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  • Styler
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 16GB
    Nice SD memory. best price
    This SD Card is really fast. I put it on my Galaxy S4 and I can transfer my media files really fast even with using OTG. I can read my videos in full HD, pictures and movies. Definitely worth the price as described. This is the best option after a normal 10 class SD honestly HC 3I is the one of the best options. Fast shipment less than 22 days to arrive my country with other deals and well packed. Good job GearBest 5/5. Thank you.
    No cons this is a good product.

    Sep 18,2017

  • Nick
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 16GB
    Хорошая скоростная карта
    Купил менее чем за 600 рублей - дешевле UHC 1 карт в других местах. Скорость приличная - разница при съемке серии из нескольких кадров на каноновской зеркалке заметна и ощутима по сравнению с имеющимися картами UHC 1. Полноценно потестить с ПК не могу - нет картридера USB 3.0 а USB 2.0 у пирается в собственную производительность. Размера в 16 Gb лично для меня вполне достаточно для повседневных, скажем так выходов с камерой. Для путешествия и интенсивной съемки , конечно надо будет озаботиться картой на 64 Gb
    Ну разве что переходник на SD бы не был лишним, а то с модой упаковывать голую карточку - переходники на большой формат хоть отдельно закупай :) На фото как раз переходник , который бы хотелось в комплекте иметь

    Sep 07,2017

  • Panagiotis
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 16GB
    MIXZA TOHAOLL U3 Micro SD Memory Card - BLACK 16GB
    High-speed transmission (reading speed up to 95MB/s and writing speed up to 45MB/s). MIXZA TOHAOLL U3 enables you to enjoy the visual feast, supports level 3D and 4K high-definition recording.Water resistant, heat resistant, anti-radiation, and anti-shock can effectively protect your data better.
    I don't have the reading speed up to 95MB/s and writing speed up to 45MB/s but 56 and 18. It's ok but i would like to see the 95 & 45 MB/s.

    Jun 25,2018

  • radicalx
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 16GB
    Excellent for the price
    Excellent sd, especially for the price i got it (€5.91). The speeds as external are: 60.52MB/s Read and 32.89MB/s write (Doogee X5). I used it to replace the already formatted as internal card at my Zenpad S 8.0 and it really boosted the performance.
    None for the price.

    Oct 29,2017

    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 64GB
    Scheda Sd card affidabile
    scheda SD card affidabilissima da 64 Giga con una velocità di scrittura da 60 mega è una velocità di lettura da 100 Mega ideale per il 4k Ultra HD Inoltre rispetto a tutte le altre SD card provate è affidabilissima non dà nessun problema con nessun dispositivo ripeto davvero una SD Card affidabile per il lavoro che viene destinata a fare ad un prezzo davvero molto ma molto conveniente.

    Jun 08,2018

  • Jayp
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 16GB
    Good U3 card for 4K video recording
    Its a U3 standard (which means, 3 times faster than conventional Class 10 card) so, it can save 4K videos (which obviously writes more data per sec.) at high speed on your cell phone or sports camera, arrived in genuine packing. Mixza is a good brand and I have tested the writing speed.

    Sep 23,2016

  • dkuchi
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 32GB
    not really a whole lot to say. it is a memory card and seems to work fine. although i did get a message on my cell phone when installing it that said the storage card was slow for my device. i thought this was one of the faster cards you can get. the price on these cards are amazing though. i will probably be ordering more of these in the future.
    received an error type message when installing it in my phone that said it was a slow deice for my phone. however I have not done any manual testing on this to see if it does run at the posted speeds. i just thought these were supposed to be one of the fastest type cards. maybe someone will correct me if i am wrong and can tell me what kind of card i am looking for

    Sep 16,2016

    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 16GB
    MIXZA TOHAOLL U3 Micro SD Memory
    muy buena esta DS, la compre anteriormente para utilizarla en mi cámara HawKeye Firefly Q6, una calidad de video bastante aceptable, al probarla con mi hubsan h501s, cuando fui a retirarla se partio por la mitad, conclusión: demasiado devil si la tienes que forzar un poco.
    demasiado devil si la tienes que forzar un poco.

    May 01,2018

  • José Proença
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 64GB
    Produto de excelente qualidade!
    O cartão apesar de ser de uma marca menos conhecida na Europa tem velocidades muito boas, não crasha nem dá erros. Tudo funciona perfeitamente. Actualmente utilizo na minha camera de acção (Firefly 8s) para filmar em 4k e sem problemas. A relação qualidade preço é muito boa.

    Mar 02,2018

  • Deffar
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 16GB
    MIXZA TOHAOLL U3 16GB SDHC Micro SD Memory Card - 16GB
    Хорошая карта памяти за невысокую цену. Установил в фотоаппарат через переходник, скорость не замерял, но все работает шустро. Посмотрим как она по надежности - и в будущем куплю еще на 64 гб.

    Nov 16,2017