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  • Panu Santala
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 2PCS
    Perfect for families
    We initially bought two of these bulbs as a kind of night light for our 6 m.o. baby boy. He likes to have some lighting on when he dozes off and it relaxes him a lot. Have to say that it also relaxes the stressed out parents lol. These lights are incredibly affordable but also great for ambient background lighting. Please understand that these are not used for proper lighting, they're designed to provide some ambient lighting and work best in this context. There's an app that gives a bit more control over the colors. Everything is easy to figure out and we're just delighted to have them.
    Should have bought more!!! :(

    Aug 11,2015

  • Rudolf Pokorný
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 2PCS
    magical lighting - amazing
    I ordered a set of 3 candles from gearbest. My gf loves them and I have to confess that they look cool. We use them every single day - we even set the colors to match the mood of whatever movie we're watching. Although it may sound silly, these candles have significantly improved the quality of my day to day life. Also, the colors are bright and the light is extremely powerful. The effect is truly stunning. EVERYBODY and I mean everybody who has seen them always asks about them - they are a real conversation-starter!! Love them so much. THANK YOU, GEARBEST!
    Should have bought more!!! :(

    Aug 15,2015

  • Miika Simola
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 2PCS
    Best thing ever!
    This is definitely a fun little device to be had. With controlling the color via a smart phone, you can have it set up to relay simple things like "Dinner is ready!" or "Come downstairs" by a quick flick of the finger in the candle's app. I would recommend buying at least two of these because you can have them linked together in a group or separately! We've been using them a lot on our summer porch these past few weeks, just perfect for what I wanted.
    Should have bought more!!! :(

    Jul 23,2015

  • Tomás Dias Melo
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 2PCS
    ● Easy to use design
    ● Nice free app (Android and iOS) that lets you control the candle color
    ● Looks absolutely stunning with the color fade effect
    ● Works great at home, parties, in the office or anywhere
    ● Very power-efficient
    ● I can see this being a welcome gift, it's practical and somewhat unique in appearance :)
    ● Amazing price with FREE shipping, what's not to love?
    Should have bought more!!! :(

    Aug 21,2015

  • J. Ba
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1PCS
    Very cute
    I've been playing with these lights recently, as I ordered two from geabest's EU warehouse. The app was also very simple to get and easy to use - just explore it and things happen. It totally corresponded to what I was expecting. It's funny to show the light being turned off by blowing at it.
    I would really love to see in the future a model that can connect to a wall socket, battery independent, although batteries seem to last a long time.

    Nov 16,2015

  • gothrnd
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1PCS
    Very good light
    - compact
    - controlled from your smartphone
    - different colors glow
    - many modes glow
    - It can be used as a support for conventional candles
    - blowing on and off
    - original
    - really like children

    Aug 16,2015

  • Ivan
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 3PCS
    Nice candle for romantic evening
    Item looks nice also works from one batteries for a long time. Use to use mobile application. It's gorgeous when you use these item at some romantic evening.
    Sometimes lagging when a try to drive a few items simultaneously

    Mar 23,2016

  • L. Gorman
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 3PCS
    Love this light
    Looks stunning and works without issue. Great for ambient and mood lighting. Easy to use and would be a unique gift. Works perfectly with the app too so you can set the color the way you want. Real powerful granular control over most lighting aspects.
    None, this is stunning.

    Sep 07,2015

  • Emil
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 2PCS
    awesome decoration gift.
    i bought 10 pcs and all works without any problems.
    you can only let it change the colour automaticly, or control it with Bluetooth..
    100% rocommended

    Dec 01,2015

  •   Luis
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: 1PCS
    LOve Candle
    Nice quality
    very good the candle is handy.
    I really love .

    Jan 25,2016