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Buying Guide Mini PC Buying Guide

Mini PC Buying Guide

With the improvement of living standards, the vast majority of families have at least one PC, while more players will consider using living room televisions and idle monitors to create a second PC for download and video purposes. At this time, a compact, fashionable, affordable and versatile mini PC is undoubtedly your best choice. So, what is mini PC? How to choose the suitable mini PC?

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is mini PC?
  • 6 features of mini PC
  • How to choose mini PC?

  • What is mini PC?

    Mini PC is different from the giant body of traditional computer mainframe, it is a relatively small micro-computer mainframe. Mini PC mainly refers to a mobile terminal launched recently in the electronic market, which is no larger than the size of a smartphone, has a Android 2.3 system or more, and can be connected to a display device with a HDMI interface. It is characterized by small size, easy to operate, 1080p high-definition output and so on. It is a necessary IT product for home entertainment, business office and technology enthusiasts. One of the well-known brands, such as Uhost microcomputer.

    6 advantages of using mini PC


    The size of mini PC on an average is approximately 120mm height and 120mm length. Mini PC takes up very less space of your office desk. You can also fix it behind you monitor screen and hence it will not take any space at all. You can use work space much more efficiently. Mini PCs are small, light weight and very easy to carry.


    Mini PCs are portable and you can easily stow it in the small compartment of your bag.

    Green Computing:

    Every organization is shifting toward energy saving revolution and wants to contribute to go green and hence use energy conserving devices. Computers are one of the devices which consumes high amount of electricity and has high share in company’s electricity bill. Mini PCs consume very less unit of power and hence saves electricity and unnecessary expenses helping you in cost cutting. The average power consumption by the mini PCs is around 50–60 watts. 


    Most the mini PC are very well designed and consume less energy and hence they do not face much of the overheating problem. Overheating is generally the common issue faced by desktop computer and laptop users. Comparatively very less heat is generated in mini PC and you can use it for longer duration without worrying about the overheating problem. Other than the heating issue, mini PC requires very less maintenance as compared to the desktop computers and laptops and has long life. You can easily use the mini PC for around 5–6 years without any worries.


    Mini PCs which are not made from much mechanical parts are very rough and tough especially over the desktop computer. Since desktop CPU are made of mostly mechanical part and hence more prone to get damaged. CPU gets easily damaged if they fall from small height or even the work desk whereas mini PCs are quite strong and tough and do not get easily damaged.

    Protection from dust and dirt:

    Desktop PCs are very prone to errors or problems when dust, dirt, ants or insects enter the RAM slots or HDD. The system stops working under this case or cause fan malfunction. Mini PC has everything is on board and permanently fixed on the mother board itself and hence it is absolutely safe from the dust and dirt.

    Most of the mini PCs has SSD storage. You must check the storage type before deciding to buy. Solid State Storage or SSD storage is always preferred over HDD storage as it speeds up the performance of the computer.

    Mini PC has many advantages over the desktop computer and laptops and hence should be the choice if you are planning to buy a new PC or replace your old PC.

    How to choose mini PC?

    In the selection of mini PC, the main purpose is to compare the volume of mini PC, whether it has the characteristics of small size, no space, easy to carry and so on. If it does not have these characteristics, then there is no advantage compared with mainframe computers.

    Then take a look at the appearance of the mini PC, the shape of the mini PC is good-looking and exquisite, so it is deeply loved by many consumers, and you can choose different colors of mini PC according to your preferences.

    Energy saving.
    Then see if the mini-PC has energy-saving features. The mini-PC consumes less power than a large desktop mainframe and can save half of its computers a year.

    Then open the operation to see if the mini-PC has the characteristics of mute, if there is a buzzing noise, it means that the heat dissipation function of the mini-PC is poor.

    Finally, within the economic budget, choose a mini computer at the right price, and don't buy an expensive MINI PC in order to keep up with the competition.

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