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  • Tomasz
    Yes (0) Color: Black and red
    Genialne słuchawki Meizu EP52!
    Moją mini recenzję chcę zacząć od informacji dla Was, jak używam słuchawek i czego słucham.

    Słuchawki używam głównie na siłowni, podczas biegu, czy na rowerze.

    I zaznaczam: Nie jestem mega HD HiFi sound crazy fanem:)

    Słucham głównie elektroniczne basowe kawałki, ale teraz katuje

    Feb 20,2019

  • stray
    Yes (2) Color: Black and red
    good ears
    Really enjoyed the sound, comfort and battery (while it worked). One day the right earphone started playing at just 1/3 loudness of the left piece - no physical damage was done. They are still usable in a way, but bring no joy to me. Tried charging, restarting, playing different music - no luck. I really enjoyed using them in gym and everywhere else while they lasted, so now ordering one more pair to see how they behave.
    The sound is quite balanced (no downgrade when comparing to wired Xiaomi Hybrids I used before) has good base and decent mids/highs, they provide arround 8h of declared playtime, are closed enough to use in daily commute without hearing old lady in a bus and successfully ignoring cool teens with boombox in a bag. They fit nicely and have a good set of interchangeable bells and whistles for an ear of about any animal. They sit comfortably on your neck and in your ears during any sports I tried. I love the rubber ring that makes sure it doesn't fall from your ear. I wonder why they are not using usb-c for charging. USB micro is kind of old-school already. I thought the charging port cover would tear off and be lost but that's not the case.

    Battery (ok)
    Build quality

    Reliability (maybe it's just me)
    Micro USB

    Jan 18,2019

  • Diego Jardim
    Yes (2) Color: Gray
    Ótimo fone.
    Os fones são ótimos, melhor que eu já tive até hoje, já tenho uns meses usando ele todos os dias e são muito bons.

    Não tem atraso de áudio quando assiste vídeos no celular ou computador.
    A bateria dura mais de 8h, sempre costumo usar no volume médio, uso pra estudos em vídeo aulas e academia.
    Não cai dos meus ouvidos e não preciso também ficar ajustando com frequência.
    Não tem perdas de sinal em locais abertos/sem paredes, dentro dos 10mt.
    O Som é muito bom e bem balanceado, não tem aqueles graves “pesadões”, os médios e agudos são bem definidos, não distorce em volumes altos.
    O uso em chamadas dele funciona muito bem, microfone não é dos melhores, mas é bom.
    Vem uma case de silicone muito boa pra guardar ele é o cabo de carregamento.
    Material de boa qualidade e boa construção.

    Problema é que em exercícios deitado “abdominais, supino...” fica caindo do pescoço, mas nada de mais.
    Ele não tem um bom isolamento de sons externos, talvez por conta das borrachas de silicone “Ear Tips” serem finas, mas muito confortáveis. Pra quem gosta de correr na rua isso ajuda a não ser atropelado, caso alguém buzine ou chame a atenção para algum perigo.


    Jan 29,2019

  • TB
    Yes (0) Color: Black and red
    Good for the price but...
    After 4-5 months of heavy use I feel a significant deterioration in call quality, people on the other side experience a lot of background noises. the main button became unresponsive somthimes....

    + Battery lasts over one whole day of heavy use with hours of playback (podcasts) and phone calls.
    + great price
    + great rubber case allows me to store it when not in use in my bag without any worries.

    - after few months the background noises became untolerable on the other side of the call
    - I don't like the bright red/blue colors
    - the ear tips don't fit my ears too well... they tend to fall off easily.

    I attached a photo of my Meizu today with replacement tips taken from my old Jabra halo smart. (The meizu is better, and 1/3 of the price)

    I recommend this headphone for people on a budget and who don't work in loud environments. Don't even try it while riding/running, little wind will make your voice unheard.

    Jun 24,2019

  • Stanislav
    Yes (2) Color: Black and red
    Отличный выбор
    Очень легкие, то есть не ощущаются как блютус гарнитура, а будто обычные проводные наушники.
    Приятный сбалансированный звук на уровне проводных наушников в цене 20-25 долларов.
    Умное решение с "нашейным" формфактором. Наушники не спутываются из-за магнитов и не спадают во время прогулок и занятий спортом.
    Отличное качество сборки, подгонки деталей и приятный комплект амбушюр.
    Хорошее оформление коробки, сделано качественно и презентабельно. С заводской плёнкой на коробке (в моём случае, не знаю как у остальных), поэтому можно смело брать в качестве подарка.
    Быстро коннектяться и хорошо держат связь. Через две бетонных стены пробивают)
    Есть приятная мелочь в виде чехла.
    Но чехол силиконовый, поэтому влезают и влезают наушники в него не очень. Плюс он собирает всю шерсть и легко запыливается и это единственный минус)

    Dec 26,2017

  • KJ
    Yes (2) Color: Black and red
    EP52 - really nice bluetooth headset
    This is really good bluetooth headset.
    Good build quality, bail is flexible and comfortably lays on your neck, earbuds fit into ears without any pain for longer time. Earbuds are magnetic, so putting them together is easy and stops music. Only charging (opening the micro-usb slot) is a little bit difficult. In the package you receive charging cable, ends in three different sizes and bag with magnetic close. Even the package box looks as a premium one.
    Sound (especially bass) is awesome as for the price range, battery lasts for c.a. 9 hours. No issues with bluetooth connection.
    Summary - one of the best (or best one) you can buy for the price.

    Dec 08,2018

  • Marcos
    Yes (0) Color: Black and red
    MEIZU EP52
    Gosto muito desse fone, porque ele é muito leve e tem um design que facilita o transporte do mesmo durante o dia, principalmente para alguém como eu que tenho na vida acelerada e não tenho tempo de ficar guardando, então apenas deixo pendurado no meu pescoço e quando preciso encaixo no meu ouvido e aperto o play.
    A qualidade sonora do MEIZU EP 52 em relação ao seu preço é boa e não vai decepcionar, até mesmo público mais exigente vai gostar do som.
    Só não darei as 5 estrelas, pois o meu fone veio com defeito de nunca carregar até 100% (carrega apenas até 80%).
    Eu também não gostei da forma que o mesmo chegou para mim, sua caixa veio toda ressecada e desmontada tive, depois do recebimento, colar a mesma, e como eu sou uma pessoa minimalista me importo muito com a aparência até da caixa.
    Outra coisa que percebi é que em minha orelha depois de umas 30 minutos escutando música começa a gerar um certo desconforto.

    Feb 27,2019

  • Juan moscoso
    Yes (0) Color: Black and red
    No charging
    Hi, I had bought this pair of earphones 2 weeks ago, the shipment was pretty fast, and I don’t have problem with it.
    The problem is that the manual says that the charging time is 2 hours and when it has finished the red led turns off, I put them to charge and after exactly 26 seconds the led turns off and I suppose that they are fully charged but once I connect them to my phone 5 mins later the headphones “assistant” says that battery is low and after that the headphones turn off, I’m not Shure if that it’s factory problem or carrying problem but that’s so disappointing.
    And second the box came damaged inside and in the corners

    Oct 13,2018

  • Andrei
    Yes (1) Color: Gray
    MEIZU EP52
    Food-grade silica gel material, added magnetic suction, thoughtful details design
    ● Superfine biological fiber diaphragm, matches with free-edge film, high fidelity music for you
    ● Unique nano-coating and IPX5 water resistance, protect it from water or sweat
    ● Using CSR 8645 Bluetooth chip, achieve lossless transmission and up to 10m transmission distance
    ● With apt-X audio digital audio algorithm, just closing the earbuds together can stop the music and hang up the phone call, automatic shutdown after 5 minutes

    Apr 09,2018

  • Сергей
    Yes (0) Color: Black and red
    Лучшие спортивные наушники
    - Отличное качество изготовления
    - Эргономика продумана до мелочей (удобное управление, посадка, комфорт в процессе носки)
    они гораздо удобнее предыдущей модели EP51
    - Внешний вид - наушники выглядят дорого
    - Поддержка aptx
    - Звук стал для меня открытием - эти беспроводные наушники звучат лучше, чем некоторые их проводные конкуренты за ту же стоимость
    Звучание темное с отличным быстрым басом и это без активации aptx ))
    - Эти наушники не подойдут любителям светлого, инструментального, излишне детализированного звука, тут упор делается на бас. Аудиофилам стоит поискать, что то другое.
    - Шумоизоляция на тройку, уличный шум отчётливо слышен, но это спортивные наушники и плохая шумка сделана намеренно для безопасности.

    Dec 24,2017