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  • Oleksandr
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Meizu M2 Mini
    The Outer package made from bubble package.
    Excellent, strong packaging. The packaging is pleasant with blue/white design.
    All inscriptions are in Chinese, but it`s doesnt metter.
    The supported language checked (En, Es, Pt, US, EU).
    Thank you for the adopter ;).
    Inside in the box is a white phone.
    In the factory labels.
    Back Cabinet made of white glossy plastic.
    The device is equipped FlymeOS evidenced the film on the screen. To make calls and surf the Internet has it all. There is android market. Chinese applications only work in China as the inscription says honestly.
    During the evening launcher never flew. So there is nothing in the phone will not change.
    In addition to the phone charger is present under the United States YUSB cable is standard, as well as the key to set the SIM card.
    Telephone on the site is presented at the right price. Delivery is made in even a little earlier than usual. Thank you store Best Gear.
    It is a pity that there is no headphone.
    I had to part with my old sim card. But the replacement free of charge, so it's not a bad thing)

    Jan 28,2016

  • Marko
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Great phone at fair price
    I bought this cell phone at discount for 106$. Delivery was in 3 weeks. It was equiped with microusb-usb cable, user manual and US adapter (although i choosed EU adapter). The phone itself is (to me) best buy. Build quality is on high level, and firmware support is fair. This phone came with 4.5.3C firmware, which is made for china market, but i upgraded it easially to version. For 2 weeks now i just can't get enough of it, therefore battery lasts one day, but in normal conditions, 2 days can be expected to last. Camera is pretty decent I have seen better cameras but not at that price. Also great thing about this phone is that you have various articles that you can buy separately... for example... tempered glass, huge selection of covers etc. Therefore, i highly recommed buying this phone.
    The only thing i don't like is that the phone isn't equiped with earphones, so you need to buy them separately.

    Dec 15,2015

  • Zoltan F
    Yes (0) Color: White
    As great as expected - and super fast delivery
    Really fast shipment from the EU Warehouse (6 calendar days, 4 working days) - Well done Gearbest
    Neat phone design
    Light weight
    Great screen (720p HD, but really sharp and colors are nice after a bit of an adjustment)
    Flyme OS UI looks great and is easy to get used to (although I changed it to the Goolge Now launcher as it suits better for me)
    Fast and responsive phone - although I don't use it for games, but use I many apps simultaneously (Whatsapp, Facebook, News reader apps, Gmail, Music, Opera, Calendar) and the phone never stutters
    Battery life is better than expected
    Extra nano SIM slot / or MIcro SD card place
    Rooting possibility, straight from the manufacturer
    Slippery plastic back cover
    Unibody (not possible to change the battery)
    Somehow does not want to update to the latest FLYME (, but it is not an issue if FLyme 5 comes in 2016

    Nov 27,2015

  • Eduard
    Yes (0) Color: White
    I like it!
    GearBest, как всегда молодцы)
    Замечательный магазин, которому я доверяю! Отправили быстро, клиентская поддержка работает замечательно!
    Телефон за свои деньги - отличный!
    Компактный, легкий, хорошо лежит в руке.
    Яркий и сочный экран, не смотря на 720р
    Высокая громкость динамика, звук в разговорном немного глуховат.
    Камера радует хорошей детализацией снимков при хорошем освещении, много удобных функций по ручной настройке.
    Удобная клавиша M-Back, привыкаешь мгновенно.
    Версия прошивки из коробки - 4.5.3С
    Покупкой доволен
    Рекомендую изначально настроить телефон, заглянув на форум 4pda
    В комплекте не хватает наушников, уж очень скромно все
    Переходник под евро розетку совсем хлипкий...

    Dec 09,2015

  • ray m
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Systemz Engineer
    bought for my daughter works great nice heavy solid feel, buttons in correct places, I am able to set it up to Straight Talk in the US with no issues since the devices pre-rooted / unlocked it also allows Wi-Fi tether which is pretty convenient just set up your APN correctly to make sure I you have signal .the frequencies were correct for the US I believe it's running on the AT&T backbone now ,Android 5.1 takes a bit to get used to but seems really cool kind of like an iPhone feel but FreeBSD at the same time ,,fast processes
    none turned out to be a real good buy

    Feb 21,2016

  • Yaroslav
    Yes (0) Color: White
    MEIZU M2 4G
    Посоны! Выбрасывайте свои самсунги и никии!
    Вот где вещь, за сотню баксов такой аппарат!
    Все летает ничего не тормозит.
    Экран отличный, ну вообщем на ютубе все уже сказано!
    С такими характеристиками как у этого телефона у нас даже кирпич не купишь в магазине!
    Перепрошил его на русский официал - бомбафон!
    Я теперь самый крутой в нашей деревне!
    Есть 100 баксов? Бери телефон и не думай!
    Нет 100 баксов? Устройся наконец на работу!
    Не полностью русифицирован по приходу, с китайскими приложениями.

    Jan 16,2016

  • Terrorss
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Meizu m2
    Hi everyone - have it for 3-4 weeks really good bilt phone - wasn't expecting that good for the price.
    But had to change RUM to get rid of useless chinese apps. Only thing I would add to this phone is possibility to put in 2 sim c. and memory stick in place of 2 sims or 1 sim and one memory stick
    I give :
    Cameras- 9 of 10
    Finish- 9 of 10
    Battery- 9 of 10
    CPU- 9 of 10
    I have been Iphone user for many years - now it`s over ! I love it !
    Dad to change RUM to get rid of useless Chinese apps. Only thing I would add to this phone is possibility to put in 2 sim c. and memory stick in place of 2 sims or 1 sim and one memory stick .

    Feb 14,2016

  • Geronimo
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Great product
    - Good HD screen
    - Camera takes nice pictures (see my uploads)
    - You can insert two nano-sim or one nano-sim + micro SD
    - Flyme OS works good and has a nice design
    - Good price
    - Build quality is good

    I can recommend this product. You get a good phone for a very fair price.
    If you prefer a 5.5" smartphone, check out the M2 Note.
    - Some Flyme Apps are in chinese

    Nov 07,2015

  • Julian
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Пожалуй, лучший бюджетный 5-дюймовый телефон 2015 года
    дизайн, габариты, вес
    качество сборки
    оптимизация, производительность, многозадачность, пригоден для игр
    звук в наушниках
    Автономность до 4 дней
    Доступная цена
    Доставка 3 недели, магазин прислал в подарок переходник для розетки
    качество динамиков
    большой расход энергии в режиме ожидания

    Mar 20,2016

  • Sergei
    Yes (0) Color: Gray
    Meizu m2
    Отличный смартфон. Хороший звук в наушниках. Компактный. Заказал 22.02.2016, получил 14.03.2016. Три недели ровно от заказа и до получения посылки. Курьер позвонил и привёз через час домой. Прошивка китайская, накатанная сверху дополнительными языками. Прошил телефон сам международной прошивкой. Можно найти в ютубе как всё это сделать.
    Олеофобное покрытие среднего качества.

    Mar 17,2016