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  • Vali
    Yes (4) Color: White
    Review Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw projector
    Very nice product, littlebit for advanced user because of the chinese menu and the absence of google playstore. (google playstore is not working in Netherlands).
    I had to install Aptoide and Aptoide TV to install some more applications as Netflix, Kodi, ZiggoGO, Youtube etc.
    But it seems like it is working now. The only thing is there is no original EU powercable, the converter does not fit on Dutch powerplugin box (220V)
    The brigtness is good even in bright daylight, only if the sun directly shines on the projection surface, you cannot see it very good.

    - change settings with apk to english (or Google translate app on phone with camera)
    - fan noise is ok, not too loud
    - the brightness is also ok, I don't think it is (much) brighter than a traditional 2600 ansilumen projector.
    - sharp image Full HD/4K, but I think for best experience and image you should use a projector screen
    - the sound of the speakers is really good, you don't need external speakers if you want to use it for small classroom presentation. Speaker loudness without distortion is very good, but of course not as good as a decent dolby surround set. (I have a Bose Accoustimass set myself and of course that is much better sound)
    I didn't test it yet with external HDMI devices, but my first impression of the projector is pretty good.

    - I could get Kodi, Netflix, Youtube, ZiggoGo, Aptoide and AptoideTV working!
    ( I had some installing/working issues with downloaded apk's but restore to factory defaults and reinstalling through Aptoide/TV worked for me)
    - not plug and play unless you can read Chinese
    - littlebit for advanced user
    - chinese menu, need apk to install partly english menu
    - powercable (converter) doesn't fit Dutch power plugin box
    - google playstore not working in EU

    Jul 02,2018

  • Hr. Smits
    Yes (2) Color: White
    xiaomi mi ultra short throw laser projector
    I really like this xiaomi projector because it has a very good laser technology and a very high quality, the white clean and simple minimalistic design speaks for itself. It's smart and has a good integrated Soundbar. the picture quality is in the right settings very nice but if you want to have true colors then you have to calibrate it. But there is a big con: I'm using it since January and lately it has become 8 dead pixels and that is a big con if the gb support can't repair it and don't replace it so I have to live with that I've tried everything to get a replacement but I just got 15% cashback. I'm very disappointed about that. Also one of the cooling fans doesn't work too. I've trusted with this buy alot GB and xiaomi but I got dissapointed after more than a half year. You can see 2 videos about this projector on my YouTube channel :

    Sep 16,2018

  • Michael J. Fox
    Yes (6) Color: White
    Fan failed, auto-shutdown after loading screen:(
    Perfect until the fan had an issue. A warning about a fan error and that it will auto-shutdown to protect it from damage along with an image of a thermometer pops up after the loading screen. If it is a software issue there is no way to reset or access menu since it shuts down before ui pops up. Before this it worked great! Sound is actually really good, just need a way to add on a subwoofer but I have only had this since late Feb/early March and this has happened... still haven't heard back from support but even if they have it repaired I would
    still be super worried it may break down again. Already been about 10 days since it brokedown... how much longer will I have to wait? I will update this review!!!

    Aug 17,2018

  • Good Product
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    Xiaomi Mijia projector on ALR Screen
    If you have an Ultra Short Throw Laser projector and want the best image possible,
    Our XYScreen PET Crystal UST ALR screen will be your choice! It provides a huge view size and Can work very well daydtime like TV also at night time .it can absorb 93% natural light and environment light ,to present the real image color .
    Can work very well with all the ultra short throw projector like xiaomi,LG ,vava 4k projector ,Optoma P1 .

    We are the manufacturer of XYScreen,we production and sell the screen by ourselves
    If any interested on our XYScreen ALR screen ,pls feel free to contact me to got more details .
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    Email: /
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    Skype:XY-screen Wendy

    Mar 06,2020

  • Alessio
    Yes (4) Color: White
    This projector is amazing!
    First of all I project and image on a white wall (no special paints, no screens) at 100".

    1-The projector quality is really amazing, very bright and I can see it quite clearly also with the window open.
    2-The colors are beautiful, splendid blue, green and red.
    3-The audio is very good too and quite loud.
    4-I installed the app suggested in the object's description and it works quite good.
    5-The remote controller is light and every details are well made. I project on a white wall but the quality is super.
    6-In Full HD or 4k upscaling the image quality is perfect.
    1-There aren't the google play store / google play services preinstalled and I couldn't find any working apk online. The mi store doesn't have much software to install (no netflix for example)
    2-The projector default language is chinese. You can download the software to change the settings, but not every caption has been translated. It is usable though.
    3-You can't use the audio commands with the remote controller, it's all in chinese sadly.
    4-The power cable doesn't come with EU adapter.

    Jun 08,2018

  • JP
    Yes (3) Color: White
    The best projector I have ever seen
    Everything is perfect on this projector. Even the Chinese option after translation are not a big deal - it’s as if you are using an Apple TV just for Netflix or other services and don’t use the rental feature of Apple.
    The huge size of the screen displayed from such a short distance is awesome. The UI is very fast. The 4K content viewing is absolutely incredible - not sure if it has 4K e-shift technology but the 4K looks awesome and when comparing watching a video in 1080p and 4K, 4K looks better even if the native resolution is 1080P
    Even in daylight it’s incredible, better than any other projector I have seen in daylight.
    The Chinese menus that are easily translated into english and even if the rental options in Chinese will still be there it’s as if I am using an Apple TV and not using the rental services. It’s there but I don’t care at all.

    Jun 06,2018

  • normis
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Something truly awesome
    OK, the interface is in chinese and you can only get the adjustment menus to translate, but otherwise, if you use it with an AppleTV or PS4, just purely as a display - this projector is simply awesome. The picture is crisp and can be adjusted in multiple ways, there is autofocus, eight point geometry adjustment, myriads of colour adjustments etc. The colours are good, the unit itself is amazingly beautiful and well made, I have not yet seen such a high quality build unit from anyone but Apple.

    Everything operates quickly and smoothly. the remote is nice and high quality, even the power cord is nicely designed and smooth. Absolutely worth the money.

    Jan 04,2019

  • Javier
    Yes (0) Color: White
    great image size, good sound, full hd
    The projector has good picture quality, the colors are really vibrant and the luminosity is great, I manage to get acceptable image in the living room during the day and with the windows open. the sound is quite good for the size of the projector, don't expect something compared to audio system bought separately it is more like a very good sound from a TV , though the basse are good. I received the projector two weeks after purchase, I would recommend the projector to people that really want a big screen rather than sharp and with good contrast ratio. I bought it because I don't have TV and will be in my living room to enjoy watching movies and music videos.

    Sep 16,2018

  • AS
    Yes (5) Color: White
    Xiaomi Mi Kurzdistanz-Beamer auf 120"
    Wir lassen den Beamer auf eine 120"(160cm*270cm) Leinwand projizieren.
    Mit dem Ergebnis sind wir mehr als zufrieden.
    Live TV über externen Sat-Receiver,
    Netflix, Amazon Video und Co. sehen wir per FireTV-Stick.

    -Bei abgedunkeltem Raum exzellente Farbintensität.
    -Tonqualität und Lautstärke überraschend gut.
    -Durch Gewicht und Größe sowie die Kurzdistanz sehr flexibel einsetzbar.
    -Kann Standard Fernseher ersetzen.
    -Auch bei Tageslicht noch akzeptabeles Bild.
    -Wenn Settings auf Englisch sind kann man das Bild auch gut einstellen.
    -Kann sehr viele Videoformate direkt von USB abspielen.
    -China OS, aber mit Google Übersetzer und startSettings.apk zu 75% auf Englisch.
    -China Apps nicht wirklich nutzbar(keine Sprach änderung möglich.

    Jun 14,2018

  • Moe
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Home Use
    Purchase the Xiaomi Mi 5,000 lumen laser projector about one year ago and love it! I don't watch my 65 inch 4K TV anymore because of this projector. Then I upgraded 6 months ago to the 7,000 lumen Wemax One Pro. At least to me, it's hard to tell the difference in picture quality. Both are Great. Hopefully the new Xiaomi Mijia 4K projector will be a noticeable difference in picture quality.
    I'll wait for others to review before upgrading to the 4K version, (unless Xiaomi wants to loan me one for review! (Laugh Out Loud)!

    Feb 13,2019