too much. Large screen, very sensitive and nice. About 25 days delivery at my country, very fast.
    Very very good seller. they have put a different price on package and I haven't paid any custom fee. I have saved about 22% of the price on taxes. They are great. I would high recommend this seller. Thanks
    I have only 2 days this phone on my hands and nothing cons, till now.
    Only I can't find accessories like case or screen protector.

    Sep 27,2017

  • Giuseppe Milanese
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Smartphone Meiigoo M1 4G Phablet
    Il mio primo ordine è stato di uno Smartphone, appunto un Meiigoo M1 4G Phablet di buona qualità e prestazioni è andato a buon fine, sia come tempi, che come quanto descritto sulle prestazioni dello smarphoneche per la fretta di acquistare subito un cellulare ho letto solo i giga di ram che aveva e di quanti Gb fosse la sua memoria, senza nemmeno vedere un video sù Youtube dove invece avrei avuto molti più chiarimenti. comunque mi è andata bene, almeno per il momento lo smartphone non mi ha dato problemi. Speriamo che vada avanti così, in quanto volendo ancora sono passati solo 20 giorni dal mio acquisto di questo Smartphone.
    Il pagamento delle spese doganali non era previsto, ma è raddoppiato perchè l'oggetto è stato riscattato alla Dogana da DHL che per anticipare Euro 18,00 di dogana,mi ha richiesto Euro 13,50 di costo per avere anticipato loro i 18,00 euro e con il 22% di iva siamo arrivati a Euro 35,00. Devo dire che però dopo diverse email Gearbest mi ha rimborsato Euro 18,00 anche se ho dovuto acquistare un'altro articolo per essere rimborsato parzialmente.

    Jan 18,2018

  • mentor
    Yes (3) Color: Black Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    excellent smartphone for northamerica
    After almost two months of testing, I don't have the words to describe the premium performance of this smartphone, is awesome the endurance of the battery as a hearthstone player, I keep playing all day long without problems or battery regrets. the screen is very very "luxury".
    the 4G LTE works for me with Telcel, T-Mobile and AT&T.
    you MUST buy this smartphone.
    NONE, only 3 "weakness"
    1.- no cases nor screen protectors
    2.- the camera, if the object is in movement, the picture will be blurred, but is its a landscape or static the shot is really really amazing
    3.- it's a little more heavy (battery) and this matter gives the feeling of fragility, but a couple of times I accidentally drooped to the floor and survived without scratches or dents

    Sep 22,2017

  • Alexey
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Честные 6 гиг ОЗУ
    Внутри и правда 6 обещанных гигабайт ОЗУ. И 64 гига для фоток, музыки и прочего (почти 15 гиг занято ведроидом).
    Так и не понял, чего дают две камеры, но - пускай будет.
    Точно есть разъём для наушников. Музычка звучит неплохо.
    НаноСИМ разве что. И нырять с ним нельзя.
    В комплекте нет ни чехла, ни защитного стекла.

    Aug 22,2017

  • Flavio henrique
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    Vale a pena o Celular!
    It is a great Smartphone, easy to use, well lit screen,is very fast compared to the processor, the battery has a lot of durability, the battery charges fast, excellent sound and great cost benefit, is very fast
    The camera leaves something to be desired, it has no gorilla glass, it does not come with a headset, the receiving time has been exceeded and the film is not resistant nor covers the whole screen.

    Apr 19,2018

  • Ramon
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: 6GB RAM 64GB ROM
    REAL 4G for T-Mobile network USA. ( California) real ROM and RAM. nice design and easy to use. cool features for being a Chinese unknown cellular brand. It's been a month since purchase and I love it so far.
    The creators must be do more accessories if they want to be on top of the market....consumers can not find accessories for this mobile.( cool and leather cases, film screens protector, wireless and car charger, etc)

    Nov 23,2017